Ark server status and lost downtime (2023)

Is the Lost Ark server down now?

lost arkThe servers are currently down for maintenance according to theLost Ark official server status page, out ofMarch 31, 2022 at 12:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM M.UTC / 9:00 AM MEZLost Ark servers are down for weekly maintenance.

Reminder that Lost Ark's weekly update will take place on March 31 at 12:00 p.m.

— Lost Ark (@playlostark)March 31, 2022

There is also a report of previous server crashes, and Lost Ark will have an emergency downtime for approximately 60 minutes starting at 7:30am PT / 4:30pm BST.

We will be restarting all servers in all regions to fix some issues that our team is investigating.

This happens at 7:30 am. M.PT / 4:30pm M.ET and we anticipate it will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

— Lost Ark (@playlostark)March 31, 2022
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State of Ark server lost

To check the maintenance status of the Lost Ark server, players need to access theLost Ark official server status pageHere is a live stream of important information regarding game server maintenance and downtime status.

Since Lost Ark is developed by Smilegate and published by Amazon Game Studios, Amazon Games has a large number of servers spread around the world, it should come as no surprise that there is a large amount of information about Lost Ark servers . .

As of this writing, all Lost Ark server states in North America, Central and Western Europe, including South America, are currently undergoing maintenance.

If you need detailed information about server maintenance and downtime, go toLost Ark-Websiteor theLost Ark-Foren. Online games, like MMOs, often have weekly maintenance windows during which the game goes offline to allow the team to send out patches, fixes, and other updates to improve the gaming experience.

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When are the Lost Ark servers coming back?

Lost Ark's expected downtime for theMarch 31, 2022weekly maintenanceit is expected to take 5 hours. This update will include bug fixes, work on matchmaking issues, or balance adjustments for some Tier 1 and Tier 2 content.

Lost Ark servers must be activeMarch 31, 2022 at08:00 PT / 15:00 UTC.This article will be updated once the servers are secured.

Lost Ark Server Maintenance Update (March 31, 2022) @ 7:34am M. PS:

The maintenance is complete and the servers are back online. Thank you for your patience.

— Lost Ark (@playlostark)March 31, 2022

About Lost Ark downtime and future updates

Lost Ark maintenance and downtime has been fairly regular since the game's release, although there are occasional times that are inconvenient for players in the affected regions. The developers have recognized that this is unsatisfactory for players, and while it's not a permanent situation, the developers are trying to provide some insight into their approach to upcoming downtime in the foreseeable future.

For now, they are focused on resolving issues as quickly as possible while still working within the release window timeline. This means maintenance may continue to happen more frequently than usual for the foreseeable future, and occasionally at times that aren't always convenient for players. Despite the fact that it can be annoying, any such downtime is a necessary part of the game's long-term improvement process.

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Going forward, the developers intend to ensure that game maintenance occurs at a predictable and reasonable interval so that server maintenance does not impact peak game activity. Among other things, this involves determining downtime based on regional locations and ensuring that as much work as possible can be completed in a single weekly update.

Lost issues in Ark Europe's main server queues

One of the biggest and recurring issues affecting Lost Ark is the long queues for players on the Europe Central server.

unfortunately,Amazon Games is unable to increase the number of people that can be accommodated on each server in the Central European region. This is due to the complexity of the game systems and the way they interact with each other, so adding more servers is not possible. The current focus is on improving game health and stability in Central Europe to ensure players in this region have the best possible gaming experience.

The solution given to the players is to switch to another server. However, many players considering moving to Western Europe are worried about losing their previously claimed Twitch Drops and purchased items.

Amazon offered that anyone who claims these items before March 8th 8:00 UTC / 9:00 CET on the Central Europe server will receive a second set of previously redeemed items including Arkesia Paper Hats Chest, Helgaia Pet Chest, Curiosity Gold Mount and Saphia Pet Chest when entering the new region after the last Lost Ark server maintenance.

Lost Ark Nerf und Balance-Updates

The March 2022 Lost Ark server maintenance was primarily intended for theLost Ark Nerf und Balance-Updates. Read more about the details of the changes and improvements to theLost Ark Nerf patch notes reveal difficulty adjustments to endgame contentHere.

