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's-HERTOGENBOSCH - "Nice swimming with friends, competitive swimming, diving, water polo or rescue swimming. As a sport, swimming offers many possibilities and with it you train the whole body," says Joost van Kempen, co-organizer of the new style BosscheZwem4Daagse The event is scheduled from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 October in the evening at the Sportiom 25m competition pool in 's-Herto-genbosch. It starts in two blocks: for families from 6:30 p.m. and for adults from 8 pm.

door by marc smits

Come back with a vengeance, Bossche

Swim4Day. A new life

puhanje kroz BPK (Bossche Zwem

Association) who registered for the event

2014 after many absences

again at the Bossche event

set calendar. "IN

a country full of water like the Netherlands

Swimming is very important,” he says.

Joost van Kempen, member of the board of directors of Red-

dingsbrigade 's-Hertogenbosch θ

Bossche co-organizer


Along with BZV, JOV Flipper and 's-

Hertogenbossche The water kisses you

Brigada de Rescate 's-Hertogenbosch

one of the four clubs that

guarantees the organization

the Bossche Zwem4Daagse

new style. associations that all

They have their home in Sport-

tiom in 's-Hertogenbosch. every change

exclusive attention during Bossche

Zwem4Daagse one afternoon of-

demonstration clinic.

ProgrammeDe Bossche Zwem4Daagse σε Spor-

the group is from Tuesday 20 to

with Friday, October 23 at pre-

gram. Each participant, young or

of age, can be granted for

distance baby in-

to benefit from

to the Youth Sports Fund. Delivery courier

of four clubs:

"Holland is a true water country,

we learn to swim for our safety

lightness in and around the water. For

it is also important for children

after swimming passed

lead often nothing and

acquired skills

practice. fun and safety

they go well together, because swimming

it is funny! That's why we organize

Bossche Swimming4 Days. Αθλημα

active activity in connection with

friends, family or classmates

participate. swim and work

weighing in the water is also another

super healthy.”

Tijekom Bossche Zwem4Daagse

It is suitable for all ages and


Family swim starts at

6:30 a.m. Children's Property

swimming certificates are together

welcome with your parents to

swim in the position they choose

Zen. You always swim until you're 12

along with an adult. Of

20:00 people got up

calmly turn those on the lap

I want to swim. Is there a halfway point?

every day at 19:30.

demonstration or clinic of one of

four Bossche swimming clubs;

Zwem4Daagse finishes each

in the afternoon at 9 pm.

Pojavljuje se u:'s-Hertogenbosch ◆ Empel ◆ Engelen ◆ Bokhoven ◆ Vught ◆ Rosmalen ◆ Kerkdriel ◆ Velddriel ◆ Hedel ◆ Den Dungen ◆ Μπερλίκουμ ◆ Μιντγκ έσ τελ ◆ Μίντελ. Cromvoirt ◆ Hel voirt ◆ Vlijmen ◆ Nieuwkuijk ◆ Haarsteeg ◆ Nuland ◆ Έλεγχος

Bossche Zwem4Daagse para toda la familia

Swimming clubs collaborate in the Youth Sports Fund

Bossche Zwem4Daagse novi quiet u Sportiomu

A solution for traffic and parking in the Paleiskwartier

6 pages of municipal news

Building and life 27�

Iglesia 16/11�

SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS October 18, 2015 � VOLUME 58 � NR 42

GerritjeBossche swimmers rejoice

in a hot bath

GroenRijk Den Bosch

We are the largest point of sale in the area. And did you know that we use online sales prices? Come see for yourself.





Open every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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News in Den Bosch from Sunday 18 October

Grand Opening Noon to 5 p.m.

Jacob van Maerlantstraat 865216 JM's-Hertogenbosch

VAN HEEL ORAL CARE Dental hygienists with vision Effective, economical and of recognized quality

Hekellaan 38, 5211 LZ 's-Hertogenbosch

We are already halfway there! The Hedel Bridge reopens for you on October 31.

Just two more weeks...


October is a lively month! New collections!



