6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (2023)

It's not your typical K-drama, but it's sure to get you hooked! Why not indulge in a passionate boy romance? We have collected some quality Korean BL dramas that you can watch right away. Read on to find the perfect BL drama for you!

color frenzy

6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (1)

Yeon-woo (jo june), a child with neurological blindness, sees the world in shades of gray. That is, until the day he meets Yoo Han (like hyunjun🇧🇷 Every time Yoo Han enters the room, Yeon Woo sees bursts of color he has never experienced before. But before Yeon Woo and Yoo Han can understand what that means, they are faced with another problem: the search for Yeon Woo's mother. As they delve into the untold stories of her disappearance, the two begin to unravel their overwhelming attraction to each other. Will they find Yeon Woo's mother and even find love at the end of this tunnel?

Color Rush isn't your typical spring day meeting your soulmate romance, so buckle up! You'll discover the perfect blend of romance and emotion as the plot unfolds, leaving you wanting more. Fans of this drama commented that Color Rush is one of the most special K-Dramas they have ever seen, mainly because it deals with a very interesting theme: monkeys and probes. Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long, perfect for snacking on as the day progresses or washing it all down in one binge session!

Watch Color Rush here:

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for my star

6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (2)

A-list star Kang Seo Joon (Sohn Woo Hyun) gets involved in another scandal, but this time it's not easy. Frustrated by the massive onslaught of media attention, his manager suggests he stay at the apartment he owns until the frenzy subsides. Little did I know that the apartment had already been handed over to the incredibly handsome chef Han Ji Woo (Kim Kang Min🇧🇷 Seo Joon and Ji Woo begin an unexpected bonding situation and soon feel their undeniable attraction for each other. Together, the free-spirited star and conservative chef must decide whether to work out their differences or simply put things aside and go their separate ways.

(Video) 10 Best Korean BL Dramas That Will Blow You AWAY!

A celebrity with puppy dog ​​eyes and a grumpy chef, what more could you ask for? If you're a true K-Drama fan, you know this combo is worth sending! Not only do the actors have incredible visual chemistry, but the acting was considered one of the best in the BL world, adding a realistic touch to the drama. Another highlight is the tug-of-war romance. The constant bickering between the two will certainly keep you on your toes. Thanks to the undying love of their fans, the drama was also made into a movie! If you loved the drama series, why not do a movie recap as well?

Watch the drama here:

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And check out the movie version below!

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I wish you: Your melody of my heart

6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (3)

Kang In Soo (kang en soo) is a free spirited soul who breathes, eats and lives music. Although reality has turned acting into a mere hobby, In Soo doesn't stop playing in the streets to spread his love. One day, a fateful encounter on YouTube leads Yoon Sang Yi (Lee Sang), falling in love with In Soo's music and having the brilliant idea of ​​recommending the young artist for his label's rookie discovery project. The two soon live and work together, and a tingling feeling begins to develop between them. But reality soon hits and the couple is faced with numerous disagreements and conflicts, both personal and professional. With so many ups and downs, does this relationship have a real chance of thriving?

"Wish You" is a perfect mix of cute boy and K-pop. In other words, it's simply irresistible. Boy band MYNAME and IMFACT members Kang In Soo and Lee Sanlent add beautiful voices to the drama's soundtrack. And did you know that the song ended up at the top of the music charts simply because it's so good? Another great thing about this drama is that it's not just a fairy tale. Each character has their own baggage to deal with, and this makes the plot unfold even more interesting as each internal conflict plays a role in their relationships. Not afraid to show everyone's flaws, this realistic love story beautifully shows how true love embraces those flaws.

(Video) My 8 Favorite Korean BL Series of 2022 | THAI BL

Watch Wish You here:

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where your eyes are

6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (4)

Han Tae Joo (ele gi chan) e Gang Gook (Jang Eui Soo) have a somewhat unusual relationship: the first is a super-rich and powerful heir to a conglomerate fortune, and the second is his unofficial bodyguard. The two grow up together, share childhood memories, and there was nothing but friendship between them. That is, until Hye Mi (Choi Kyu-ri) unexpectedly enters his life when he changes schools. When she asks Gook out, Tae Joo feels a strange emotion rising inside him, something like...jealousy? But the real question is, will he have the courage to act on this unknown feeling and confess his love for Tae Joo? Or will he hide behind the veil of childhood friendship?

