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's-HERTOGENBOSCH - Carel vanAcht was born the son of a farmer, but due to a combination of circumstances, he initially took a different direction in terms of work. However, at some point, he began to feel sick and did everything possible to realize his dream: his own farm. Since January 2014, he (together with his two children, future heirs to him) has been diligently working on the realization of a new urban farm at N euweDijk 2 in 's-Hertogenbosch. Stadsboerderij Dungense P. a warm welcome during the Open Day.

Autora: Astrid Berkhout

“When I came here, it was 15 until

Nothing happened to the building for 20 years.

whom", dice Carel van Acht. "Ναι

then the genes were bought

because the industrial zone Klooster-

the road would have a place here,

but in the end it didn't happen

withdrew due to objections from

various environmental protection groups. They wanted that special polder.

like a landscape".

the location of the farm is also

perfect; enclosed between meadows

and fields and at the same time close

Hertogenbosch degree. Carlos your video

immediately the potential of the site

and knocked on the door of the town hall with

his plan to rebuild the abandoned

turned into life

dig urban farm. Municipality

she agreed and Karel left

looking for financier mead

thanks to your persistence

and found his passion

after all. someone like him

believes in sustainable production

just milk and cheese.

Norman cows In January 2014, Carel started with

cleaning the ruins and several months

afterwards he was completely unrecognizable

the bar changed. plant fruit trees

a, border strewn with flowering grass

and built a large terrace where

visitors while enjoying a

tasty snack and drink


“If the weather is bad, I can

sit here. Children

you can also hug

many newborn calves

to a nearby barn."

City Farm Dungense Polder

it is also an ideal base

basis for all kinds of activities; per

walks and croquet farm to

bike rides, sailing and van.

(Kids) parties and fun

it also runs according to capabilities.

Clubs can have space there.

hire. of course it had to be

the cows come but it's done

there are no "common" Dutch cows.

A2A2 milkCarel is the first dairy farmer in the Netherlands

with Norman cows that

products called A2A2 milk.

“These chosen animals are

agree on a certain gene

A2A2 - causes them

produce adequate milk

for people with cow's milk

allergy. In the breakdown of proteins.


give free to 20% of people

cause an allergic reaction

aware. With milk A2A2 these

I just wasn't afraid of peptides

Free. It's great that this milk is too.

has a positive effect on the bones

decalcification, diabetes and disease

Crohn's. is the healthiest

the milk you have!'

Research in countries like New

Zealand, Australia and England

solve this, go further

farmers for production

of milk A2A2. In Holland,

milk only once in a while

I get. In that sense, Carel is one

true pioneer. But in the end

must people not only

in front of the dungense city farm

come polder "That's the intention

for people to fully relax here

Come. It is a unique place

hiding place in nature, close

far from the city. I hope to know

more and more people

It's time to find out!

� For more information:

Pojavljuje se u:'s-Hertogenbosch ◆ Empel ◆ Engelen ◆ Bokhoven ◆ Vught ◆ Rosmalen ◆ Kerkdriel ◆ Velddriel ◆ Hedel ◆ Den Dungen ◆ Μπερλίκουμ ◆ Μιντγκ έσ τελ ◆ Μίντελ. Cromvoirt ◆ Hel voirt ◆ Vlijmen ◆ Nieuwkuijk ◆ Haarsteeg ◆ Nuland ◆ Έλεγχος

GerritjeBoer seeks investor

Farming is his great passion for Carel van Acht Photo: Freek Jansen

City farm Dungense Polder produce leche A2A2 única

relax in nature

Circus Renz is giving away tickets!

4 pages of municipal news

Reader Action 5�

Uitreiking status of the monument

Actual 12º

RALLY 9/12�

SUNDAY NEWSPAPER August 23, 2015 � VOLUME 58 � NR 34



Van Zinnicq Bergmann

defenders 1 8 7 0

employment and dismissal law by Hanneka van Haarlem, MSc

Peperstraat 8, 's-Hertogenbosch






5 t/

metro 3

0 of


miles 2

Discount 015.50%.

40% discount

50% discount 30% discount

30% off

40% discount



30% OFF.

GroenRijk Den Bosch The cheapest garden center in your area! Everything must go!

Open every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 2

Training, courses and workshops

More information? CALL NOW (073) 6562277 Or search our entire range at

At SKO learning is more fun!

* More start dates per year, Monday/Tuesday = Courses start Monday at Vught, Tuesday at Den Bosch. () = start later in the year

Evening classes for adults.

>>> Open in the afternoon: m

August 31, 7.00pm - 9.00pm, Vugh <<<

Maurick College u Vught Jeroen Bosch College u Den Boschu

broj whore tuition start date

Accounting, payroll, personnel

Administration of modern companies * 30 Mon

Operator/Receptionist, Secretary

(financial manager


Management, Marketing

Basic knowledge of management 7 m

Self-Employed/Self-Employed Basic knowledge of entrepreneurship 10 m.a.

free trial lesson


Toos Liebrand returns to give yoga classes From Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 September, Toos Liebrand returns to give yoga classes

stand firm," he said.

Yoga is a tool you can use to consciously make decisions based on your own core values ​​as you come into physical and mental balance. No, yoga doesn't swing and it certainly doesn't require a body made of rubber. It is a conscious choice for yourself. Each according to their knowledge and abilities. Yoga is a technique that teaches you the true relaxation of the body and spirit through conscious breathing, concentration and effort.

Puur Toos Liebrand has run his Panta Rhei for 20 years. Yoga, kinesiology, massage and pregnancy management center in 's Hertogenbosch During all this time, he practiced kinesiology on a daily basis and specialized in: yoga, wellness kinesiology, edu-kinesiology, touch for health and Naet.


Yoga classes with Toos Liebrand are scheduled starting in September on Wednesday nights and Thursday nights at 7:45 PM. and Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

Yoga groups are small for more individual attention per participant. The classes take place at "Panta Rhei", the Center for Yoga and Kinesiology at Aartshertogenlaan 437 in Hertogenbosch.

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TEATRO Bossche Omroep � 23 de agosto de 2015 � página 3�

Purgatory is near...

Local hero Gé van Berkel is ready for Gilles-HERTOGENBOSCH - Theater aan de Pa-rade is pleased and confident to start the new theater season 2015/2016. Behind the scenes, hard work is currently underway on the stage production of 'Gilles'. "Gilles" has a special story: Gé van Berkel (director and actor of Theater aan de Parade) wanted to one day play this moving role in "his own house of him" by him. Bossche resident and director Vincent van den Elshout couldn't get 'Gilles' out of his mind either. And so, from August 26 to September 6, Tonze Gé will assume the role of Marshal Gilles de Rais, suspected of murdering children. An intense show in which the audience acts as a court, so to speak, sitting on the stage of the Grote Zaal. Theater very close.

Author Lonneke Voets

Gilles de Rais fought on the side of Joan of Arc against the English.

Since he could not prevent his execution, the pious were tortured.

the knight Gilles himself and defied God by placing hundreds of young men

gruesome abuse and beheading. written in 1988

Monologue by Hugo Claus "Gilles" for the Flemish actor Jan Decleir. He

ecclesiastical action against the then Marshal of France

represented the basis of his text. Gilles match takes place

enhanced by contemporary music with elements of house and

minimal music by composer Paul van den Oever and irresistible

views by video designer Jasper Toeli.

Local heroes 'Gilles' is a co-production of Theater aan de Parade & Don Quichotte

productions. "Because we think it is necessary for this project to be

juice. Because we love investing in local heroes like Gé. Why we

we like to surprise our theater audiences," says theater director Harry Ver-


"Gilles" can be seen from Thursday, August 26 to Sunday, September 6 at the Theater aan de Parade. Tickets are available at and at Bosch Ticket 0900 - 33 72 72 3 (local price).

BBQBios: Grill and Chill with 'The Grand Budapest Hotel's-HERTOGENBOSCH - After last week's sold-out edition, there's another chance to grill and chill at Theater aan deParade. In other words: grill on the terrace and relax with a good (food) movie in the modern cinema room.

Wednesday 26 August 7.30pm: Speeches The Grand Budapest Hotel'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

the story of the legendary

hotel manager (Ralph Fiennes) from

a famous European hotel. Half

sent to war becomes a prisoner

a friend with a young colleague from work

(Tony Revolori) the only trustworthy-

the good becomes his. History

revolves around the robbery of the stranger

Linguistic painting of the Renaissance

dream, fight for the giant

family wealth and revolution

the gene that turns Europe into

first half of the 20th century.

BBQBios costs €19.50 including a recording meal. You can order at or by phone at 0900 - 3372723 (local price). Dietary wishes can be communicated via[email protected]indicating your name, dietary needs and the date of your visit to BBQBios. The BBQ starts at 7:30 PM, the movie starts at 8:30 PM. Visit for more information.

Even in the elevator of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', life is not a bed of roses...

Movie: The Age of Adaline | 9 years | romance | VO

Minions in 2D and 3D | 6 years | cartoons | VO and NLMagic Mike XXL | 12 years | comedy | Public transport inside out in 3D | AL | family | Netherlands

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation | 12 years | action | O.V.Bieg | 12 years | theater | Netherlands

Meeting | 12 years | suspense novel | ADVERTISEMENT: 100-year-old man who jumped out of a window and

disappeared | 12 years | comedy | NL subtitles NEW: Meeting | 12 years | suspense novel | Netherlands

Movie Events: Wednesday, August 26 | 7:30 p.m. | BBQ BiosGrill and relax with "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Screening in the cinema: from Wednesday, August 26 to Sunday, September 6 |

musical theater Gé van Berkel–Gilles

Wednesday September 2 | 20 hours | stageHuub Stapel - MV² (repeat)

Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September | cabaret Gerard van Maasakkers, Pieter Derks, Katinka Polderman and others - Bosch' Lied

Sunday September 6 | 11:30 | Chamber Music Coffee at the Piano: Musicians Crown Concerto

summer festival 2015

Sunday September 6 | 2:30 p.m. | operaIVC Summer School: Masterclass Sergej Leiferkus

Sunday September 6 | 7:30 p.m. | OperaIVC Summer School: Master Class Larissa Diadkova

Bosch Box Office and Ticket Office Summer Hours as of July 13, 2015:

Monday - closed all day Tuesday - Sunday - from 15:00 to 22:00.

During Theatrefestival Boulevard (August 6-16, 2015): Open every day from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.

As of September 7, the usual hours will apply again.

Tickets for cinema and theater performances are also available 24 hours a day at

Do you work in a theatrical environment? Then take a look at

Do you love the theater but prefer not to go out alone?

Then join TP Amici, a group of friends from Theater aan de Parade. After all, they are experiencing theater together!

More information:[email protected].

Fotografija's probe 'Gillesa' u Theater aan de Parade Φωτογραφία: Lonneke Voets

Reload MV2 Staple Hub

GroenRijk Den Bosch

The cheapest garden center in your area!

Open every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Voskes dog biscuits. Different tastes. Bag of 400 grams HRK 1.99

Dierplezier of 400 m2

Everything for your pet

always the cheapest




you go for braces

No reference required

Zevenhontseweg 3, 5231 GZ Den Bosch

T: 073-6418345

Win tickets to "Gilles" Would you like to attend Gilles' criminal trial on Saturday, September 5th-

at 8 pm? Submit your email before August 30

citing "Prijsvraag Gilles", your name and address details[email protected] 3 x 2 free tickets will be given away among all those registered.

swag. Winners will receive an automated message.


season, Huub Stapel was already in

The theater aan de Parade can be seen from

MV². comes for success

stand on wednesday back in 's-

Hertogenbosch. MV² (pronunciado

MV na kvadrat) tiene sentido

sequel to the theatrical hit "Men

come from mars, woman s

Venus in relationships and love. AND

all night show

practical advice, recognizable stories

beautiful songs and melancholy

songs ly. Staff

his presentation

and the malaise among men-

men and women, for traps,

where to everyone's surprise

time and also how you do it

maybe a little better

work. That you care more for each other

grab and maybe some more ac-

ketos and who love more

take a chance and that's it in the end,

what is important: Love. And

small school, full afternoon

recognition and who knows the beginning

improvements But above all one

a show full of funny moments

funny and touching.