Hedikhuizerweg 21, Den Bosch I 073 521 5673 I


Read more on page 16

Van Zinnicq Bergmann

defenders 1 8 7 0

employment and dismissal law by Hanneka van Haarlem, MSc

Peperstraat 8, 's-Hertogenbosch


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Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 2

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TEATRO Bossche Omroep � 18 de octubre de 2015 � page 3�

Rob Stolzenbach shines in the anniversary magazine of De Kikvorschen-HERTOGENBOSCH - On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, the KomischeFolkloric Fanfare De Kikvorschen officially turns 88. In the last 2 years, the special committee for the jubilee celebration has worked a lot. There had to be a special gift for the club. And it worked! On November 6 and 7 there will be a great musical theater show at the Theater aan de Parade. This week we talked to Bossche's Rob 'Driek' Stolzenbach about his role in the anniversary show 'Makt oew Stoelrieme mar Vast', dedicated to DeKikvorschen.

Author Lonneke Voets

Who is Rob Stolzenbach? Boss, 36 years old,

shear, these together

with his girlfriend two

she has small children

2 and 5 years. in

daily life alone

works like sales

manager in mine too

rare spare time

I like to dare

with my family. There-

apart from that i like it

authentic environment

center of den bosch

city, wherever you are

meet regularly

from my part."

How can we meet you? "I'll play later

carnival for six

tenth role

Director Driek

Heck, function

since 1882

passed from father to father

Whose son am I?

fifth in generation b.m. Apart from this "protocol" responsibility.

I love making music with Lusanne and Attenooje! past 3

together with Jeroen den Teuling I wrote 'How papa', 'Wè is ut hot' and 'Ho

Stop”, it was written. We won with the last number, totally unacceptable

wait, the latest edition of Kwèkfestijn. I also make mud

other projects like 'Tonie Ayeto - Unstoppable'.

How did you end up on the Jubilee Show and what roles do you play?" About a year ago Jan van der Els called me or

She wanted to audition for a fashion show. "This is a show for idiots

frogs," he said. Of course I immediately said "yes!" and then the goal

doubt; practice for almost a year, stick to the script? Now,

almost 9 months later, it's one of the most beautiful projects I've ever worked on

I have to work with Everything is correct. actors, script, beautiful music

ill, the director's direction as to nuances and details, and

the longest; fantastic group of playmates! I play 3 in the show

the roles of Willem Frans, the Canadian hairdresser, and Wim van de Langen-

Mountain. Three completely different characters, each with their own vision of themselves.

yourself and the world around you. Am I thrown to the bottom? That!

I would do it again? NO DOUBT!"

� Tickets for the anniversary revue 'Makt oew Stoelrieme mar Vast' are available at, at Bosch Ticket 0900 - 33 72 72 3 (local price) and at the Theater aan de Parade box office. Ticket price for the premiere on Friday, November 6: €18.00. Ticket price for the premiere on Saturday, November 7 (with full dinner): €65.00.

Be the new Martin Garrix

Repeated due to success: Kidz-DJ Workshop's-HERTOGENBOSCH - Become

The new Martin Garrix? After Kitz

DJ - DJ workshop for the afterparty

You walk like a professional DJ

Out again. All from 7 years old.

up to 12 years old is Saturday, October 24

welcome to the party

get used to. Tickets through the web and Bosch code

Tickets 0900 - 33 72 72 3.

James Bond 'Spectre' premiere live from Tuschinski's-HERTOGENBOSCH - On Wednesday 28th October, Theater aan de Para-rade will roll out the red carpet as the new James Bond film 'Spectre' premieres in the Netherlands. it can be seen in America, maybe it will already be shown in the Netherlands. That's why the film opens in style at the Tuschinski in Amsterdam with guests like Bond girl Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista. The red carpet event can be seen live at Theater aan de Parade, followed by the first screening of 'SPECTRE'. From 19:45 everyone will be welcomed in style with drinks and all kinds of fun. There will also be a photographer on the red carpet, so get dressed

impress! The movie starts at 20:30.

with a mysterious message

Bond against his own people

members and must find a dark or

expose the organization while m

involved in politics

the battle for the british secret service

except, Bond reveals the idea-

for the terrible truth

nost iza Spectrea.

From October 29, the film can be shown every day at the Theater aan de Parade. More information and tickets via and Bosch Ticket 0900 - 33 72 72 3.