We all have a childhood friend we were in love with, to whom we might even have confessed our love. The great thing about these kinds of loving friendships is that they are the people we know best, the people we share most of our lives with. If you can relate to that, you'll love "Where Your Eyes Linger". Not only does it represent a heartbreaking kind of love you would never have thought of for your boyfriend, but it also shows the realistic side: the fear of losing an old friend because of a rash confession. And come on, who hasn't dreamed of having a good bodyguard or going out with a handsome prince charming who is also the only heir to a fortune?

Start seeing where your eyes are:

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mister heart

6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (5)

(Video) (SUB) GL webseries [She makes my heart flutter] Full versionㅣBINGE WATCHㅣSOO NOT SUE

sang ha (Lee Se Jin) is your Sunshine Boy and a sprinter who never loses his smile even in the low stages. jin won (cheon seung ho), on the other hand, is a stone-cold marathon runner who cares about nothing and no one but his next race. So it's no surprise that Jin Won doesn't relax when Jin Won's coach introduces Sang Ha as his new pacemaker. The two don't get along at first, largely due to Jin Won's salty attitude, but as they begin to share a deeper and more genuine connection on the slopes, their relationship begins to mature. Their shared passion, running, brings them together. But at the same time, the fear grows that both could lose out if they continue to develop this romance they've worked so hard for.

I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but when I saw the size difference between these guys, I knew this was the perfect BL drama to watch. And just like their height, the two characters are polar opposites. One is the sun, Mr. Happy, and the other is don't touch me, mr. Grumpy. These differences make their romantic journey all the more rewarding to follow and give the viewer added satisfaction when they finally do get together. Mr. Heart is a sequel to Where Your Eyes Linger, so if you're a fan of either one, you know you're going to love the other one too!

"Mr. Heart" below:

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you make me dance

6 Korean BL Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter (6)

lie shi em (Chu Young Woo) is a 22-year-old college student majoring in contemporary dance and Jin Hong Seok (hyung hoon won) is a 28-year-old debt collector for a loan company. Their worlds collide when Shi On accepts an offer to share an apartment with Hong Seok to save on rent. From two very different stars, the duo unexpectedly come across something they have in common: a love of dance or, more specifically, how reality gets in the way of their dancing dreams. Shi On was kicked out of his home due to his career ambitions, and Hong Seok works at the loan company just for the money he earns. As the couple develops a closer relationship, they too face social pressures.

One-two-cha-cha-cha. One-two-cha-cha-cha. If you thought "You Make Me Dance" was a stereotypical romance between a "soft guy" and a "tough guy", think again! You'll be amazed at how well-rounded each character is and how many dimensions their personality has. In this drama, fate hides behind the mask of unexpected encounters and fate behind inevitable conflicts, reminding viewers that everything happens for a reason. Who knows? Maybe your soulmate is just around the corner waiting for you to accidentally spill coffee on her.

Listen to You Make Me Dance here:

(Video) Top 10 Korean BL Series + Upcoming Korean BLs in 2022 | THAI BL

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What is the hottest BL drama? ›

I have personally watched all the BL dramas reviewed on this website, so I know what the quality is like.
List of Best BL Series and Dramas
  • Eternal Yesterday (2022)
  • More Than Words (2022)
  • Old Fashion Cupcake (2022)
  • Plus & Minus (2022)
  • Semantic Error (2022)
  • The Eclipse (2022)
  • To My Star 2 (2022)
  • Triage (2022)

What is the most popular BL drama? ›

11 Best BL Dramas of 2022, From “Bad Buddy” to “KinnPorsche” and More. An iconic year. “It's going to take some time, but [boys love dramas are] going to be very popular in the near future,” A.C.E's Jun told Teen Vogue last year.

What is the best BL of all time? ›

Rich and Poor BL Series 💰
  • A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)
  • Because of You (2020)
  • Cutie Pie (2022)
  • Love Area (2021)
  • Mr. Cinderella (2021)
  • My Ride (2022)
  • Sky in Your Heart (2022)
  • The Tuxedo (2022)

Which is the No 1 Korean drama? ›

1. The World of the Married (2020)

Who is the number one BL actor? ›

[GRAND WINNER] Kanawut Traipipattanapong - No. 1 at the Winners List of The 100 Most Handsome BL Actors 2021. wystarstudio Official video for 2022 Winners List is already out!...