Next season - April 6 and 7

2016 - You can see Huub Stapel

stage adaptation of the hit

Volle Franse film "The Untouchables".

You can see MV² on Wednesday, September 2

September at 8:00 p.m. Still

tickets available at the cinema and Bosch Ticket

0900 - 33 72 72 3 (local rate).

Huub Stapel as featured on the cover of TP Seasonal Magazine

Racket Tournament with Eefje HenkelmanREGIO - Dutch Champion

reketlon Eefje Henkelman es's-

Hertogenbosch will be the host on Sunday 6

September with Bossche

Badminton Association Racket-

lon turnir u Sporthal de Brakenu

and Boxtel.

Racketlon is a multi-

camp four most popular games

sports chain: table tennis, badminton,

squash and tennis. Career

between two players consists of one

set (at 21 points) and at four

followed sports. a player who

is the most flexible and therefore

counting scores the most points, it is

winner. Everyone is welcome

para participar en el Sporthal de Braken

in Boxtel. From beginners to advanced

The third. There are also special

teaching time for young people and

elderly people. Matches start at 09:30

hours, ending at 5 p.m. part of the cost-

that is to say, fifteen euros. loan extortion


More information about the afternoon schedule

and you can apply until September 3


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Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 4

Also available at

Pettelaarseweg 259d

Balkweg 13 (Bossche Woonboulevard)

Hinthamerstraat 131

su Hertogenbosch

Molenadplein 35

Molenhoekov odlomák 18


Vrbov prolaz 2

Peter Dondersplein 14-2

Sint Servatiusstraat 52a

Aleja kestenova 21

church drill

Sint Michelgestel



but 40

Ben van Sleeuwen


Dinther de Heeswijk

is ready for you at:


Dutch new, catch 201 Just cleaned

€1.50 each / 4 for €5.00

fresh smoked eel

500 grams €1.00 Location at "The Watertoren" Hinthamereinde in HertogenboschTel. 073 6132124 / 06 50485508 Also open on Sundays

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AHORA Bossche Omroep � 23 de agosto de 2015 � página 5�

Circus Herman Renz brings an incredible show to 's-Hertogenbosch

Enjoy Wonderland!'s-HERTOGENBOSCH - Also in 2015, the Dutch National Circus Herman Renz will bring a new program to 's-Her-togenbosch with exciting animal races, impressive acrobatics and clowns. The 'WOW - WorldOf Wonders' show certainly offers magical and unforgettable moments. From September 1 to 6, the show can be seen at Pettelaarse Schans.

Milko Steyvers, famoso

clown and general manager

The circus is already looking ahead:

"WOW symbolizes self-

time and superior circus. The cast

that we have collected is-

booths of young artists coming out

see the circus world

endless inspiration and innovation

offer wings. this is the world

miracles!" new, colorful

Herman Renz circus act

this year is about that

wonder Stivers searched with his men

team a year to find the right one

services for this production

cure. They come from countries like

Australia, Brazil, France, Ireland

country and Italy. I like

important that there is good

the sale is between different

disciplines This year's headliner is

by French illusionist Vincent Vigo

Disgusting. With amazing illusions and

handles mysterious stunts

excitement and surprise."

Overcoming "Each year we present a

very new show. It constitutes a

a great challenge for

current productions on art

offer exceeds. Good

speech to the esteemed audience

Visit us every year. my

never gets bored." aerial acrobats

famous circus theater

Bingo is characterized by a

innovative presentation. Improve

the audience sees the Hula Hoop of Va-

nessa labat, taking it for granted

Duo aerobatics

Gravity, an impressive chord

double tightrope dance

presented by Geoffrey Ber-

Hault and known clowns

Milko and Joanes. except for the man

great artists shine brightly

Friesian stallions, alpacas and females

Dead dogs in the circus arena. He

The show will last 2.5 hours.

ready with a real live orchestra there too

drew a lot of attention again

in a sophisticated light show.

A handful of fun for young and old.


� More information can be found at

Bingo Company aerial acrobats Al and Yevheniia are ambassadors for a new movement in classical circus

City Archives 's-Hertogenbosch at Bloemenkamp 50 (back

Arena shopping center) manages a large amount of data on

said 's-Hertogenbosch. Post in this biweekly column

The archive contains historic photographs from his extensive collection. For more

photos and additional information can be found on the website

City Archives 's-Hertogenbosch:

Special photo by photographer Felix Janssens at the beginning

Boulevard of Broken Dreams August 7, 1987. Municipal Archive Collection

's-Hertogenbosch, Hermano. 0073077.

From the city archives

De Bossche Omroep readers campaign can distribute tickets on behalf of Circus Herman Renz

to premiere on September 1 at 8 p.m. come in for that

To qualify, please answer the following question:

When exactly was the Herman Renz Circus founded? You can send your answer to[email protected].

Winners will be automatically notified.

There will be no further correspondence regarding the result.

Shop at popular online stores and get extra discount with every purchase! – Up to 4% discount Coolblue – Up to 5% discount Conrad – 1.5% discount Mediamarkt – 2% discount MyCom – Up to 4% discount Samsung – 6% discount

Go to the website, create a free account and experience it for yourself!

Uvodno jutro BTC de Pettelaer sa Simon Tennis School's-HERTOGENBOSCH - BTC de Pettelaer u Coornhertstraat 24 h's-

Hertogenbosch-Zuid has over a thousand members and offers performance and

recreational tennis for adults and youth players. Simon School of Tennis

will give tennis classes at the Bossche Tennis Club in Pet-

telaer with an emphasis on mass sports with a lot of attention to

youth. The coaching staff consists of head coach Jannah Maas, asst

Pim van der Schoot and Jeroen Bok attend race training

most groups. The Simon Tennis School starts on Saturday, August 29

morning meeting for members and interested parties

presented the presentation. Tennis clinic on this morning's schedule.

for people who want to know about BTC by Pettelaer and Simon Ten-

specialized school. Children from the southern and central districts can participate for free

attend the clinic starting at 10:00 am. adult clinic

starts at 11 o'clock. Rackets are available to borrow. Upon request (club member i

tennis class) during the open day on Saturday August 29 will receive

gift. The morning of the opening was followed by the final.

Pettelaer's BTC Youth Open Tournament is on the calendar.

Sensoor is looking for volunteers-HERTOGENBOSCH - Sensoor is available 24 hours a day for

talk on the phone, email or chat. Anonymous, confidential and for everyone

One. New volunteers are desperately needed to meet the demand for anonymous volunteers.

listening from ear to head. 's-Hertogenbosch sensor location begins

this is how 9/11, basic training to train new volunteers

I'm driving. Those interested can register at

willigerswerk of by mail[email protected].

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Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 6

Choose from dozens of models

The largest and cheapest e-bike online store in the Netherlands

Cross E-city Torrek S724 Volt-since 1299,- since 699,-

150819 / 34


Cross E-City MOTION N836 Volt-since 2199,- for 999,-





The latest models of electric bicycles

at - from €699



Grotestraat 260B - ☎ 0416-379040

Open: Moon. Until five. 18 - 20 hours / Sat. 10 a.m. m. at 4 p.m. m.

4 pedal sockets

usamos Woonboulevard Piet Klerkx

Asserweg 1 - Also open on Sundays

See also the website




Thanks to long-term cooperation with various agricultural companies in Brabant, we have been able to put together a first-class product range. Delicious Brabant meat,

with the right qualities, not only in terms of taste and tenderness, but also in terms of the environment, animal acceptance, health and sustainability.

In short, treat yourself to a real local Brabant product!

specialty butcher shop

Pasaje Rompert 15 - Tel. 073 - 641 17 47

This week from August 24 to 29

The most delicious fresh barbecue specialties throughout the summer, such as: barbecue sausages, Monaco skewers, pork, chicken or pork satay,

Street. Tropez skewers, sofie, veal skewers, fresh shashlik, 100% hamburgers, pork ribs, Merquerz lamb chops, marinated meats, etc.

for fully equipped grills. Ask about the features.

TUSCAN ROLLS with steak

100 grams €1.78


4 bars €2


*fresh*baked*or in sauce

4 pieces €3.25


500 grams €4.98



� €� €�� €� €













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NOW Bossche Omroep � 23 de agosto de 2015 � page 7�

Volks University Open Day

's-HERTOGENBOSCH - On Saturday, August 29, the Volksuniversi-

's-Hertogenbosch in its building at Havensingel 24 from 10:00 a.m.

open day until 3:00 p.m. During this day there are a large number of teachers

to provide information about the activities for it

scheduled for next season. The National University has a

a very wide and varied offer in the fields of language and art history

denis, culture, personal development, creativity and cooking.

More information: or 073-6141120.

Sanrise-HERTOGENBOSCH Veterans Open Tournament - Izdanje Sanrise Veterans Open Tournament 2015.

the De Schutskamp tennis association tournament takes place from 14 to 20

September. During the tournament, male, female and mixed dubbing

tube hoods in categories 45+ and 60+. You can apply until September 1

September via De Schutskamp Tennis Club

's-Hertogenbosch-West organizes this tournament for the third time. He

The tournament is dedicated to the Sanrise Foundation, whose objective is

has created a dignified humanity for the impoverished population of Africa

livelihood through the creation of projects oriented towards self-sufficiency

loneliness. Last year 3,500 euros were raised in favor of San

the emergence of the Foundation.

The fifth and final edition of Beursvloer 's-Hertogenbosch

Summer vacation is almost over. This summer, Bossche Omroep searched for the best trips in the region for those staying at home. This week the last summer travel tip not to know: GeoFort in Herwijnen.

Exceed your limits in GeoFort! One exhibition has ended, another is about to begin

From boulevards to bumper cars, that's a big step. Instead of feeling the art, now you can win stuffed animals. The virtues of life - and also being a Bossch'naar

@EmielBootsma -[email protected]

A unique walk in 's-Hertogenbosch:

hot off the press



EXPERIENCE Burgundian's-Hertogenbosch even more in 2015 with a new program! Book tickets quickly through

MINI MASTERSIFF WITH BART VAN BERKEL 15.30 – 17.00. €45.00 "Writing a cookbook or organizing workshops sounds like something to me," said Bart van Berkel during an interview. And that suits Burgundy's 's-Hertogenbosch very well! Did you follow Bart closely during the TV show 'Masterchef'? Prepare a delicious meal with Bart in small groups in 30 minutes: cook from scratch with clean products. Tips for your cooking club??

Also on Sunday: Children's Theater on de Kook | preparation and decoration of cookies (6-10) | Building a citizen (10-15)

More information and/or tickets:

Scan the code: Download the free app via the Google Play app store


Who did the Burgundy `s-Hertogenbosch jury name Burgundy of the year 2015? Send your answer to

He[email protected]winners will be automatically notified.

Sunday September 13 | a.o.:

friday september 11 | a.o.:

Burgundy LOVE – COFFEE: DATES AND FOOD! 20:00 – 21:30. €45.00 per person Find your eternal love in Burgundian's-Hertogenbosch! Come speed dating in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying a bite and a drink and a little help from the very entertaining host Edwin van de Toolen! Then follow up with a casual drink with all the quick meetings. Age: 25 – 45 years.

Also on Friday: Ramon Beuk's sense of taste | Dutch Burger | Mystery Box Kitchen Workshop | cocktail cover

Saturday September 12 | a.o.:

THIS IS HOW HE BECOMES A MASTER OF SPICES... (AND A STAR COOK!) 16:30 – 17:30. €30.00 The life of Soenil Bahadoer, the star chef of the restaurant De Lindehof in Nuenen (2 Michelin stars), is colored by homemade blends of herbs and spices. Soenil literally takes you on a journey "in smells and colors" on his journey to the third star. Where do you get the herbs from and how is the dish created? Taste (and smell) for yourself!

Also on Saturday: Pastry workshops, wine and food production, sausage production | I'm Thin Because I Eat Cooking Show 't Misverstant | cocktail cover


AREA - In Herwijnen, right next to Beesd and about half an hour's drive from 's-Hertogenbosch, there is a 3.5-hectare Geo-Fort island. Here, everything revolves around maps and navigation. Inside and outside you will experiment with ancient and modern geotechnics. Not only fun for the kids, but also fun for the moms and dads.