Movie: Clean Hands | 12 years | suspense novel | Netherlands

Ricky and Flash | 12 years | theater | OVHolland, Nature in the Delta | AL | nature | Netherlands

Keith and Cohen | AL | family | OVYDa, I want | 6 years | romantic comedy | VO

Hotel Transylvania 2 in 3D | 6 years | cartoons | NL Bread 3D | 6 years | adventure and animation | VO and NL

2D panorama | 6 years | adventure and animation | NLThe Sinterklaas Club and the Lost Shoes | AL |

Sinterklaas | Netherlands

Film Event: Thursday, October 22 | 7:30 p.m. | theater concert

Ed Sheeran live from Wembley Stadium, London

Theater: Wednesday, October 21 | 20 hours | theater concert

The Analogues – Magical Mystery Tour

Thursday October 22 | 20 hours | theater sceneRo –

Van Waveren: the fall of a Dutch family

Saturday October 24 | 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. | youthKidz DJ – DJ Workshop

Saturday October 24 | 20 hours | cabaretLouise Korthals – No reservation

Sunday October 25 | 3:00 p.m. | Youth and Theater Jelle Amersfoort - Children's Pop Concert

Bosch Ticket (0900 – 33 72 72 3) and box office hours:

Monday - closed Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 22:00 Saturday and Sunday 13:00 - 22:00

Nutria Vermeulen & Den

I'm up



2 loaves of bread

choice from the whole range

€4.00 million



24 hours



you go for braces

No reference required

Zevenhontseweg 3, 5231 GZ Den Bosch

T: 073-6418345

Photo: Rob Stolzenbach plays as many as three roles in the Kikvorschen anniversary show

Photographer: Jan Verhoeven

James Bond Red Carpet Event on Wednesday 28th October

Three comedians at an evening in cabaret groups HERTOGENBOSCH - Comedians

Emilio Guzmán, Jeroen Leenders i

Jochen Otten arrives on Wednesday

On October 28, he encountered a single pro-

gramata za Theater aan de Pa-

Rap music. three different shows

the presenters talked among themselves

comedian Patrick Nederkoorn.

Comedians join forces this time

especially for the Bossche fireplace

build your strength. laugh-

ends! cards for

Cabaret Society on Wednesday 28 ok-

tober at 20:00 you can order-

we can i

Boleto Boleto 0900 - 33 72 72 3

(local stop).

If you think it could be even better,

then we are looking for you.

From supplier of goods to company with absolute responsibility

in a year. It can easily happen if you are alone.

Free time to work at Jumbo. Challenges in Jumbo

it's huge. Like the prospects. Cause every day gets better

Mandatory for our clients. This is the basis of our success.

That is why we are looking for people who work with more than

Help 60,000 colleagues make Jumbo better every day. ben

Are you that kind of person?

come to us

an afternoon walk

Wednesday 10/21

between 17:00 and 19:00

hours in the Jumbo Den

Bosch, Pasaje Rompert.

we want to ask you

for a copy

your school hours and

documents together

I get.

Assistants (several departments) from 16 years old

Completing the team with 15-year-old employees

This puts the burden on the crew leaders.

It was a year ago

more padding

We are looking for Rompertpassage for our store in Den Bosch

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Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 4

* ask for the terms of our offer * ask for the terms of our offer

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(Fri.) 16. (Sat.) 17. and (Sun.) 18. October

Full cleaning service FREE*

* ask about our offer conditions

For working hours see

astrid larue


Divorce is something you do together Divorce is something you do together

V E R K E E R S Š K O L - B E R G E R . N L + 31628807475 Weidepolder 4 5235 VB ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Closed Monday, Friday nights for shopping/plenty of parking outside the door

High net market return

holiday home in Brabant

from Den Bosch, you will find Résidence de Leuvert. A popular holiday park with tourists due to its popular location, outdoor heated pool

and new playground.

Guaranteed multi-year net return of 7.4% per year

Residencia de Leuvert | Loverensestraat 11 h Cromvoirtu Τηλ. 06 2199 6986 ή 088 500 2444 |

Be the first to discover our new type of cabin, the Waterlodge, during our open house weekend. Available for €135,200 without VAT, including own

plot, distribution and complete inventory.