Which country is most famous for BL drama? ›

Boy Love (BL) Drama has now developed into a distinct subgenre. While BL dramas and series have been routinely produced in Thailand and Taiwan over the past few years, Yaoi, as it is more formally known, was first created in Japan as homoerotic comics for girls and young women (known as shoujo manga).

Who made the first BL? ›

Thanks to the launch of BL magazines such as Be × Boy, BL became an established commercial genre. But it was the manga artist Ozaki Minami, originally a yaoi author, who sparked the worldwide fever for Japanese BL with her manga Zetsuai 1989 (Absolute Love 1989).

What was the first BL ever made? ›

Notably, her 17-volume series Kaze to ki no uta is considered to be the first BL manga. Due to its explicit content, featuring rape, drug abuse, homosexuality, and homophobia, to mention a few, her publishers originally refused to print the work. Takemiya stood her ground, refusing to censure or change her work.

Why is BL so popular in China? ›

"Reasons why these BL works attract netizens is because their stories about true and pure love can touch audiences, and more importantly, pique the audience's curiosity," Shi Wenxue, a cultural critic and teacher at the Beijing Film Academy, told the Global Times. Many of the genre's fans are women.

Is there any Korean BL series? ›

Love Class is a Korean BL series about the romance between two university students. The leads attend the same class, paired together for a group project. Initially, the main character has a crush on his pretty female friend.

What is the most famous BL in Thailand? ›

Bad Buddy. Hands down one of the best Thai BL series of all time! Ohm Pawat as Pat and Nanon Korapat as Pran, Bad Buddy is an epic tale of “two boys who can't be friends, to two boys who couldn't be 'just' friends.”

What is the highest viewed K-drama? ›

1) The World of the Married. The series is the highest-rated show in Korean cable TV history.

What is the most watched K-drama ever? ›

On the top of this list is “What's Wrong With Secretary Kim,” which has already become a legendary rom-com in just a few years! Park Seo Joon plays Lee Young Joon, a boss whose secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), is ready to quit working for him.

What is the top 5 Korean drama? ›

Answer: 'Business Proposal,' 'Forecasting Love And Weather,' ' Ghost Doctor,' 'Twenty Five, TwentyOne,' 'Juvenile Justice,' 'Grid,' and 'All Of Us Are Dead' are some of the best K-dramas that you must watch in 2022. Question: Which are the best Korean TV shows to watch in 2022?

Who is the famous BL couple in Thailand? ›

One of the most beloved pairings in the Thailand BL industry comes from Max and Tul. These two have sizzling chemistry, and this much is clear throughout their series together. The last project they worked on, Manner of Death, saw the pair display explosive chemistry that charmed viewers and had them begging for more.

Who is the target audience for BL? ›

In contrast, BL has some gay and bisexual — as well as heterosexual male — readers, but its fan base is predominantly heterosexual young women. Around 60 percent of them are aged between 15 and 29 years old.

Why is BL drama so popular? ›

"Thai BL dramas are popular because anyone can enjoy them," Win told Nikkei Asia, with Bright by his side. "The dramas can appeal to everyone regardless of age or sex because the stories are not complex."

What is BL called in Thailand? ›

Known locally as Y shows, and globally as Boys' Love (BL) dramas, the serials are poised to compete with South Korean telenovelas for viewership in Asia and beyond. Some see BL as Thailand's soft power, doing for the Southeast Asian nation's global image what the yoga boom has done for India or K-pop for South Korea.

Why BL is so famous in Thailand? ›

The allure of the Thailand Boy Love series

One of the reasons why many young people watch BL series is the attractive men. These actors are not only handsome but they also work out and look every bit like the hot characters described in the manga. Secondly, the on-screen chemistry between the two attractive leads.

What does BL mean in gender? ›

BL is male-male romantic content, originally created and marketed towards women by female manga artists in Japan to challenge gender and sexual norms in the 1970s.

What are some good BL drama? ›

List of BL Dramas in South Korea
  • Blue of Winter.
  • Blueming.
  • Cherry Blossoms After Winter.
  • Choco Milk Shake.
  • Color Rush 2.
  • First Love Again.
  • Happy Ending Romance.
  • Kissable Lips.


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5. [Unreleased] Se-jun and So-e race each other in the pool | Single’s Inferno 2 [ENG SUB]
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6. [BL] Choi Jung Woo ✘ Yoon Do gun | Break my heart | My Sweet Dear | Kiss | Korea | FMV
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