In GeoExperience -which is partly bin-

indoors and partially outdoors -

you can familiarize yourself with various

parts inside the car theme

tomography and navigation. rooms inside

the old barracks were renovated

integrated into interactive exhibition spaces

lens. Get on the full plane

spy on computers and try

marijuana and illegal plantations

buildings (hidden between

corn) can be found using

taking pictures from the air. Or go milli-

years in the past

to rotate a 4D globe, do

you have a compass or globe and zoom

the smallest part of your body

in its furthest part

universe. you can outside

enjoy to the fullest. dare yourself

the element of the maze, where you are alone

answering the questions correctly

comes out again. Not in the dark...

an underground tunnel of disorientation

it is through sound and

Illuminate your ability to orient yourself.

undergo a test.

Bat pitch In addition, participation is possible

participate in various

you turn and you can see who is there

they know the fastest way out

find in the double maze, where

All the pieces are exactly the same length.

Children can follow, climb

and climbing, and playing with the water

Staats scavenger hunt

forest management. Sports fans can also

We can do a Geo Family Bike Tour. There

they are also different games and

browsers you use

start your smartphone. Tired of

all? Sit on the porch and

not into homemade treats

3D coffee. GeoFort you dared

great site for that

children's and family celebrations, weddings

and business meetings. Ruler-

moderately there are additional activities where

you can participate Sunday-

on the night of August 23 there is, for example,

historical tour and photo

Saturday August 29 you come

in a playful and active way

you know a special way

over which bats fly.

GeoFort se encuentra en NieuweSteeg 74, 4171KG Herwijnen, 0345-630480. Ver informacion:

Embark on an adventure in the world of cartography and navigation

Visit our website Follow us on i

's-HERTOGENBOSCH - The 's-Hertogenbosch Exhibition Center will open its doors for the fifth time on Thursday, November 12 at 3:00 p.m. to the business community, government, educational and social organizations of 's-Hertogenbosch. Beursfloor is a meeting place for companies and service associations that want to make a social contribution to the local community, as well as foundations, associations and social organizations that seek voluntary support in the form of knowledge, skills, abilities or goods.

Hundreds in recent years

matches are played and

stuffed. Fourth edition 2014

resulted in at least 207 matches

with social value

from €354,000. Photo shoots,

boat tours, city walks, marketing support, all kinds of odd jobs, traveling with one

elderly or disabled;

much is possible thanks to him

all participants together with one

open minded approach. this year is

Fifth edition. lustrum edition

Exhibition floor 's-Hertogenbosch

means the latter. By-

due to lack of feasibility

has financial support

the central committee to decide

showroom 2015 for

the last to organize. Angelique Ot

dozens: “Six years ago I

along with the original Doesje Fransen

talking about the stock market


Bosco. Like a real Bossche, I thought

make my city a commercial platform

equally. we have everything this year

with great people

they cooperated and enjoyed it very much

of all your goodwill

togenbosch is rich. they really exist

beautiful and lasting relationships

arise between the parties. AND

That was our goal."

� Participation in the fair is free, but registration is required via There you will also find more information. Before Beursvloer, another Beurs training will take place for social organizations that may need support.

Every year the exhibition space in 's-Hertogenbosch is good for successful meetings between companies and social organizations Photo: Henk van Esch

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (8)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 8

Training, courses and workshops

TAROT COURSE IN BERLICUM On the morning of Wednesday, September 9, there will be another tarot reading class for beginners. (lesson every 2 weeks) At 10 a.m. from 9:30 to 11:30 you can get acquainted with the 78 cards and learn simple patterns of combination. All of this in a professional yet playful way. Leadership is in the hands of seasoned tarot expert Astrid Berkers Looking for a down-to-earth spiritual tarot lesson? They were found! Information or registration 073-5034430 or

START-to-MOVE On September 8, 2015, the Prins Hendrik Sports Club starts again with the Start-to-Move running training for beginners. For 16 weeks, participants are offered an advanced program 3 times a week, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. m. and Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Starting with no or very limited athletic experience, the goal is for each participant to be able to run for 30 continuous minutes after 16 weeks.

Location: Prins Hendrik Athletic Club, Sportlaan 1, 5263 DN Vught. Registration fee: €45

More information: Start-to-Move application of September 8, 2015:[email protected]registration Please provide your first and last name, address and telephone number.


Entry: September 7, 's-Hertogenbosch DANTIAN, School for Energetic Research Trips The energy of your life

become vitality.

Plesni i balletni studio Dorry Langenberg Quality 'In de Maat'

Free trial lesson by appointment for:

ballet according to age and level

up to adults[email protected]



September 2, 2015, information evening

from 19:00 to 20:30

We start the annual training again in September

sport massage

Register during the informational evening and WITHOUT paying the registration fee.

Esperamos verte and Sunbraid Training. Parallelweg-West 54c5251 JG Vlijmen 073 – 511 12 29

PEDICURE profession with future!

Sign up for the Basic PEDICURE training

For a recognized industrial diploma (TCI) Small class group, maximum 10 people.

Principle 1

The evening course consists of 68 evening lessons (2 per week) of 2½ contact hours (12 months).

September 201

The daily course consists of 34 school days (1 day per week) of 5 contact hours (12 months). As of March 15, 2016.

mbacht 2 5301 cold bumblebee

Havenco adheres to the strict quality code according to CRKBO (Central Register Short Professional Education).

Visit INFO DAY on Saturday, August 29 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

6 Are you choosing positive changes and more love in your life? Do you want to invest in yourself? Are you interested in mindfulness and want to experience it in a new way? Then Marian van Vught from Praktijk Surya in Den Dungen offers you the opportunity from September with meetings and meditation workshops. All meditation sessions and workshops focus on awareness. As a result, your awareness can increase and you will experience more love for yourself and in your life. It is also possible to transform any hurdles/obstacles you encounter on your way through guidance/advice to help you on your way. But even if you are not interested in raising awareness and want to change something in your life to have a more positive outlook on life, Marian could mean something to you. Marian works from the Aquarian mysticism and the New Energy. Both focus on Love and Unity.

If you decide to take this new path and want to further develop your awareness, there will be information sessions on Thursday evening August 27 and Sunday evening August 30 to familiarize yourself with what Praktijk Surya has to offer. A short New Energy meditation was also given. If you wish to participate, please register through the website. More information can be found at You can also send an email to[email protected]or call 073-5942493. You are welcome!


O TALLER es posible and Bossche Omroep

REQUEST ATTENTION FOR YOUR TRAINING, COURSE OR WORKSHOP is possible at Bossche Omroep until September 13

or call 073-6135116

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (9)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 9

Visit the website for a wealth of information, answers to questions about products and services, and to schedule an appointment. You will also find all the schedules and addresses of municipal services.

Municipality on social networks:

EMAIL:[email protected]: (073) 615 51 55 mail: PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch Address at address: Stadskantoor, Wolvenhoek 1

Always make an appointment before visiting the municipality. You can easily do this via Calling is also allowed.


Warenmarkt Binnenstad during the fair During the fair from August 21 to 29, 2015 the goods market moved to:- Friday August 21 and 28: on Hinthamerstraat from Sint-Josephstraat to Mgr. Prinsenstraat? - Wednesday August 26: from the market to the sisters of Ortenpoort. - Saturday 22 and 29 August: from the market to Mrs. Prinsenstraat.

Municipal Inspection Tax on Dogs 2015 Every person who has a dog must pay the tax on dogs. Dog control starts again in September 2015. After that, we intensively control the presence of dogs.

Penalty If our inspector finds a dog on your premises for which you have not given a statement, you will be fined. This fine amounts to €79.44 and is added to the annual interest rate shown below.

Prices in 2015 - for the first dog €79.44 - for the second dog €119.40 - for the third dog €159.48 - for the kennels €239.16

Proceeds Well Spent The dog tax is a general tax. We use the proceeds, among other things, to reduce nuisance caused by dogs. This is achieved, for example, by keeping the city clean and by building and maintaining sewers and drainage fields.

Avoid the fine You can (still) register your dog with the Tax Administration using the registration form below or via

More information For more information, call the Tax Administration on (073) 615 54 75. You will also find information on our website

Activities The following activities will start soon. To see all the current work, see or check out on Twitter: #traffic noise.

Renovation of Barten Zuid, from Hinthamerbolwerk to Wilgenstraat When: Monday 31 August 2015 until end of May 2016 In 2013, the municipality and Brabant Wonen started work on the renovation of Barten Zuid. Brabant Wonen renovates houses and is now working on the final phase. Access to public space is also part of the general development plan for the neighborhood. We do this after consulting with residents.

Activities We will redesign the public space of a part of the Barten Zuid district. Sidewalks, driveways and parking lots will be newly paved. We will raise the sidewalks to make a clear distinction between sidewalks and parking lots. Many

We will remove the pillars from the sidewalk. We will replace the sewage pressure pipe in the Hinthamerbolwerk to a large extent. We also install storm drains. With storm sewers, stormwater from the streets passes through a special drainage pipe

directly to A.A. This is better for the environment. Disruptions In order to minimize interruptions, we are doing the work gradually. To carry out the works, it is necessary to close several roads to traffic at a time. We use signs to indicate which road will be closed at what time. This applies to both car parks at the entrance to the Wilgenstraat and at the rear of the Kastanjestraat. We will also indicate a detour on the spot. Work will start from Hinthamerbolwerk. Then Kastanjestraat, Weymouthstraat and Dageraadseweg.

More information If you have any questions, call the project manager S. Broeder of the Department of Execution and Management of Public Spaces at (073) 615 55 06 or email reali[email protected]citando a Renovate Barten South.




regional activities

Dog Tax Return Form Signed Name: ………………………………………………………….BSN: ……………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ……………… ……… ………………………………………Phone number: ………………………………………………………… … ….…

You declare yourself the holder of: (check)

first dog at €79.44 per year from ..… - ..… - ……. second dog at €119.40 per year from ..… - ..… - ……. third dog at €159.48 per year from ..… - ..… - ……. kennel for €239.16 per year from ..… - ….. - …….

You send a copy of the kennel registration to the kennel.

Excluded Dog: Number of dog types (eg assistance dog) that result in…….. ……………………………………………………………… ….. …. .- … - … ....In the case of an exempt dog, attach a copy of the accompanying document (eg certificates).

…………………………(home) ….. - ….. - ……. (date) Signature: ……………………………………………… Send the form to the address: P.O. 12345 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch

or by fax to the number: (073) 615 53 45 or by e-mail to the address:[email protected]

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (10)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 10

Permits and procedures

local council

Who is Ans Lokhoff-Tiebosch? The council makes important decisions, which you, as a resident, are really aware of. Each week we feature one of the 39 board members. This week it's Ans Lokhoff-Tiebosch. Political party: SP Age: 61 Email:[email protected]

What issues are discussed in the municipal council? I am concerned about the division of society in our municipality. The residents are in a difficult position. Poverty is increasing, the food bank receives more and more requests. There is also a lot of "silent poverty", these neighbors do not dare to ask for help. The municipal rules for applying for aid are very complex. While health insurance companies, the administration of health establishments, banks (with bonds) and foundations continue to enrich themselves. What will you achieve in 's-Hertogenbosch? That ALL residents of Den Bosch are equal

are receiving treatment. And not only those who, due to their training, know the rules and procedures and use them. SP is against unpaid work. Weener XL's employment and work experience program must be paid work, not just employment, while maintaining well-being. The reinsertion process must also be a visible improvement for the client upon returning to the labor market. Who are you outside of your job at the town hall? I am a family man. I am a proud mother of three children with wonderful partners and a grandmother of four grandchildren. Our grandchildren come to us one day a week. Enjoy traveling within our country or across borders. Going to the theater, especially cabarets, makes me happy. Therefore, I am glad that my vision of society is shared by many more people.

You take a position after weighing all interests. The tips and advice of those involved are of great value. How do you involve the residents?

's-Hertogenbosch in the decisions you make? Due to my many years of experience filling out tax forms for union members and my volunteer work at Rosmalen Square, I am exposed to the problems faced by people in 's-Hertogenbosch, both wanted and unwanted. I often speak with residents and institutions that are having problems due to all the new laws and regulations.