Cromvoirt Open Days This weekend and Monday, experience our unique holiday park and our new

country houses

This weekend

and monday

in an open house


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NOW Bossche Omroep � October 18, 2015 � page 5�






5 FOR ONLY €5.25 Valid only in store, no home delivery

GroenBiEB collects seeds in the city centerBiEB

"Everything is in good faith"

's-HERTOGENBOSCH - An unexpected combination! There has been a real greenBiEB in the BiEB center of the city for quite some time. This was created in collaboration with Stadse Boeren. In the green BiEB -actually a large multipurpose cabinet at the back of the library- you can find information on vegetable gardens, gardening, urban agriculture and related topics and you can collect and/or bring seeds. Green activities are also organized.

Autora: Astrid Berkhout

Urban farmers are one

a growing urban community

farmers in different

den in the Netherlands, including 's-

Hertogenbosch. they came with me

the idea of ​​implementing greenBiEB

peace that way

(orchard) love together

connect and collaborate

in a green and pleasant city. "Yeah

We liked the library that works here.

join us," says Silvie van Zon

i Margo Kwinten iz Biblioteca Municipal

tea in 's-Hertogenbosch. "That's me

great place for

such initiative. In Belgium

Home libraries are already big

good luck. It starts in the Netherlands

they grow slowly. have

different variations. Some

Are they too strict? you must be a member

use it for

each seed you bring must

bring something back."

Available “We decided to make it deliberately

a more relaxed approach. He

a seat must be available

where the meeting is held.

All are welcome and all are welcome

good faith. We give something - inside

this case provides the seed - and we hope it does

people eventually get something in return

DEVOLVER. tens and Rosmalen

we also have a smaller one, mobile

greenBiEB variant. This is

can be used during events, etc."

Given the time of year, it is now

perfect weather for everything

for harvesting seeds and for

bring greenBiEB so that

spring everything can be rebuilt

are collected and can be deployed

brought. If you have any seeds left, bring them.

especially them! "We're alone

especially started with seeds

available for vegetables

by urban farmers. in a loop

in time there are other seeds,

among other flowers and plants,


Green activities "Furniture designed by

Urban farmers. we have books

and magazines from our collection

related to that

drop, gathered in this place

brought. Loan interest rate

that from the beginning

greenBiEB is already much higher than

because that's how it works." ao The

Bossche Transfarmers Organization

In addition, regular green activities

creepers in the library; also -

other organizations (and individuals!)

are welcome to organize activities

folds You can on 14.11

between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

talk to the wives of the farmers Mies Ca-

nestrelli y linda jak van

city ​​garden 't Wild. get into,

Admission is free. December 13 -

you can call from 10 am to 5 pm. m.

hours making straw figures by themselves

under the supervision of Wilme Vrijbergen

of Transformers. Free admission,

Admission is free.

Office hours There are plans for the future

also. "We want it regularly

arrange consultation hours during which

ferns less practical gardeners

give advice to gardeners. be for that

the first contacts have already been made with

Grow and flourish. After all, we are sitting

remember the wardrobe and tips

hang something with the harvest

Can. So it's about

share and share information.

In this way, greenBiEB is

interesting all year. For

it is an opportunity for us as a library

we are expanding our network

City. When it comes to users

and we ourselves hope that in time

a kind of community emerges

people like to help each other

it is the (orchard)'.

� Follow the website to see BiEB's green activities. People who want to organize ecological activities by themselves can get in touch. Suggestions to expand the book collection are also accepted.

Sylvie van Zon (left) and her colleague Rianette Wilsens, who together with Ellen van Lith take care of the "daily maintenance" of greenBiEB Photo: Freek Jansen

Traffic is now constantly paralyzed on the roads in and around the city. It's working and you know what?

It is not Leiden but Den Bosch that is responsible

@EmielBootsma -[email protected]

A unique walk in 's-Hertogenbosch:

hot off the press

T. 073 851 00 00 E.[email protected]I.

sa m e n living home ULICI DORPST 58, ROSMALEN







Comic and folklore fanfare De Kikvor-schen from 's-Hertogenbosch turns 88 on November 11. Of course, we won't let this Halloween skelustrum go unnoticed. In the run up to the anniversary you will regularly find a column about this club. Part 3 this week.

amphibian? old club..