Here's why the developers made balance adjustments to some of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ward Raids and the Nether Dungeons:

(Video) 7 Neue Server für Lost Ark - Alte werden gesperrt!!

Less than a month has passed since the hordes of heroes arrived on the west coast of Arkesia. Many players are still discovering and learning advanced systems during their adventures, from finding the perfect placement of their skill points in the Tripod system to customizing their playstyle with engravings, skill runes, and gems. It has been exciting and rewarding for us to see players at different stages of their journey as they aim for level 50 before encountering the diverse content of levels 1 and 2, advancing step by step and exploring everything Arkesia has to offer.

Since Tier 3 wasn't available elsewhere, players had to spend a lot of time playing Tier 1 and Tier 2. The time spent in these stages of the game gave players ample opportunity to study the patterns and mechanics of each. Guardian or Demon they encountered, resulting in a small number of creatures that ended up proving to be difficult obstacles for them to overcome.

Lost Ark continued to evolve and add more content over time, resulting in a reduction in the time and required progression for levels 1 and 2. Lost Ark was released in the western world with content from levels 1, 2, and 3 at the time of its release.

It is intended to serve as a prelude to the massive body of Tier 3 endgame material Smilegate RPG has created since its debut. The developers hope that Levels 1 and 2 will serve as a guide for players as they learn more about the many systems that make up Lost Ark. They also hope to encourage players to explore the vast kingdom of Arkesia and learn more about the intricate dynamics at play in combat.

Due to the different intents between Tier 1 and Tier 2 in their respective zones, several overly challenging encounters with Guardians and Abyssal Dungeons fell behind them. This balance update isn't just about adjusting the overall difficulty level. More specifically, efforts are being made to improve some of the more challenging patterns to better prepare players as they progress through each level and reach the final level 3 content.

Throughout their adventure, the developers want players to develop more difficult and intricate content as they progress through the levels. A lot of difficult Tier 3 content has yet to be integrated into the western release - keep an eye out for part of the roadmap outlining what to expect in the coming months.

These potential encounters present obstacles for players to overcome as they strive to improve their skills, master the systems, and understand difficult mechanics. UntilArgosComing to Arkesia later this month, he will be a tough adversary who will test the so-called heroes that have plagued the land.

Lost Ark March 31, 2022 Hotfix Update

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players starting with the rank of Bronze instead of Silver (MMR 1500) in the Competitive Grounds. Players who have already started the Competitive Proving Grounds season will see a positive adjustment to their MMR. This 250 increase will close the gap for players who started the season with 1250 MMR instead of the updated 1500 MMR. Players just beginning their season will automatically start at 1500.
  • Fixed an issue where the OT timer would not display during PvP matches.
  • Fixed an issue where chat text could change inappropriately or appear outside of the chat box.
  • The [Weekly] Battle Item Pack has been improved so that players can now select their preferred Battle Item Chests instead of receiving a random grant.


HOW LONG IS Lost Ark down time? ›

Downtime for the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration release will begin on February 8 at 12 AM PDT (8 AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours.

How long are Lost Ark servers down for maintenance? ›

Downtime is estimated to last up to 4 hours.

Where can I find my Lost Ark server status? ›

Look around in the official forums: The official Lost Ark forum is a great place to find new issues and info the quickest, including the server status.

Is the server down Lost Ark? ›

Is Lost Ark Down? The game is currently down for maintenance.

What does busy server status mean Lost Ark? ›

What does Busy mean? Full means you will be waiting in a Queue. : r/lostarkgame. Advertisement.

How long does it take to 100% Lost Ark? ›

Insane 27.7% Retirement
PC481011h 30m

How long does server maintenance take? ›

Basic maintenance (backup/restart) might only take 3–5 minutes. Major maintenance cases, like hotfix deployments, basic hardware swaps, etc. can take hours. A recovery run, where a previous backup is restored to a server, may take even longer as it would normally accompany a major maintenance run.

How often do official ark servers get wiped? ›

Never. You may be thinking of extinction servers which wipe every thirty days but have sped up gather and xp rates. Other than that official servers dont wipe.