Notice of the Environmental Management Law In relation to article 8.41 of the Environmental Management Law, the municipal government informs that it has received the following notification under the Regulation of Environmental Management Activities: .29840).

No Objections or Appeals No objections or appeals to the above notice. The message is not available for viewing. For more information on the aforementioned report, you can contact the Environmental Protection Service on weekdays at (073) 615 98 15.

Events/Activities Permit required Date Location Activity 12-9 Around Graafseweg 294 Rental day? Open day, courts,

party stage and bouncy castle

18 a 20-9 Orthenstraat, Visstraat, Jan Heinsstraat, Sint-Janssingel, Maritime 's-Hertogenbosch; montaje de gradas, carpas, carpas y

South Willemsvaart, Kardinal Van Rossumplein, Westwal, use el sistema de sonido

Buitenhaven, Ciudadela, Oliemolensingel, Narrow Haven,

Brede Haven, Handelskade, Kerkplein

11-10 Land (forest) in Oude Baan East Children's activity Kabouterbos

29-11 at Wilhelminaplein 1 market and tasting. grandstand location (date change)

12 Πεμ 15-11 Kloosterstraat 7 Nuland (D'n Hazenkamp) Izložba ptica

The applications for these permits were submitted under article 2:10 of the Local General Ordinance. You may submit written comments on the first event by August 30, 2015 and on other events by September 6, 2015 to the mayor, attention department.

Public Order and Security, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch.

For more information call Ms. M. Kaspers from the Department of Public Order and Security at (073) 615 52 61 or Mr. M. Yildiz at (073) 615 56 94.

Board Meetings Below is an overview of this month's board meetings. All meetings are public and take place in the Administrative Center (Iza Vijećnica 5-7). More up-to-date information about board meetings can be found on our website:

Recording You can record during board meetings. This is only allowed for one of the items on the agenda. You must first register at:[email protected]or (073) 615 90 81. This is possible no later than 24 hours before the start of the match. Also mention the topic you want to discuss.

Monday, August 31, 7:30 p.m. Committee on Economic, Financial and Social Affairs (FES) political framework for hotels and private accommodation.

- availability of broadband industrial areas. - a profitable loan for energy saving measures for existing municipal buildings. - Loan application for the installation of solar panels. - Festival of Trees - letter received about food banks. - proposal for a tax on dogs. Board Secretary: R. van der Meer, tel.-mail[email protected]

Tuesday, September 1, 7:30 p.m. Commissie Ruimtelijke Ontwikkelingen en Beheer (ROB) - approval of the spatial development plan "3 houses Maliskampsestraat 61", - approval of the spatial development plan "Boschveld corner Edisonstraat – Paardskerkhofweg", - Master Plan Light. more parking spaces for residents of the city center. Committee Secretariat: M. Griens, telephone (073) 615 91 73 or e-mail[email protected]

Wednesday, September 2, 7:30 p.m. (This meeting has been cancelled) Social Development (MO) Committee There are no council proposals to discuss at the MO Committee on September 2. The session adjourned Secretary of the Committee: E. Kerkhoff, telephone (073) 615 54 11 or email.[email protected]

Thursday, September 3, 7:30 p.m. (This meeting has been cancelled) Committee on Administrative Affairs (BŽ) There are no council proposals to discuss at Committee BŽ on September 3rd. The meeting is cancelled. Committee Secretary: R. van der Meer, tel.(073) 615 55 36 or e-mail[email protected]

photo: Henk van Esch

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (11)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 11

Permits and procedures

Environmental permit The rules for the environmental permit are contained in the General Provisions of the Environmental Protection Act (WABO). The environmental permit combines 26 permits from the fields of construction, land use planning and environmental protection. There is only one application processed by the municipality in a process. Almost all the requested permits are sent to the institute of monuments and to the operators of monuments.

social welfare committee. Committee meetings are public. If you would like to be present when the application is processed, please contact the Environmental Office. The meeting dates and meeting agenda of this committee can be found at For any questions, contact the Environmental Protection Office, telephone (073) 615 57 77, e-mail:[email protected].

Requested (date of receipt to be determined)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Install 2 additional skylights behind De Drie Zwanen 2 A WB00029878 13-08

Asterstraat 15, Rosmalen garage building, conflict with zoning plan WB00029872 11-08

Industrial Harbor Bridge reinforces existing beds Construction of Industrial Harbor Bridge WB00029920 08-17

Kerkstraat 13 front building change WB00029874 12-08

Kloosterlaan 15 creates a mobile image support for a month of advertising WB00029893 13-08

Meerwijkweg 50-52 install a second roll-up door on the side of the building, exit WB00029876 12-08

Orthenstraat 55 lugar anuncio comercial anuncio WB00029902 14-08

Oude Vlijmenseweg 281 se rompe en la pared estructural entre 2 apartamentos WB00029879 12-08

Rondewaard Building 17-bed residence with industrial room WB00029854 10-08

Rudolf Van Baarlestraat 22 spaces skylight building WB00029886 14-08

Corrigendum In Bossche Omroep dated August 9, 2015, application number WB00029719 was published. The description of the location here is not complete. It should be Uilenburg 12, 12A and Uilenburgstraat 14.

Extension of the decision period description of the place/no. Date

Asterstraat 1, Rosmalen for residential extension, conflict with spatial development plan WB00029272 30-09

Emmaplein 25 conversion of office building to residential building, plan, demolition BDSG WB00029483 19-10

Construction of the house Schrepel 6, contrary to the zoning plan WB00029233 28-09

Walpoort 4 notices conflict between small hotel and zoning plan WB00028643 10-22

For these applications, the decision was postponed for six weeks, the date of the final decision was mentioned.

Approved and effective immediately Decisions that are not available for inspection at the information desk (the date of the decision is indicated)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Berehoutstraat 14 To install an air conditioner build a garden house WB00029399 12-08

Blokpolder building 16 places skylight WB00029267 14-08

Douglaslaan 1, Rosmalen instead of building a shed, conflict with spatial development plan WB00029132 12-08

Gooiland 10 residential area expansion, conflict with zoning plan WB00028851 08-17

Wielsem 2 B extension and construction of a new building, conflict with spatial plan WB00028867 13-08

Hinthamereinde 80 to convert shops into flats, contrary to zoning plan WB00028924 12-08

Hof Van Zevenbergen 7 places 2 frames side wall and places pillar construction WB00029655 12-08

Kattenbosch 14, Rosmalen ampliar la parte trasera del edificio WB00029765 17-08

Koningstraat 22, Rosmalen replacement of frames on front and side walls of the house WB00029648 14-08

Meester Joerdenslaan 6 places roof building WB00029156 14-08

near A. der Kinderlaan/ name of the place name of the building map of the Amazon collision zone WB00029574 14-08

Monsenor. Diepenstraat

Rietveldenweg 64 D change of facade and interior adaptations of reception and workshop WB00028696 11-08

Sint-Jorisstraat 66 construction sites for houses on a roof, conflict with the spatial plan WB00029329 11-08

Appeal/temporary order against these decisions. Activities are allowed immediately.

to start. Within six weeks from the date of its approval, the interested parties may

previous decisions must be appealed before the Board of Directors,

PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or precautionary measures

to the investigating judge in the area of ​​administrative law of the Oost-Brabant District Court, T.Th.

90125, 5200 MA's Hertogenbosch.

Approved and not effective immediately Decisions not available for consultation at the information desk (the date of the decision is indicated)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Ampèrestraat 24 demolition of 2 trees and demolition pruning of 2 trees WB00029578 12-08

Bethaniëstraat 2 nuca Acer negundo nuca WB00029463 14-08

Golden children 22 rezani bor WB00029289 13-08

Cover Pompenstraat 40 demolition of a birch WB00029642 13-08

Geldersedam 29-34 conversion of the former school building into apartments, zoning fight, demolition BDSG, municipal/ WB00029086 12-08

provincial monuments

Decree of the Soil Protection Act (Wbb) on soil contamination at Sint-Jorisstraat 26-32, location code DB07960021 The municipal executive approved two remediation reports. Both were assembled after soil restoration carried out at Sint-Jorisstraat 26-32 in 's-Hertogenbosch. The remedial report shall, among other things, indicate the remedial result achieved and any deviations from the remedial plan. This deviation

refers to the restructuring of the duty of care. The deviation rectification agreement and report are part of the documentation available for inspection.

Objection/interim order The person concerned can file an objection against this decision until October 5, 2015. Objections can be sent to the Commission, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or precautionary measures may be made to the President

Department of Administrative Jurisdiction of the Council of State, T.Th. 20019, 2500 EA The Hague.

Notice Both the decisions and the accompanying documents are available for inspection at the Municipal Office from August 24 to October 5, 2015. If you would like an oral explanation, you may call Mr. G. van Aarle of the Environment Department, tel. (073) 615 50 54.

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (12)

CONSTRUCTION AND LIFE Bossche Omroep � August 23, 2015 � page 12�

Permits and procedures

's-Hertogenbosch, 23 de agosto de 2015

Environmental permit (continued) Hambakendreef 2 Building renovation and birch felling, felling WB00029123 17-08

Hertog Hendriksingel 104 restoration of the rear façade of the building, municipal/provincial monuments, demolition SDG WB00029276 11-08

Hintham 39, Rosmalen rezovi 3 Meta Seqouia rezovi WB00029139 13-08

Hinthamerstraat 26 cambio de fachada de monumentos municipales/provinciales WB00029703 13-08

Hinthamerstraat 42 will be demolished within the protected urban area see BDSG WB00029766 12-08

Hoekkamp Rosmalen sječa 39 stabala WB00029717 14-08

Hooge Steenweg 11 removal of blinds, construction of new shop window and change of facade of advertising structure, national monuments, demolition BDSG, advertising WB00029336 06-08

Drozd 42, Rosmalen cuts 2 cuts of American oak WB00029547 13-08

Maria van Bourgondiesingel 3 cuello javor WB00029538 17-08

Meester Bierkuslaan 34 tala o tala de acacia kandalaberen WB00029597 14-08

Meester Piparduslaan 31 tala de árboles WB00029321 04-08

near Koningshoeven 23 felling and replanting alder felling WB00029513 14-08

(tree beside the road)

Oude Dieze 5, Zuidwal 7B and 8 rebuild coach and build other buildings, national monuments, demolish BDSG WB00029076 04-08

Oude Dieze 5, Zuidwal 8 and Zuidwal 7B change building boundaries, conflict with spatial plan, national monuments, exit WB00029164 04-08

Pastor Janssensstraat 2, Rosmalen candelabro Poda/corte de tilo dutch WB00029223 10-08

Príncipe Bernhardplein 17, Nuland Abedul WB00029183 05-08

Sint-Jorisstraat 129 construction of escape route, national monuments, demolition BDSG WB00029488 12-08

Tramkade 26 hotel temporary development application-work studio Mixer construction, contrary to zoning, national landmarks WB00029220 07-20

Venstraat 9, Rosmalen cortando 2 cedros cortando WB00029338 06-08

Modification Verwersstraat 29, installation of 3 windows in the façade, demolition BDSG WB00029705 14-08

Weerschut 27, Vinkel cut 5 poplar cut WB00029569 17-08

Zuid-Willemsvaart 97 srušen bivši GZG srušen BDSG WB00029643 10-08

Appeal/temporary order regarding these decisions. Work

it should not start immediately. Within six weeks of the date specified in the case of assignment

the interested parties file a claim with the Administration against the previous decisions,

PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or precautionary measures

to the investigating judge in the area of ​​administrative law of the Oost-Brabant District Court, T.Th.

90125, 5200 MA's-Hertogenbosch. After this time, the work can continue.


Rejected project activity site description/registration number. the date

Stationsplein Chestnut demolition WB00028648 12-08

Vliertwijksestraat 53, Rosmalen reemplazo de techo y enlucido WB00028515 10-08

Objection to this decision. In six weeks, the bees refused

day, the interested parties may file an appeal against said decision

koledž, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch.

The arts and crafts theme of the State of the Monument awards ceremony connects history with future generations. Three years ago, the Foundation presented the concession for the monument. The annual prize of the Monument Care Foundation "s-Hertogenbossche" is awarded to a person or institution that actively and dispassionately promotes the care of monuments in the municipality over a long period of time.