"The old club that Kikvorschen", that's what you hear. In fact, this

on November 11 we will be 88 years old, which makes us fourth

the old Oeteldonk junction, or 's-Hertogenbosch if you prefer. the oldest

De Piccolo (11/11/1921) came from the Rosier Faas-

sen, followed by the carnival club De Vrolijkejongens (November

1924) was born out of the card club that, among other things, founded the Toon of

Rul, poznat iz da, Things of Rul. Ali Bosschenaar ili d'n Oe-

teldonker refers to the old club based on the age of the members. in

In the case of Kikvorsch Jo Moors, this is absolutely true. Jo Moores turns 82

the oldest frog A member for over 30 years, he started out as a butcher for cymbals,

president after Jan Somers and before the current president Bertie

van den Heuvel and currently the wind mirliton (wooden flute). in

In the case of Jovanny van Steenpaal, this assessment is incorrect.

As the youngest Kikvorsch at 18, now a member for 3 years, he started things

dragging during the Grand Parade through the club. hooked up in a relationship

unfortunately not yet "in" the trumpet with his teaching, but "in" the beak-

kens In the early years, Jovanny had to ask for "fresh."

Look at his age and the new legislation. get used to the marching band

By the way. Between the natural limits of 82 to 18, lives

43 other men from the Frog family, of various ages.

Jo: “I hope I can enjoy music and our great music for a long time.

live long trips". Jovanny: “I like humor.

I still like to think of the amazed father (also Kikvorsch) that I was

China toilet deodorant container packaged as deodorant

drekka!". With Jo, keeping the tradition is guaranteed, with Jovanny

future. How old can a club be?

Jo MoorsJovanny van Steenpaal


CC of Kèpkeshace 22 hours ROSMALEN - C.C. Κέπκες

Rosmalen is a carnival club with

young and old members. the club has

along with a big car

parade, musicals

support in various events

(including a three-day walking tour) and you're done

fun during elf elf

Ball, Zandhazen seat and

Reutemetheutrita. Sunday, October 18

organize anniversary drinks

22nd anniversary bounty

for all members, former members, friends

dens and clubs on the show. He

don't miss the Kente Party Center-

the ring in Rosmalen is free. The beginning

3 pm.

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (6)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 6

Hairstyles for women during and after chemotherapy! 073 61 49 209 Lisette van Geffen

What makes LiVage Haarwerken unique:

We come to your house

personal orientation

� Delivery time 3 working days

maximum compensation

� 100% customer satisfaction

long-term follow-up care

Your own holiday home on the Meuse that retains its value

Esmeer Leisure Park | Zaaiwaard 3 en AalstTel. 06 2199 6986 or 088 500 2444

Discover Recreatiepark het Esmeer with its beautiful location between Esmeer and Maas.

Cabins located directly on the sea Marina with moorings available Popular beach with a large playground

Guaranteed multi-year net return of 7.8% per year

you will now have an extremely high return on our holiday home, Casa di Rialto, which is available for €109,500 excl. VAT and incl.

Landscaping and complete inventory.

Open days in Aalst Get to know our holiday park and new holiday homes from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 October

special offer.

Like this. October 25

at 11:30


Thanks to long-term cooperation with various agricultural companies in Brabant, we have been able to put together a first-class product range. Delicious Brabant meat,

with the right qualities, not only in terms of taste and tenderness, but also in terms of the environment, animal acceptance, health and sustainability.

In short, treat yourself to a real local Brabant product!

specialty butcher shop

Pasaje Rompert 15 - Tel. 073 - 641 17 47

This week from October 19 to 24

Now again delicious winter foods like: mash balls, split pea soup, hachi, butcher, baked bacon,

roast, smoked chorizo, etc.



MEAT STEPS Cook over low heat ± 1.5 HOURS

500 grams €5.95


100 grams €1.19 ALL INCLUSIVE


200 grams €2

Collective Divorce Offers: • Customized Divorce Mediation • Child Support and Upbringing Plan • Legal and Fiscal Advice • Advice and Calculation of Alimony Pensions • Mediation

Scheidingspraktijk Hermus & De Jong06 - 43 05 24 00 / 073 - 622 15 22w w w.h e t s c h e i d i n g s c o l e c t i e f . norte


For FREE ADVICE, call the 's-Hertogenbosch office 06 - 43 05 24 00

* ask about our offer conditions

Come to Piels Stoke for 3 days! So you'll be nice and warm this winter.