Is Lost Ark still popular? ›

In February 2022, it was released in America and Europe where it was published by Amazon Games and quickly gained popularity. In November 2022, Lost Ark generated approximately 280.58 thousand peak concurrent players on gaming platform Steam.
CharacteristicNumber of players in thousands
9 more rows
Dec 6, 2022

How do I fix a Lost Ark server? ›

How to Fix Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 [Partition Magic]
  1. Way 1: Restart the Game & PC.
  2. Way 2: Verify Integrity of Steam Files.
  3. Way 3: Disable Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
  4. Way 4: Refresh Credentials.
  5. Way 5: Disable antivirus and firewall.
Sep 16, 2022

How is Lost Ark p2w? ›

Considering only that, Lost Ark would be, indeed, pay to win. But none of the items and status upgrades you can get in the in-game store are exclusive for those who spend money. That's why for many people, Lost Ark is still just a free-to-play game where you can go without spending a penny.

Why is my Lost Ark queue number not going down? ›

If you find yourself stuck and your queue is not moving AT ALL for more than 15 minutes (approximately) this means that you actually errorred out of the queue, but simply didn't get the popup. Your queue will remain stuck at the same number indefinitely and you need to press the cancel button.

Are Steam servers down right now? ›

No, we are not detecting any problems with Steam right now.

We last detected an outage for Steam on Thursday, February 16, 2023 with a duration of about 58 minutes. Check Another Site?

What is error 10027 lost arc? ›

Error 10027 in Lost Ark is a result of servers being so overloaded that they cannot enable another player to queue, let alone join the game.

How long until you get kicked for inactivity Lost Ark? ›

By default, the AFK timer is set to just 15 minutes. After 15 minutes straight of inactivity, you'll be kicked and have to queue up again. Open the Main Menu if you want to increase that number.

How do you know the server is busy or not? ›

How can you check results when a server is busy? Google Cache is a quick way to view troublesome pages. Search engines cache content when indexing websites, so by accessing it, you can see a snapshot of what Google saw the last time it crawled the site.

Why Are Lost Ark server queues so long? ›

According to multiple reports, the current Lost Ark servers capacity cannot meet player demand. Apparently, there are players getting tickets that put them in position 5,000 (or even 10,000) in the queue or waiting list to access (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

When should you hit 50 in Lost Ark? ›

Casual players can reach level 50 in Lost Ark in around 25 hours. A handful of players dedicated their entire time to leveling up their character. This saw them reach level 50 in around 15 hours and a few cases in as little as 10 hours.

What is the fastest class in Lost Ark? ›

The Deathblade is the complete opposite. It is ranked as one of the fastest classes in the game and is able to stun enemies in multiple ways while applying damage over time.

How long does it take to LVL 50 Lost Ark? ›

The current world record for level 50 in Lost Ark is around the 10-hour mark. However, for a brand-new player, you're more likely to hit level 50 within the 15-20 hour mark, which is still relatively fast for an MMO. This might take longer if you want to complete all the quests along the way.

Can you play a game during server maintenance? ›

The "Server under maintenance" message means that we are updating game servers to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. It usually takes no more than a couple of hours. After that, you will be able to continue playing as usual. Do not worry; nobody can fight with you during maintenance.

What happens when server is in maintenance mode? ›

If you put a management server into maintenance mode, alerts, notifications, rules, monitors, automatic responses, state changes, and new alerts that are generated on the management server will be suppressed. The health service on the management server continues to run.

What does IT mean when a server is down for maintenance? ›

One of the messages will state that the game's servers are down for maintenance. This means that the developers intentionally took the servers down to deploy a new patch to the game. This could mean there's a new character, a laundry list of balance updates, multiple bug fixes, or all of the above.

How long do ark servers last for? ›

Dedicated servers are running 24/7, meaning that the host does not need to be online for the server to be up. This is helpful if you are playing with others who do not have the same schedule as you, or are located in different time zones.

Do beginner Ark servers wipe? ›

Beginner servers are wiped periodically to help provide a fresh beginner experience for new players. Join by searching "Beginner" in the server browser!

Why do Ark servers wipe? ›

To help bring newbies aboard, the game features beginner servers with lower difficulty and various limits, but to keep them ship-shape for their purpose, Studio Wildcard routinely wipes them clean. And, if you're playing on them or thinking of getting into Ark, it's worth knowing when these wipes will happen.