Author Lesha Bosman

The Board of the Foundation decides

who gets the prize. In

Thursday, September 10, 2015

a reward is made

the labyrinth of ram artists

Christine Jetten, during the party

meeting chair

Avanzado Jan van Heijningen. O

The prize was previously awarded to Peter Verha-

(2013) by Clemens Bolhaar

(2014.), known po obnovi

the Binnendieze y Gruyter

Factory. “It is the Gruyter factory

really an example of how

and the present can go hand in hand

goes," says board member Wies van

lions. Clemens Bolhaar is here

not only did it in the factory

Gruyter factory building

nice for renovation but has

building again vigorously

default destination. a lot of creativity

many businessmen

I found a great place to work

Pine tree. She proves it once again

numbers come alive

was a permanent inspiration


History of the 's-Hertogenbossche Foundation

The monument was started in 1949.

address of the mayor H.J.M.

Loeff. he was worried about

bad state of the monument

tall buildings in the city passing

the war was affected. in 1949

I was very busy with

construction and the mayor saw

clear paper for a

pound base, finned

municipal support.

People who have their own memorial.

wanted to restore the building

grant application

from scratch Solid admin

illustrative work, in which the end

when the government passed

National Monuments Service

makes a system of subsidies in it

it's called life. the foundation was

gender morphed and took over

exercise in rehab

monuments. That was the right thing to do.

restored monuments and

was it done right?

The commission defended the monument

mental interest.

Art and Craft" And we still do it today

hoy", dice Wies van Leeuwen

get used to it. "Of course we are

not only on this but we are also working

together with other institutions

as Circle of Friends-Herto-

genbosch, Heemkundekring

Rosmalen, municipality and Pro-

vinci For the weekend of September 12

reopened in september

Heritage Day and installation of monuments

open their doors to visitors

get the cherry your theme

this year it is Arts and Crafts. There

we close our program

distribution in. afternoon finds

place in the Rabobanka building

in Crkveni trg. president january

van Heijningen predstavit će Estado de

be declared a monument. Besides-

everything was done from the last

September and what it means

on next year's agenda? As

is, for example, s

winding of the old GZG ter-

Clean and Theater aan de Parade

And what benchmark score do we give?

recent developments

year? Follow a short lecture

historian Jan van Oudheusden

about arts and crafts in 's-Her-

togenbosch. Seres

Christina's beautiful board

The nozzles are assigned

winner. Who is stays for quite a while


� Those who want to attend the dinner can register via info@' The evening begins at 7:30 p.m.

V.l.t.r. Wies van Leeuwen, Christien Jetten y Kees van Oord Photo: Freek Jansen

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (13)

Bossche Omroep 23 de agosto de 2015 page 13EXTENSIONES

For only €0.64 per word, your 'Announcer' (1 column) will appear in the Sunday newspaper, reaching +/- 99,100 families. The minimum number of words calculated is: 10 at €0.64 = €6.40 without 21% VAT. If you send your message no later than Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. m., your program will be broadcast on Bossche Omroep on Sunday. By post: Onderwijsboulevard 576, 5223 DN 's-Hertogenbosch Fax: 073-6122330 or by email: admin�[email protected]. You can also submit via: under "Announcers position?"

Section:_________________________________________________ Date(s) of publication:_________________________________

Name of Beneficiary):________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________ s:erdA

City Zip Code:____________________

Tengo +/- __________ palabras x 0.64 € = _____________ para Bossche Omroep

Imam +/- __________ riječi x 1.22 € = €_____________ Sat Bossche Omroep + Waalwijker

+ 21% by the way = €_____________

Total = $ _____________


Account number: ___________________________________________ SEPA bank name: ______________________

Place and date:________________________________ Signature:________________________________

By signing this form, you authorize Bossche Omroep to send a single direct debit to your bank

debit a certain amount from your account once.

Sa svojim spikerom u Bossche Omroepu i Waalwijkeru dosežete +/- 143.750 διεύθυνση!

The minimum number of words calculated is: 10 at €0.65 = €6.50 without 21% VAT. If you send your message before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, your "Radio Station" will be at Bossche Omroep on Sunday. By mail: Onderwijsboulevard 576, 5223 DN 's-Hertogenbosch. By fax: 073-6122330 or by email:[email protected]. You can also send it via: under "Broadcast location?"

0,65€ 1,24€

With his announcers at Bossche Omroep and Waalwijker he reaches +/- 143,000 addresses!

For just €0.65 per word, your 'Radio Announcer' (1 column) will appear in the Sunday paper, reaching ±99,000 families!


Salvador Allendelaan 5[email protected]bz 's-hertogenbosch klopperenkramer.nl073 6 420 281






DEVARANA Sauna Beauty Resort u's-Hertogenboschu

I'm looking for:




Apply online at to vacancies.



A well stocked thrift store

SOS buvljak Ridderspoorstraat 2,

Den Bosch from Tuesday to Saturday

From 10 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., we collect your household items for free,

clothes, books, etc. Call 073 613 3774 for an agreement.

Proceeds go to projects inside and outside the Netherlands.

(ANBI admits).



Plumber WANTED: 073-2600044




wallpaper and paint

inside and outside. Main crafts with winter sale.

Inl.: think 06-53356093




DEVARANA Sauna Beauty Resort u's-Hertogenboschu

I'm looking for:




Apply online at to vacancies.

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (14)

Birds of Prey Afternoon Heusden Wednesday 26 August: from 2pm

until 15:30 is a

birds of prey in the afternoon with explanation and

Alberta Falconry Tour

looms The birds are alone.

a place to admire. ADDRESS:

Waarjesweg 15 h Heusdenu.

More information:


IDENTIKIT durante Jazzkapel Azijnfabriek

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26: at 8:30 p.m.

emotional guitarist Marzio Scholten;

during the Jazz Chapel on the Podium

The vinegar factory is the newest.

project: IDENTIKIT. Spinal

lomo, a contemporary band formed by

guitar, two saxophones and rhythmic seconds

tie. Music is a combination.

beyond indie-rock and modern jazz

points to the collective, with which

there are so many touch points

with bands like Radiohead and Pearl

Jam como Jaga Jazzist y Tortoise.

Information and tickets:

or in the box.

Lecture on the work of Louis Couperus

THURSDAY, AUGUST 27: at 2:00 p.m.

The sati is in the library at Vught.

a lecture on the work of Louis

Couperus insuigueo Knowledge

Created by Han Peek. is already charging

about 35 years all by and about Louis

Couperus and is a member of the Círculo de Lectores

Louis Couperus's-Hertogenbosch

e.o., about 1x in 2 months

The hideout meets at Vught. He

Admission is free. Information and applications


Crazy Cards και Scrap Days

UNTIL 27 T/M BY 29 AUGUST: staan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 1

Brabanthallen and señal

silly and scratch cards

gen, creative cards exhibition-

factories and waste. apart from everything

materials and supplies

cards all year

no, there are also nice ones

laboratories. The exhibition is every day.

open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Entry: €8.50; children (4

up to 10 years) EUR 5.00 incl.

especially in laboratories and

rough bag. Information:

Summer Exhibition of the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center UNTIL FRIDAY, AUGUST 28: en

u Hieronymus Bosch Art Center

at the Summer Fair. tide-

during the exhibition,

academy student work

mie Renshof, s radom

Bosch as a great source of inspiration,

prikazán Information: www.jheroni-

Summer painting school for children.


children from 7 to 13 years old can

from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

in summer school. She can-

express yourself creatively on paper

and canvas in the nature of Vughta. Information

and register at 06-28098355 or

[email protected]. See also:

Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co terug u W2

FRI. AUGUST 28: at 8:30 p.m.

second time lordship

Shine Snake Oil Co u W2. Oni donose-

gospel special mix gene

& soul, blue grass & folk, jazz,

swing, rock'n'roll y afropunk.

Also on stage tonight:

House of misfortune Card: 9

euro. Information:

Willie Wartaal and P79 FREE 28 DE AGOSTO: por

11:00 p.m. Willie is up

Chatterbox (Youth of today

dig) behind the turntable on P79. He

supports Doppel-

runner. Tickets 10 euros. Information:

Summer cinema: FrankFREE 28 + SAT 29 AUGUST:

Those present at 10:15 a.m.

outdoor factory verkada-

aerial film Frank, a

comedy starring Mi-

Chael Fassbender glava pa-

Pier-mache uses as

the mysterious vanguard leader

pop guard group. tickets are free

(but necessary) and you can download it at

collect Information: http://www.verkade-

Patrice Vermeer ExhibitionT/M SA AUGUST 29: exhibition

names the painter Patrice Vermeer in Rabobank-

office la Réunion some of

his works Mainly offers

ORDEN DEL DÍA Bossche Omroep � 23 de agosto de 2015 � página 14�


The power of color at Galerie KuBra's-HERTOGENBOSCH - Exhibition "The

Puedes ver Power of Color and Galerie KuBra and Schilderstraat 17a

su Hertogenbosch.

Colorful exhibition with 6 Brabant artists: Jan Peter van

Opheusden, Anastazia David, Pierre van Hemert, Lian Verhoeven, Ma-

rion van Bergen and Gill Gallandat-Huet. The gallery is open from

From Wednesday to Friday from 12:00 to 17:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 13:00

until 5 pm and by appointment. On weekends he is one of the artists

present. Free access.

BoekensteinREGIO Slot Machine - On Sunday, August 23 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. m. Slot Love-

stein dedicated to children's books. You can join Boekie-

woekie dance, join workshops, exciting listening

stories and enjoy the project "Igor is read freely". there's also

children's book authors like Lizzy van Pelt and Arend van Dam; Activation

the events take place in the castle. regular and

ticket prices: for adults 12.50 euros and children from 4 to 18 years 8.50 euros

euro. Children from 0 to 3 years and MK: free. Information: www.slotloeve-

REGION Belgian Beer Festival - The Belgian Beer Festival is back again this weekend.

organized by Hotel-Restaurant De Leygraaf and Meerstraat 45a

Dinther from Heeswijk. You can taste 131 Belgian beers, e.g.

various white, blue, amber, double, triple, fruity, caliber, IPA and

Bad. Trappist beers of course, including Westvelteren and Eastern

British Engels.

More information can be found at it is a festival

Free admission and open until Sunday, August 23 at night.

Silent Martyrs Exhibition Slager-HERTOGENBOSCH Museum - The Slager Museum has an exhibition "Silent Martyrs"

gene to see The museum is renovating its top floor. For this

asked artists Tina Vanderwerf, Marieke Busser and

Patricia Smits to visualize the monumental space before her

change forever.

Abandoned spaces are silent witnesses of times gone by. former

You can see the publication until September 13. Open from Tuesday to Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

- 4:30 pm. Sabado. Choorstraat 8, 's-Hertogenbosch. Information: www.museumsla-

Climbing Sint-Janstoren's-HERTOGENBOSCH - In addition to visiting the Sint-Jansmuseum, there is also

Special guidance every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

the thing that, opening from the inside, leads you to the tower of Ag. Ivan


During the ascent to the tower of Ag. Ivana, ride with me

tours, among other things, views of the carriage, the clock mechanism and the ten

exhibition on the history, construction and restoration of the tower. He

Steep climb over the old steps at the end of the station, 43 meters

height, you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the historic interior



Sunday walk Heusden VestingREGIO - Every Sunday at 2:30 p.m. the tour guide goes on tour

run by Heusden Vesting. The tour begins with the guests.

central at Pelsestraat 17 in Heusden and lasts for over an hour.

Along the way, the guide will tell you the history of Heusden, that is,

ting works and explains its strategic importance. Start time: 2:30 p.m.

one hour. Information: or 0416-662100.

Departure on Sunday, Great Sniff Market

SUNDAY, AUGUST 23: here we go

10 a. m. a las 5 p. m.

and around the Willem II stadium in

Tilburg the great tobacco market. AND-

tree: 2.50 euros. Children up to 10

free year. Address: Goirleseweg 34

and Tilburgo.

i dream of shakespeare

SUNDAY, AUGUST 23: it is in Het

North Brabant Museum for

the last exhibition “Dreaming of

Shakespeare'. Evo 25

fantasy costumes and sketches that

encargado por Rien Bekkers de Vught

made for theater and film producers

production in the country and abroad

inspired by the works

outside of Shakespeare. Information:

A sunny afternoon in Halley

SUNDAY, AUGUST 23: is Starry

expect Halley in Vinkel from 2 p.m.