(Fri.) 16. (Sat.) 17. and (Sun.) 18. October

* ask about our offer conditions

For working hours see

(Video) Family takes photo wife files for divorce after seeing this detail


* question no.

Or when buying

Kamin na drva 1m3


Free bums with a gas fireplace

outdoor fireplace

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AHORA Bossche Omroep � 18 de octubre de 2015 � page 7�

Granny Bob's croquettes and pickles are conquering Brabant! Jo Broeren has been working since January 2015

and Jurgen Ottenhoff, founder of Oma

Bobs Snacks, intense together. Has

led to a successful partnership

the king, working diligently

build brand awareness

Grandma Boba's Croquet North Brabant

me amargo. Jo Broeren ima s

the start of the Oma Bobs Den Dungen facility

the things Jurgen was looking for. AND

A month later, Ronald Hulsken is with his grandmother.

Bobs Den Dungen entuzijazma pun

began promoting snacks

in hospitality in North Brabant. And not


Jo Broeren: “Our expectations were exceeded. We knew that with Oma Bobs we had something special for the hospitality industry in our area."

Ronald Hulsken: "Reactions from restaurant owners are very enthusiastic. Therefore, we are very pleased that in just a few months several restaurants and cafes have included Oma Bobs croquettes and bitterballen on the menu. They really offer their guests! something special with the Oma Bobs sandwiches and that is appreciated!”

Variety of artisan snacks

premium quality is wide: from bitterbal

truffle croquette All snacks will be

from Oma Bobs own team

carefully designed, developed and prepared

in the same way that Grandma Bomba, her grandmother

founder Jurgen Ottenhoff, used to be

He did. Jurgen always seemed full of admiration.

like Grandma Bob with fresh ingredients

its delicious shrimp croquettes

and this to her almost every sunday

the family is served. with the love of grandma


Ronald Hulsken: "At the beginning of October another very tasty new croquette was introduced, from which we have great expectations: the Oma Bobs croquette. This mini croquette was developed in the traditional OmaBobs kitchen with traditional wood-smoked eel, fire and love from Soon in the hospitality industry in our region!

Are you also a restaurant entrepreneur?

we care about our variety

lie? then contact us

send an email to

[email protected]

Special musical theater with message

A story with a smile and a tear ROSMALEN - On Sunday 1 November the children's book 'Pinkie:Wat Als...?!?' Anton Minkels from Sint-Michielsgestel will come to life on the Perron-3 stage in Rosmalen. . In this impressive theatrical performance, children and their families tell the story of ALS muscle disease.

Autora: Astrid Berkhout

Anton Minkels, in everyday life

life counselor at MEE, already cycle 3

ALS Goddess Tour -

who collects money

for the benefit of science

research on ALS muscle disease

- when you felt you needed more

work. "I mainly wanted something different

does," he says. "I'm in

deepened the matter and arrived

I discovered that it did not exist

I know it was for children that's why

issue. until much more

guys in holland someone in

have an immediate environment

is under the influence of this debilitating drug

disease. ALS is relatively rare

For; in the Netherlands lives on average

shared by 1,500 people with ALS. Any

about 500 patients attend annually

but there are deaths every year

also 500 people. she is one

a neurological disorder in which

gradually more and more muscles

to turn off. the cause is still there

a stranger. average le-

the expectation is 3 to 5 years later

the first symptoms.

ComplimentsHow to say to children in a

fair and responsible way

What exactly does this disease do? is

a challenge for which Anton is ready

the battle has begun. I was always writing

stories about their own children,

this experience is useful now. "He

the story revolves around a pink sheep

Pinkie and her little brother Jantje. Johnny

He is the fastest sheep on the farm

yes but do it some day

no more legs. he is sick and

there is nothing better".

Anton points out that his book is really something

it makes people read it. "This

They are children and adults

become completely silent. This is

the best compliment. I often listen

that history helps not only

talk to children

na temu, ali i sa

other adults".

Memories Passionate Anton was not ready yet

Irene. He came in contact through the vine

Sophie and food at Marjolein Borgers,

two young theater creators from St.

Michielsgestel. hit right away

the idea of ​​a play

soon born to do. "Is

obviously difficult subject,

but nothing heavy

become a national team," says So-

Fi. The words "death" and "YES"

They do not appear explicitly in

all. We are really in the experience

the world of children sit and

tell a story with music and

a good dose of humour. Also, the legs-

we emphasize strength

life, importance here and

Now I'm also making memories.