Why is everyone playing Lost Ark? ›

Why is Lost Ark popular? One thing that's driving popularity is the nostalgia factor. As mentioned earlier, the gameplay feels identical to the Diablo series, where you click to move around and attack incoming enemies, pick up loot on the run, and sort supplies through a detailed inventory management system.

Which is better path of exile or Lost Ark? ›

It has the best balance of spectacle, modular characters and decent loot. For a more challenging and rewarding journey, choose Path of Exile for its creative potential. And if you just want to play with the biggest toys in a world that's as weird as it is massive, pick Lost Ark.

What to after 50 Lost Ark? ›

Things To Do After Hitting Level 50 Cap in Lost Ark
  • Carry on with the Primary Quest.
  • Unlock the Awakening Capability of Your First Class.
  • Complete Una's Tasks.
  • It Would Help If You Immediately Began Running Chaos Dungeons.
  • Complete Abyss Dungeons.
  • Complete Guardian Raids.
  • Try Exploring the Islands.
  • Play About in "The Tower"
Nov 4, 2022

Is Lost Ark good for solo players? ›

Lost Ark doesn't restrict players from playing solo, but you should consider a few things before committing to this playstyle. The game can be challenging when alone as you don't have other players assisting you in fights with other classes and abilities.

Can u Refund Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Support

After release, all games developed and/or published by Amazon Games and purchased from Amazon are non-returnable and non-refundable at this time. This includes digital items purchased or unlocked through in-game stores.

Does Lost Ark take skill? ›

Like any good MMO, Lost Ark is filled with a selection of side hustles and grinds that allow you to pillage the natural world to your heart's content. In Lost Ark, these are called Trade Skills, and are a crucial part of the Lost Ark experience regardless of how invested you are in gathering and and hard labour.

How do you get past the Lost Ark queue? ›

Lost Ark: 10 tips to make queuing go faster
  1. Make a cup of tea. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File) Or coffee! ...
  2. Start a new Netflix show. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) ...
  3. Learn a new skill. (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire) ...
  4. Spend time with your loved ones. (Allsport UK /Allsport)
Feb 14, 2022

How many people does a Lost Ark server hold? ›

Server Capacity? Calculated roughly about 20.000 players per server : r/lostarkgame.

Why are there so many servers in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate RPG. Smilegate has announced that Lost Ark is getting an additional 15 servers to anticipate an influx of players when it launches as free-to-play later today (February 11).

How long should Lost Ark take to load? ›

Lost Ark's start up time can take a while, even on a high-end PC. Older systems can struggle even more, with some players reporting that the game can take up to 15 minutes to boot their game for the first time. The good news is that once the game has been loaded, the loading times are not so long.

What time will Lost Ark be up? ›

Lost Ark officially launches on February 11, at 9 AM Pacific Time. Here are the different timezones: 5 PM UTC. 5 PM GMT.

What time will Lost Ark be playable? ›

'Lost Ark' Release Date, Time and Pre-Load in North America

The specific unlock time is 12 p.m. ET. For those in other time zones, this translates to 9 a.m. PST and 5 p.m. GMT. Like with Dying Light 2, you can start pre-loading the MMORPG beforehand, so that it's ready to play as soon as it unlocks.

How long are Lost Ark servers down for March 10th? ›

The March Update with new content and a swath of bug fixes has arrived! Downtime for the update will begin on March 10 at 12AM PT (8AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. Find the new content (including a few additions from our previous announced features) and the list of fixes below.

How long does 1 50 take in Lost Ark? ›

Certain dungeons, raids, and more are accessible after a player has made it to the coveted level 50. It can take a bit of a grind to get there, however. Some players have spent dozens of hours moving through the game at their own pace, but the consensus is that it takes between 25 and 30 hours.

How many hours does it take to get to level 50 Lost Ark? ›

The current world record for level 50 in Lost Ark is around the 10-hour mark. However, for a brand-new player, you're more likely to hit level 50 within the 15-20 hour mark, which is still relatively fast for an MMO. This might take longer if you want to complete all the quests along the way.

How long does it take to go from 30 to 50 in Lost Ark? ›

It takes approximately 25 hours to reach level 50 in Lost Ark as a regular new player who follows the main questline in the game while completing sidequests and various objects along the way. If you're a hardcore player who only focuses on leveling quickly, you can get to level 50 in less than 15 hours.


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