Open to members until 4 p.m.

other interested parties. Hear

It's not cloudy, be big and

small telescopes on the sun

Series. In the auditorium, PU-

flash presentations about the sun

Granted, exciting for young and old.

More information: www. Sterrenwachthal-

Exhibition at De Annenborch


student work

Arts'cool shows off in

Elderly care De Annenborch, De

Hooves 100 in Rosmalen. Exhibition

can be admired daily in the middle

10 am a 7 pm Info: keeley-

Bossche Instrument Summer 2015

TUESDAY, AUGUST 25: at 8:00 p.m.

hours Jamie de Goei closes the series

Bossche organ concerts in 2015

Bossche St. Ivana Cathedral

spectacular ending. Jamie is...

Ganista Grote Kerk u 's-Her-

togenbosch, leader and repeater

choirs and instrumentalists.

The program is built

around the coral Vater unser im

Paradise. concert song

more than 60 minutes. Entry: €8.00.

Information: and www.brabantor-

The Hunchback of Notre Dame in Kersouwe If the weather is a bit lucky, there are

nothing beats performance

open-air theater De Kersouwe u

bosques de Heeswijk. gran teatro

ter van de Kersouwe is next

the week was renamed Wonder-

a garden, a safe haven in paris

busy for the De Klok show-

a Notre Dame scholar who

Sunday August 23 at 2:30 p.m.

the prime minister goes Whistle

Notre Dame is also the story of...

Settings. bastards with heart

of gold to borrow

rebel guardians of the law. Quasimodo, the ugliest man in the history of the theater, loves

impossible love for Esmeralda, the most beautiful woman in Paris. An hour ago

prove that there is a parisian promenade with (circus) places, delicious food, a parisian promenade

neighbors, market stalls, street theater and much more to enjoy. performance is

Suitable for children from 3 years old, entry €11.00. Information:

Pre-war cars and vintage tractors on display at the Classic Park Museum Classic Park

in Boxtel it appears without blocks

August 31 - next door again

a generous collection of such

150 classic and exclusive

Site car - specialist

second pre-war collection

cars. classic driving

before the 2nd world

war, including a

renault type ce 1911 watch,

Rolls Royce Fantasma I

from 1928 and Bugatti

Type 57 from 1937.

in addition to including 29 au-

classic gustus tractors, including Renault, Lanz Bulldog and International

from 1917, which was still in use as an artillery tractor in the First World War. Classic Park is every day

open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. m. Tickets: €9.50; Children from 5 to 12 years old

7 euros per year. More information:

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (15)

inspired by flowers and earth

shelves. record everything with

your camera this photo gallery

It serves as the basis for your work. gra-

is available during business hours

den (vidi

den Bosch). Address: Gasselstraat 28

u Hertogenbosch.

Bridgedrive u Vughtu

SATURDAY, AUGUST 29: it's there

walk across the bridge (lunch included) at Hotel van de Valk, Bos.

Scheweg 2 u Vughtu. Reception

starting at 10:30 a.m. m., from approx.

11:15 More information: W. van den

Boogaard, 06-33720565.

Binnendieze Summer Evening Concert

FOR AUGUST 29: at 7:30 p.m.

and 21.30 is summer again

evening concerts at the Binnen-

this. Departures are made according to the concert.

seven boats with 16 seats each.

Gaudí's neighborhood tonight

above. What makes the quartet special

make open to

different projects and miscellaneous

musical styles from baroque to light

music, music Tickets cost €15.00 and

are available in

counter/cashier Diezehuis, Mo-

lenstraat 15 u's-Hertogenboschu.


if the walls could talk

T/M MA AUGUST 31: es

Barracks 1B, the last to leave

the barracks of the old Konzen-

Herzogenbusch concentration camp, Elke

weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00

Campamento National Monument opens

Vught presents the exhibition “Als

The walls could talk, who's acting?

about its multi-layered history

this historically charged place.

More information:

85 years of wonder with the most ordinary things

Until August 31: located in Oeteldonks

Gemintemuseum Exhibition 85

a year of admiration for the dead

living beings to see, above-

view of creative work

singer, composer and illustrator

Cor Versteeg, who did a lot for Oe-

teldonk carnival meant.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday

from 13.11 to 17.11


Summer exhibition at the castle of Nemerlaer UNTIL SEPTEMBER 6: care

born Paulus Camp

(images) and Arthur Meijer

(terracotta statues) especially

another exhibition in Nemer-

later in Haaren. open every sunday

from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. m.

week for groups (also small)

other: 0411-624441.

Graphic seasons exhibition

DO 30. RUJNA: Going Graphic

Atelier Den Bosch new season

a kiss with a graphic exposition

'Time'. This year's spring event.

The General Assembly held an open tender

za Calendar Chart 2016. Off

lot of tickets

designated external expert

the jury of each month is independent

one more photo and extra jump-

print on February 29. in

report, all applications are

the gene and selection are involved

for GA chart registration

announced in 2016. During

this report, newspapers

melting in the laboratory

study graph in hand

guy. Location: Willem II Factory,

Boschveldweg 471 u 's-Hertogenu-

Bosco. Information:

which is

ORDEN DEL DÍA Bossche Omroep � 23 de agosto de 2015 � página 15�


"Under Bosch's Tree"

Report 2015

From the moment the stripes come on

was introduced to the market, there was tension

none. What was discussed in the schoolyard.

Where would you come from? The moment of the first car.

vehicles and caravans appeared along the Zuid Willemsvaart, they were not

reversible, exposure approaches. With the cars that come

the market clarified everything. The poffertjes stand arrived, there

haunted house and bumper car. sit on the bike for a while

You know what's going on at Cardinal van Rossemplein. Later

You should have gone to the parade.

Once upon a time there was an exhibition and it was open, suddenly it appeared

be very profitable to go to the grandparents on Sunday, why

Grandpa always gave you fair money, and of course he always was.

Welcome. Grandpa knew what a party meant to such a town.

It's Hertogenbosch. There he saw and touched his grandmother for the first time.

He spoke and the rest was history. The route passed through the Agora,

Hinthamerstraat y Kardinaal van Rossemplein y la stoga je en gran medida

partly above the exhibition space. Then they let us go back.

on something and try to grab the tassel for a free ride. Real

it was fun when we were allowed to look at the lights at night

aware. Then the eels were bought and Koperen entered the Nieuwstraat.


Every older resident of Den Bosch has their own stories. a strong man who

turned out not so strong, flea circus. I hope this generation...

alimony can experience justice in the same way because they have the right too

having a good old carnival. In a world that's getting smaller

It seems like a real trip to the other side of the world.

seems to have become normal. Like rides in an amusement park

It becomes more and more spectacular and bigger, it seems that there is no more space

for a traveling amusement park.

So I'm glad it was a few years ago.

se cree que tomó una ruta diferente. Bossche es ahora

after a period of decline, again a comfortable fa-

become environment. Not as colossal and big as Tilburg

but rather an exhibition up to the standards and size of our city.

But above all, an entertainment fair with peripheral attractions

gram. Another reason to visit the exhibition. Park

car in the new Sint Jan car park and then cross the road

showroom and eat delicious poffertjes on the way back or to take away

oil balls to take home, but above all to enjoy the atmosphere.

Jan Hoskham

"Onder De Boschboom" is a cultural-historical section that offers its columnists an in-depth research platform on topics related to the culture of Den Bosch in a personal capacity. Repeat actions? Send your email to:[email protected].

Bossche brblja

Bossche exhibition with an entertaining alternative program Many residents of Den Bosch attend

years anxiously waiting: The

Bosch exhibition. it's this weekend

began. with christmas

exploded on the rooftops of Cafe De

Paternoster i Borrel & Eetcafe De

Also prepare an art program.

take it easy again. Weekends and beyond

Thursday represents

there is a good pro- marginal

gram with mainly


as Franky Falcon, Amanda

Kohler, Wiliam Burg, The Fair Singers Dirk, Wilma & Bert i Ceder

stars. On Monday, the Bossche exhibition will live its pink version

Monday during Pretty in Pink with lots of music and of course

a great drag show. For more information, visit:,

Municipal pages Search for current information

training up

municipal information pages in this newspaper or in:

Emergency numbers Emergency services: 112 Police/Fire


Non-Emergency Police: 0900-8844

Ambulance: 073-6414444

Fire station: 073-6889889

Animal clinic: 073-6146070

Jeroen Bosch Apo- Pharmacy

divine Henry Dunant-

Calle 1 (in the lobby of Calle

hospital) for an urgent prescription

outside normal hours

which is 073-5535999

GP Post 0900-8860

Dentist Dentist Emergency Information

fall service: 0900-2020914

GGD Srce Sat Brabant Vogelstraat 2 's-Hertogenbosch

0900-4636443 (local rate);

Alcoholics Anonymous:


The sensor, the ear that listens day and night:


Telephone for children: 0800-0432 (free)

Daily 14:00-20:00.

Victim Assistance Office: 0900-0101

Self-help center 's-Hertogenbosch and area: dozens of self-help groups for

contact with peers, e.g. spiritual and

physical health, addiction

attention and other social problems

mom, 073-6237263.

Van Neynsel Customer Service – For Senior Care Questions

's-Hertogenbosch i okolica,

073-8228000 (9h y 16h);

GGz North-East Brabant Customer Service Center: support and advice for

(former) mental health, addiction clients

accept it Open: Monday-Wednesday-Friday

13.30-16.30, 073-6401752,

Isma House:

Center for ex-addicts and

your loved ones.

Open: Mon to Wed 10:00am - 2:00pm.

06-21555521 / 073-6907390;

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (16)

Bossche Omroep 23 de agosto de 2015 page 16 EXPANSORES

Always discounts on the purchase of fashion accessories in the largest online clothing stores.

Anna van Toor: 7% discount Bon'A Parte: 7% discount BonPrix: 5% discount Lucardi: 5% discount Miss Etam: 6% discount OTTO: Up to 5% discount V&D: Up to 4% discount

Quickly visit the page for a full overview. Creating an account is free!



No failures, expired ITV, damage, etc. For more information:

Autobedrijf de Bont B.V. Also for all your maintenance, repairs and ITV

This summer together on the road

Stichting Date sustainable male-female relationships since 1969

Safe and reliable and always around Personal guidance and suggestions Unlimited submissions and high success rates

Thea Schampers: tel.

Hambakenweg 10 (diagonally opposite the TOTAL petrol station) T: 00(31)636339889 All electrical appliances are new and are delivered free of charge in the Den Bosch area.

Refrigerators and freezers from 80 euros

Washers and dryers from 100 euros

Open: Mon from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tue. free. 10 am m. to 5 p.m., Saturday. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


RELATIONSHIP from 088-0221900








Vacuum cleaning center Spare parts and repair

all household items. SPARE PARTS INTERNET PRICES

Home appliance repair without call charges, fixed prices

(also at night)

Also radio/TV repairs Aartshertogenlaan 332a, 073-6412352





















Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (17)

NOW Bossche Omroep � 23 de agosto de 2015 � página 17�

's-Hertogenbosch's-HERTOGENBOSCH East Indies Final Commemoration - In 's-Herto-genbosch, there will be a commemoration of the fallen Bosch East Indies on Saturday, August 29 at 11:00 AM. m. This will take place at Gedenkteken on the Zuiderparkweg, in the presence of the town hall, represented by Mayor Rombouts, and the defense, represented by Lieutenant Colonel Van der Leegte of the Royal Dutch Army. Onno Hoes will personally contribute to this latest celebration. His father, Ton Hoes, was the inspiration and founder of the Memorial.

In addition to the entrance of the president

Dirk van Zuidam and student

the Sint-Janslyceum, during

this memory of the 37 dead

centrally deployed Bossche soldiers

stop. This is done in a special way.

paying homage and laying floral offerings.

KAB Royal Set


provide presence documents and put

black - you're welcome -

can trust especially

closure, the same as the traditional

nice night nearby

restaurant "In the Rose".