Then they all come down to one

it feels good to leave the room again.”

That's what the show is about.

and in other Dutch cities

and maybe on stage in Belgium

bring. All about ALS like this

a large potential group of people

put under attention

Pinkie: What if...? It is a project for the whole family with children from 5 years old. It starts at 14.30 at Perron-3 in Rosmalen. Tickets cost €8 and can be ordered via Proceeds benefit the Dutch ALS Foundation. Like Pinkie on!

The enthusiastic team behind "Pinkie: Wat Als...?!?" he will certainly put on a great show Photo: Freek Jansen

City Archives 's-Hertogenbosch at Bloemenkamp 50 (back

Arena shopping center) manages a large amount of data on

said 's-Hertogenbosch. Post in this biweekly column

The archive contains historic photographs from his extensive collection. For more

photos and additional information can be found on the website

City Archives 's-Hertogenbosch:

Beautiful shot in the old station of our city from 17.10.

before the year 1932. A freight train car was built

since I was in the shunting cars in the station yard

collided Photo: Fotopersbureau Het Zuiden / Department of Heritage Collections

's-Hertogenbosch, Hermano. 0025408.

From the city archives

More and more organizations in Den Bosch are raising the rainbow flag -HERTOGENBOSCH- "Everyone in our city can be who they are and

Also, be proud”, that is the message that our city wants

raised with the raising of the rainbow flag last weekend in it

City hall. Jeanette Noordijk, Chair of the King Executive Board

Willem I College and Eric Logister, Diversity Advisor, moved up together

rainbow flag as part of Departure Day (October 11). Yeah

Various gay-themed activities were also held on weekends.

sexuality and transsexuality. During the day of coming out of the closet this was flying

year on a record amount of debt from 45 Dutch municipalities

flag. Also in 's-Hertogenbosch - which can be called Rainbow City for three years -

men, which means that we are actively engaged in accepting

to promote homosexuality - support is growing. NEXT

the flag is displayed at various Bossche organizations in the town hall

uključujući Koning Willem 1 College, FC Den Bosch, de Bossche

secondary schools, accommodation centers Noorderkroon and Nieuwenhage

(Brabant Zorg) και nogometnih saveza OJC, BLC, RKVV Wilhelmina, BVV

y RKVV Maliskamp.

KW1C's Jeanette Noordijk and Councilor Eric Logister hoisted the rainbow flag together as part of Coming Out Day Photo: Freek Jansen

Cemetery Lichtjevečernje RosmalenREGIO - on November 1, the cooperative DELA organizes in cooperation

with the Rosmalen cemetery, a light afternoon. Between 18 and 20 hours

hours there is a circle of crematoriums and cemeteries in Oude

Baan Oost 170 is attractively lit with hundreds of candles and torches. No-

standing has the opportunity to light a candle as a beautiful

memory of your loved ones. The night of light offers them an opportunity

opportunity to visit the crematorium during these dark months

and bring the cemetery to a warm and intimate atmosphere. cooperative

DELA considers it important to help the closest relatives to create memories

and pick up the thread of life again. Paul Beau-

mont van crematorium Rosmalen: “Consider the end times

many people often tell their loved one who has died. The need to redo

Therefore, being with this person is wonderful during this time. from the side

holidays, short dark days and bad weather, however it is true

more difficult to visit a tomb and a lost field or a gallery of urns. Us

we hope to offer comfort in this way, by candlelight and

beautiful music, at this difficult time of year." Being in the evening light

Relatives welcome to Rosmalen Crematorium for a

hot drink. And this evening will be musically framed by music.