In recent years the Board of Directors

Zaklade Individual Memorial Foundation

viajeros s-Hertogenbosch

he was thinking about his future

to commemorate this memorial.

since the foundation

the idea took eleven years to gestate

given in his memory

soldiers who have served since World War II

World War, and especially during

two police actions at the end of the year

forty - fell on

former Dutch East Indies. He

the annual festivities are very

valuable and especially important

knowledge about relatives

and included by 's-Hertogen-

bosch and zone. However, you also have to

realize that those directly involved

our relatives more and more

to turn off. We specifically remember

this small group Bossche mi-

litaires has a very strong overlap

rag with national death-

memorial, where all the soldiers are

marked by

the outbreak of the second world war

daily - also for (peaceful) operations

then - lights up.

Hertogenbosch της Općina

took the position that

related commemorations

with the period 1940 - 1949 to

get a seat in Narodna

National Remembrance Day in 's-Herto-


Commemorative plaque of the 's-Hertogenbosch East Indiaman's Foundation from left to right. Jes van Rixtel, Jan de Wit, Anneke Schults, René Kok and Dirk van Zuidam Photo: Henk van Esch

100% printed

recycled paper

UPRAVASabine Lamers 06-51497956



Marianne Rijnenberg06-20339284Wilma van der Heijden06-12992629Monique van Alphen06-20139637Ingrid Hochwald


Jetta de RuiterMarc SmitsAstrid BerkhoutLesha Bosman


Freek Jansen06-10166089


even bards


Announcements: Thursday 10:00 am Speakers: Wednesday 3:00 pm Brochures: Wednesday 12:00 pm Curator: Wednesday 12:00 pm Agenda: Wednesday 3:00 pm.

PUBLIKACIJA BOSSCHE OMROEP je publikacija Uitgeversmaatschappijde BOSSCHE OMROEP/DE WAALWIJKER B.V. Narudžbe se zaključuju i izvršavaju u skladu s našim općim uvjetima, podnesenim u Gospodarskoj komori. Bokhoven, Gewande, Vught, Rosmalen, Den Dungen, Berlicum, Middelrode, St.-Michielsgestel, Helvoirt, Cromvoirt, Vlijmen, Nieuwkuijk, Haarsteeg, Hedel, Kerkdriel, Velddriel, Nuland i Vinkel Naklada 9.00 ex.9.00:

Education Boulevard 5765223 DN '

PHONE: 073-6135116

FAX: 073-6122330

EMAIL ADDRESS: For announcements:[email protected]publishers:[email protected]distribution:[email protected]



Available by phone during business hours. exempt. from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DID WE NOT RECEIVE THE NEWSPAPER? We apologize for that. Promote it through

Aries March 21 - April 20 Don't always swallow your anger

He only eats it at the end.

but you and the rest of us...

people don't even realize I persevere

that the people in your area


Taurus April 21 - May 20 Scratch off some names

away from your agenda and focus

to the people who suit you best.

You can't lose your principles

chenen and that's good.

This gives you room to move forward


Gemini May 21 - June 20 Who's Examining Right Now

only their own interests

represent instead of

others, probably there

the big one on the right. apparently there is one

a very good reason for that. The market

for this.

Cancer June 21 - July 22 Dust yourself off

talents. when do you have this

last fully developed?

Change the environment if necessary

the job. A study can also be a

give a strong boost to the workforce

lethal growth.

Leo July 23 - August 22 Ascendant from now on-

move on with your situation. That

It's also about money, but

that is not the most important. By

more harmonious and human life

the heat will make you happy

Virgo August 23 - September 22. just relax for a while

fighting for more and

make room for positivity

and kindness. You will see

that there is an unprecedented sympathy

a result is displayed. here you have

Do not lose this chance..

Libra September 23 - November 22 Ask for advice if you are

present new possibilities. Only

often difficult to assess

What are the best options? feed

also investigate everything carefully

here's something for you


Scorpio, October 23 - November 22. the fight is not really

always significant. to double as

the conditions there

Admitting it doesn't mean

mlitav stav. there are many of you

stronger than many think.

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 Leave someone with me

hostile behavior off the field

Rhythm. Ignoring is best. you stay

especially curious and open

series. that others do not have

pushing is not your responsibility


Capricorn December 22 - January 20. Try each new one

challenge on the way

Please note that others

don't hit your head

stock. There is tact and politics in this.

necessary, but you have it at home.

Aquarius on January 21. - February 20 New opportunities can

lead to a profitable situation

Pine tree. Demand what is necessary

persistence. ask yours

environment or will notify you in the near future

to hang out for a while. so you can

They give their best.

Pisces February 21 - March 20 Threatens you with their optimism

permission? then has

probably too much hay in yours

fork taken. select for now

even to measure on all fronts

ten. So you can recover and

gain strength.


Promotion of the opening of the new children's clothing store DIE..'s-HERTOGENBOSCH - On Tuesday, August 25, DIE.. will open its doors on Vughterstraat in 's-Hertogen-bosch. Here you can find the most beautiful children's clothing in sizes 44 to 128. From Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 August you can take advantage of a special opening offer. You will receive a 10% discount on your purchase.

Upon entering, the case falls

light and modern furniture

matters worse. "I consciously

decided not to follow the pattern

pink and blue colors

says owner Fabiola Luurs-

with an enthusiast Option for

green and yellow are refreshing

while there is a wooden floor and a greenhouse

create a warm atmosphere.

everything is very spacious

ease with the child

maneuver the car.

"He who enters here

should immediately focus on him or her

to feel comfortable. there is a separate show

the corner where the children are

to be able to have fun for a while

the mother can look around in peace. AND

we have back for grandparents

created an entry in the case so that

They don't have to wait on their feet."

Where does the special name DIE disappear? hey-

where? "He is inspired

is always driven by some kids

they say when they indicate what they want

have: He died! Fabiola already had more time

the dream of having your own business

start dressing. "Thank you so much

many dear people who are completely behind

wait i got it...

run. Without them this would not be possible.

corpse." UMRI Collection..

includes children's clothing from, among others

Dirkje and Blue Seven brands. "This

we offer beautiful children's clothing for one

Payable price. Who's a little fancier?

want, you can choose Quapi. And of

In a small district, we have sports.

main collection consisting of a.o.

jogging pants and sweatshirts.

For premature babies we offer a

good variety of brand Fee-

you. of course we sell

Hugs and hair accessories needed."

In the future, the collection

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It is also possible that

issuance of gift cards. Yeah

the purchase is for a gift

Well, we always get it.

Very beautiful."

DIE.. se encuentra en Vughterstraat 88b and 's-Hertogenbosch, tel. 073-6909330.

At DIE...everyone immediately feels relaxed Photo: Freek Jansen

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Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (18)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 18

1 9 4 7 5 2 3 8 62 6 3 4 8 9 5 7 15 8 7 1 3 6 2 4 96 3 9 5 2 8 7 1 44 1 8 3 6 7 9 5 27 5 2 9 1 4 6 8 7 1 4 3 58 4 5 6 9 3 1 2 73 7 1 2 4 5 6 9 8


Solution Sunday August 16, 2015




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Belisol, specialist for PVC, ALU and WOOD windows and doors, is looking for experienced installers for its branches in 's-Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen.

Job Description: - You are an experienced and professional technical person who has a perfect

can guarantee installation in both new construction and renovation projects. - You know PVC, aluminum and wood. - It is advisable to be familiar with the installation of windows, frames,

exterior doors, patio doors, sliding doors, porthole windows, sunrooms, sun protection products and professional interior finishing.

Your profile: Our offer: - You have experience in installing the above in PVC, aluminum and wood. - Pleasant collaborative environment in which - You are easy to work with and customer friendly. the person is central. - You are familiar with working in a team of engineers. - Challenging and varied operation - Pays the necessary attention to a well-groomed appearance and has a BE driver's license. in an enthusiastic and motivated team. - You are very precise and perfectionist in your performances. - Good salary and adequate baccalaureate - Due to your motivation and flexibility, you want to become an added value in terms of employment.

our organization.

If you are interested, please send a written application together with your CV by post to:

Email Belisol s-Hertogenbosch:[email protected]Website:

Golden Tulip Hotel Central is a four-star hotel with 125 rooms and 13 meeting rooms. Hotel Central has 110 years of existence this year and we respect our logo "Standard today, values ​​of the past". To complement our team of approximately 100 enthusiastic employees, we are looking for

Night cleaning (12 - 18 hours per week)

For 2 to 3 nights a week (midnight to 6:30am) we are looking for an overnight house helper. This includes cleaning common areas such as the Brasserie, Tony's and Moriaen Bar, corridors and lobbies. To fill the position, it is important that you speak Dutch well and have experience working at night. Professional cleaning experience is a plus. Work nights vary, including weekends and holidays. The salary is €10.46 per hour, including the nightly allowance.

Of course, our attractive extra benefits apply, such as cheaper parking and €25 per night for accommodation at any other GT hotel in the Netherlands. When creating the schedule, we take into account, to the extent possible, consistent sports nights and other schedule requirements.

song menu

Do you live in 's-Hertogenbosch or near 's-Hertogenbosch - we have no travel allowance - and did you make it? Please send your application with your CV to: Heleen Ooteman, Human Resources Consultant,[email protected]You can find more information or the application form at

A purchase response to this ad is not appreciated.

I believe in the resilience of people.

pa sluš

As a volunteer, you listen to people in need

I can no longer see sitting or alone with anyone

power or dare to tell their story. People that

Confidential conversation required.

For true care. Personal contact.

Day and night, anonymously via chat, email or phone.

Register on the website in Den Bosch.

Smolders ShoesRompertpassage 27-29, 5233 AP 's-Hertogenbosch

WANTED Part-time flexible hours

Sales Clerk for Saturday Flexible shoe industry experience preferred.

Are you interested and want to work in a fun team?

Then call tel: 073-6414071 or send an email to[email protected]

We are looking for permanent distributors for:

-Rosmalen Područje πάστορας Coodenstraat/Smidshofke- Rosmalen područje Zandstraat/St Brigittastraat-Hertogenbosch Područje Bilderdijkstraat/Gestelseweg-Herkonstratsch-Wert-We-HE-HE-HE-HERTSVA-St Brigittastraat-Hertogenbosch Područje Bilderd ijkstraat/Gestelseweg-Her konstra tsch-Wert- We - HE-HE-HE-HERTSVADručjen područjen κκερ

Looking for a newspaper route near you? Apply directly via

or call us at 073-5130565.

We are looking for permanent distributors for:

-Rosmalen Područje πάστορας Coodenstraat/Smidshofke- Rosmalen područje Zandstraat/St Brigittastraat-Hertogenbosch Područje Bilderdijkstraat/Gestelseweg-Herkonstratsch-Wert-We-HE-HE-HE-HERTSVA-St Brigittastraat-Hertogenbosch Područje Bilderd ijkstraat/Gestelseweg-Her konstra tsch-Wert- We - HE-HE-HE-HERTSVADručjen područjen κκερ

Looking for a newspaper route near you? Apply directly via

or call us at 073-5130565.

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (19)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 23 de agosto de 2015 ◆ page 19

just wait

JOIN THE SUDOKU PUZZLE AND WIN! Your solution to the three riddles.

možete poslati na: De Bossche OmroepEducation Boulevard 576

5223 DN 's-Hertogenbosch or email:[email protected].

Don't forget your name/address.

On Wednesday, August 26 at 5:00 p.m. m., we will draw a winner from the correct entries.

2 vouchers for the Het Noordbrabants Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.

Verwerstraat 41 in 's-Hertogenbosch You can find the solution from last week

on the streaming page.

swedish puzzle


Horizontal: 1. Object of taxation. 2. break; 3. excursion, enjoy. 4th season? 5. sales area, doll. 7. American state, sword? 8. cover the head. 9. large hashish cigarette, title of Indian monarchs. 10. glory; 11. Profession Vertically: 1. Close resident. 2. orca. 3. then, spirit of water; 4. kilowatt hours; 5. Skeet shooting, right of first refusal. 7. underdeveloped, rigid; 8. part of the mouth; 9. farewell, awning 10. alcoholic drink. 11. athlete.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

tennis-term laneni grb finery bird



a small room

poor nurse

amazing lake


old mint chair

kind of dog

stamp to make barrels

dominant woman medium complexion

pea gray fruit

mammal vibrates simple-measure

a generous type of fishing net


post-it note


celestial body

mortar for masonry


in europe-pea

vegetable deprivation

ceremonial entrance

round tree

personal pronoun

awkward exclamation

personal pronoun





greek letter









© Sanders Puzzle Books

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11












© Sanders Puzzle Books

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8









8 6 42 3 5

9 7 5 85 6 1 4 7

2 6 17 8 5

3 2 87 4 3 1

6 4 9

2 pieces





500 G 1 KG







about 2.49






Mini Strawberry Tarts*

sharp cabbage

marinated ribs*

Burger with bacon and paprika*

Luxury hotel with desserts*


FOR DOMESTIC BRANDS Source: Consumer Guide July/August 2015

28 M/M 30. ¡AUGUSTO ADVANTAGE! vikingo



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organic herbal tea

Cookie or cookie with chocolate chips

We reserve the right to typographical and typographical errors. * From the fridge.

Bo week 34 2015 - [PDF document] (20)

10 bison leather tokens



25.5 cm x 20 mm (80-90 grams)

dry food whiskas


About 1.75 kg + 250 grams


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16cm 20cm







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Exil Flea Free Spot en Honduras


4 pipettes for rapid flea control

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An adult cavity



20 kg max. 5

per customer

Valid until September 5, 2015

Biokat classic 20kgKattenbakvulling

20 kilos


+ free Duo pasta

50 grams


Maximum 5 per client

Valid until September 5, 2015

ORTHEN 36, 's-HERTOGENBOSCH Hours: MONDAY 12:00 - 18:00. TUESDAY - FRIDAY 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. SATURDAY 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Always at the lowest prices!!! isd iervoordee lshop.n l


What is the DRDP instrument 2015? ›

The DRDP (2015) is a formative assessment instrument developed by the California Department of Education for young children and their families to be used to inform instruction and program development.

What is the rule 503 of regulation crowdfunding? ›

Under Rule 503(c) of Regulation CF, a person who is subject to statutory disqualification is prohibited from acting as, or being associated with, an intermediary in a crowdfunding transaction unless permitted by an SEC rule or order.

Is the DRDP aligned to the blank and common core standards? ›

t The DRDP (2015) is aligned with all volumes of the California's Infant/Toddler and Preschool Learning and Development Foundations, the Common Core Standards, and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

What are the 8 domains of DRDP? ›

The DRDP (2015) is made up of eight domains (approaches to learning–self regulation, social and emotional development, language and literacy development, English language development, cognition: math, cognition: science, physical development–health, history and social science, and visual and performing arts).

What are the 6 components of a DRDP? ›

DRDP Measures–How Might It Look?
  • ATL-REG 4: Curiosity and Initiative in Learning. ATL-REG 5: Self-Control of Feelings and Behavior. ...
  • SED 1: Identity of Self in Relationship to Others. SED 2: Social and Emotional Understanding. ...
  • LLD 4: Reciprocal Communication and Conversation. ...
  • COG: MATH 2: Classification.

How do you complete a DRDP summary of findings? ›

Completing a DRDP Summary of Findings Form
  1. The legal name of the contractor.
  2. The type of contract under which the program or family child care home operates.
  3. The age group (infant/toddler, preschool or school-age)
  4. The name and title of the lead planner(s)
  5. The planning date.
  6. The date(s) for follow-up assessment.

What is Rule 204 of crowdfunding? ›

Under Rule 204 of Regulation Crowdfunding, an issuer may not advertise the terms of a Regulation Crowdfunding offering except in a notice that directs investors to the intermediary's platform and includes no more than the information specified in that rule.

What is Rule 301 of Regulation crowdfunding? ›

Rule 301(a) requires that intermediaries must have a reasonable basis to believe that an issuer seeking to rely on the crowdfunding exemption complies with the requirements of Section 4A(b) and Regulation Crowdfunding, and has established means to keep accurate records of the holders of securities.

What is Rule 201 regulation crowdfunding? ›

Question: Rule 201(r) requires the issuer to disclose any related party transaction that exceeds 5% of the amount raised by the issuer in reliance on section 4(a)(6) during the preceding 12-month period, including the amount the issuer seeks to raise in the current offering.

Is the DRDP mandatory? ›

Authority. For EESD: California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 18272 requires EESD contracted centers, preschools, and FCCHEN to complete the age-appropriate DRDP for each child enrolled in the program for at least ten hours per week.

When should a DRDP be completed? ›

When is the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) to be completed? The first DRDP assessment instruments must be completed within 60 calendar days of the child's first day of enrollment in the program and every six months thereafter.

What is the difference between DRDP fundamental and comprehensive? ›

The Comprehensive View focuses on the full range of learning and development that early childhood curricula generally cover. The Fundamental View fully addresses the five domains of school readiness and meets the needs of OSEP reporting for children with IEPs.

What are the 5 key domains? ›

To determine eligibility for early intervention, a child will either receive a qualifying diagnosis (such as autism) or display a 25% or greater delay in one or more of the five domains of development. These include: physical, cognitive, communicative, socioemotional, and adaptive.

What are the 5 main developmental domains? ›

“Those domains are social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language.” The five critical domains inform the JBSA CDPs' approach to early childhood education, but they also can provide a blueprint for parents as they facilitate their children's development.

What is the cog 5 measurement? ›

COG 5: Measurement

This measure highlights the ways in which the child shows an increasing understanding of measurable properties such as size, length, weight, and capacity (volume), and how to quantify those properties.

What are the developmental profile 4 subtests? ›

What does the DP-4 measure? The DP-4 measures development across five key areas: Physical, Adaptive Behavior, Social-Emotional, Cognitive, and Communication. Each area represents a separate scale, and all five scales can be combined to create a general composite score called the General Development Score.

How many DRDP measures are there? ›

Later Development Measures consist of 6 levels that describe development that typically occurs in the preschool years and early kindergarten.

What are the 5 components of development? ›

The five aspects of holistic development are physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development.

How do you score DRDP? ›

Once logged into DRDP Online, select the Input Rating button in the left menu. 2. From the Rating Period drop-down menu, select the period to which you would like to add a rating: 3. From the Class menu, select the class to which you would like to add a rating.

Why is the DRDP important? ›

The Importance of the DRDP

Information from the assessment is intended to support teachers with planning next steps for the children's learning. Teachers and administrators can use the data to gauge the status and progress of children's development and learning over a period of time.

What is a 4 a 6 offering? ›

A 4(a)(6) offering, also known as a Reg CF offering, allows anyone to invest in a private company raising on Netcapital, under SEC Regulation CF. In 2016, the JOBS Act added Section 4(a)(6) to the Securities Act.

What are the four principles of crowdfunding? ›

There are four different types of crowdfunding: rewards, donation, debt and equity. To run a successful crowdfunding campaign, you need to capture the attention of a large number of backers and convince them that your project is worthy of their investment.

What is Rule 506 C crowdfunding? ›

Rule 506(c) permits issuers to broadly solicit and generally advertise an offering, provided that: all purchasers in the offering are accredited investors. the issuer takes reasonable steps to verify purchasers' accredited investor status and. certain other conditions in Regulation D are satisfied.

What is Rule 255 Regulation A? ›

Rule 255, allowing for testing the waters communications, specifically identifies all testing the waters communications as offers of securities. State securities laws are varied on when and what filings must be made before any testing the waters communication is available for Regulation A offering.

What is Rule 501 of regulation? ›

What is Rule 501(a) of the Securities Act of 1933? Rule 501(a) of Reg D of the '33 Act defines how a person or entity can qualify as an accredited investor—a requirement for purchasing some unregistered securities.

What is Rule 701 stock grants? ›

Rule 701 is a federal exemption under the Securities Act of 1933 that allows private companies to issue securities to employees and other service providers. This is especially useful when not all of your employees or service providers are accredited investors eligible for other securities exemptions like Regulation D.

What is Regulation D crowdfunding? ›

Finally, there's Reg D or Regulation D Equity Crowdfunding. This type of crowdfunding allows companies to raise an unlimited amount of money from accredited investors only.

What is Regulation ST Rule 201? ›

Rule 201(a) of Regulation S-T (§232.201(a) of this chapter) requires electronic filer relying on a temporary hardship exemption to file this Form TH in addition to filing a paper copy of a document otherwise required to be filed in electronic format.

Is the DRDP 2015 a continuum? ›

The DRDP(2015) represents a full continuum of development from early infancy up to kindergarten entry. It has two views: the Infant/Toddler view for use with children in infant/toddler programs, and the Preschool View, for children in preschool programs.

Is DRDP free? ›

DRDP Online is available free of charge for agencies funded by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), CDE's Early Education Division (EED), California Head Start programs, California tribal CCDF and Head Start programs, California K-12 school districts, California Community Colleges, California State ...

What is a developmental checklist record? ›

One popular choice for educators is to use developmental checklists to record what they have observed about individual children; these developmental checklists consist of lists of skills from the different developmental domains for a specific age range.

Who completes a developmental assessment? ›

This formal evaluation is a more in-depth look at a child's development, usually done by a trained specialist, such as a developmental pediatrician, child psychologist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, or other specialist.

Is the DRDP a formal assessment? ›

Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) is the formal assessment system used to assess the developmental progress of children, birth through 5 years of age, who are enrolled in in our home-based programs.

What is the full form of DRDP? ›

The letters DRDP stand for “Desired Results Developmental Profile.” The DRDP (2015) is an assessment that teachers use to gather information to support children's learning and development.

How many developmental domains are covered by the DRDP 15 preschool fundamental view? ›

There are a total of eight domains: Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation (ATL-REG) Social and Emotional Development (SED)

What are the three domains of child development include cognitive physical and creative? ›

The major domains of development are physical, cognitive, language, and social-emotional.

What is DRDP and how is it used? ›

In essence, the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) is a useful tool. The DRDP measures a child's understanding, skills, and behaviors in a range of domains, determining their developmental level along a developmental continuum.

What tools are used in developmental assessment? ›

The tools used for developmental and behavioral screening are formal questionnaires or checklists based on research that ask questions about a child's development, including language, movement, thinking, behavior, and emotions.

What is DRDP full for? ›

DRDP- A Developmental Continuum from Early Infancy to Kindergarten Entry Requirements. When is the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) to be completed?

What are the 5 developmental areas? ›

There are 5 key areas of development:
  • gross motor skills, for example crawling, jumping or running.
  • fine motor skills, such as writing and drawing.
  • speech and language.
  • cognitive and intellectual, such as counting or identifying shapes.
  • social and emotional skills, such as playing with other children.

What are the 5 assessment tools? ›

Six types of assessments are:
  • Diagnostic assessments.
  • Formative assessments.
  • Summative assessments.
  • Ipsative assessments.
  • Norm-referenced assessments.
  • Criterion-referenced assessments.
Sep 24, 2021

What are 4 traditional assessment tools? ›

Traditional assessment tools:

The most widely used traditional assessment tools are multiple-choice tests, true/false tests, short answers, and essays.

What are the 4 developmental domains to assess in a child? ›

There are four main domains of a child's development: physical, cognitive, language, and social-emotional. Let's dive deeper into each.

How many measures are there in DRDP? ›

Later Development Measures consist of 6 levels that describe development that typically occurs in the preschool years and early kindergarten.

How many domains are in the DRDP? ›

The DRDP-K Fundamental View fully addresses the five domains of school readiness and meets the needs of OSEP reporting for children with IEPs.

What are the developmental profile 4 scales? ›

What does the DP-4 measure? The DP-4 measures development across five key areas: Physical, Adaptive Behavior, Social-Emotional, Cognitive, and Communication. Each area represents a separate scale, and all five scales can be combined to create a general composite score called the General Development Score.

What does developmental profile 4 do? ›

The DP-4 can be used to identify developmental strengths and weaknesses. Its norms-based standard scores allow you to compare children's functioning with that of their peers and design interventions that meet their particular needs. The growth scores allow for monitoring their progress over time.

How many times a year do you assess children using the DRDP assessment tool? ›

Preschool and school-age programs are required to complete the DRDP-R every six months so that each child's development is assessed on the DRDP-R twice a year.


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