(One d)

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (8)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 8

1x supersnelbruiner 25 minutes. €6.50 10 x €58,501 x megapower 15 minutes. €8.00 10x €72.00

www.queensbeautysalon.nlJan van Riebeecksingel 17

073-621 08 86 Call for a free consultation:



Remove all unwanted hair! Latest

technology with

battery light

Upper lip €20 €10 Chin €20 10 Armpits €35 €17.50 Bikini €35 €17.50 Legs €150 €75 Back €120 €60 ,-

Permanent hair removal

Helma Langenhuisen Medical Pedicure - Geriatric Foot Care Provider Especially for elderly clients, Helma currently attends the oncology foot care course. Especially for people with cancer. A foot cancer provider is trained to examine the feet of cancer patients, recognize side effects of treatment (eg, hand-foot syndrome), care for the feet (if the condition allows), and provide feedback to the doctor or nurse. As a result of chemotherapy treatment, a large group of patients develop foot problems such as neuropathy, hand-foot syndrome, and nail abnormalities. Helma hopes to get her degree in January 2016. Helma works Monday and Tuesday in nursing homes and nursing homes in 's-Hertogenbosch and Rosmalen, medical pedicure. Starting Wednesday she will be working with people at her pedicure salon in Vinkel and the Vinkel area.

Helma Langenhuisen can be reached by phone at 06-21636030. Frans Halsstraat 2, Vinkel.

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (9)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 9


you are Hertogenbosch

LaminadoHALWerfpad 4

s'HertogenboschT 073-690 99 83




HOURS OF OPERATION MONDAY CLOSED TUESDAY 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM WEDNESDAY 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM THURSDAY 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM FRIDAY 11:00 AM - 8:00 AM 16:00 SUNDAY 12 :00 - 17:00 HOURS

He cooks Easy Meal in his own kitchen and prepares each meal himself. For 15 years, we have been providing high quality fresh frozen meals, soups and desserts to people, as table meals for people who are partially or no longer able to cook for themselves or for people who work irregularly and have no time to cook.

You can also order directly via



Experience the quality!

In short, it's always easy.

seems to suit many foods

they have a house. also deliver

we companies, organizations

and settings.

We prepare dishes mainly with fresh ingredients and freeze them using a special method to preserve their flavor and nutritional value.

values ​​are optimally maintained.


Visit our online store

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (10)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18 de octubre de 2015 ◆ page 10 ◆ PERSONAL

aspiring manager/star

Top offer 72 Duracell batteries for only €24.95 + an extra 10% discount on your credit!

Go to the site for a free account and benefit too.

TRAZI TO STALNA DOSTAVA: Rosmalen: o.m. Weidestraat / VenstraatBerlicum: Dios mío. Hoogstraat/NederhofVught: Dios mío. Nieuwe Erven / KoepelwegNuland: Dios mío. Kerkdijk/Achtersteeg

We are also expecting REFUNDS by October 25:

's-Hertogenbosch: Centar Dios mio. Seringenstraat / BoterwegVught: poštanski broj 5263Rosmalen: omg. Tielekeshoeven / Eikakkerhoeven

Looking for a newspaper route near you? Apply directly via

or call us at 073-5130565.

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (11)

Visit the website for a wealth of information, answers to questions about products and services, and to schedule an appointment. You will also find all the schedules and addresses of municipal services.

Municipality on social networks:

EMAIL:[email protected]: (073) 615 51 55 mail: PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch Address at address: Stadskantoor, Wolvenhoek 1

Always make an appointment before visiting the municipality. You can easily do this via Calling is also allowed.


Informational meetings and activities this week.

Committee Meetings - Economic, Financial and Social Affairs Monday, October 19, 7:30 p.m. - Territorial Development and Governance Tuesday, October 20, 7:30 p.m. - Social Development Wednesday, October 21, 7:30 p.m. - Administrative Affairs Thursday, October 22, 7:30 p.m. Management Center , Achter het Stadhuis 5-7 More information: www.s

local council meetings

The next public meeting will be held soon.

Plataforma Vecinal Este Wednesday, November 4 at 8 p.m. Lucas van Leijdenstraat 27

Seasonal Dumpsters Until Next Season Summer is over, vacation is over, and the kids are back in school. We would like to thank everyone who used the seasonal dumpsters frequently. This year the special bins were at Prins Hendrik Park. They return in April of next year and in more places in parks and recreation areas. In this way, together with you, we keep the city clean! During the week of October 12-16, the seasonal garbage containers were removed in Prins Hendrik Park. Thank you and until next year.

Who is Lisette van der Swaluw The City Council makes important decisions, which you as a resident often notice. Each week we feature one of the 39 board members. This week it's Lisette van der Swaluw.

Political party: PvdA Age: 47 Email:[email protected]Twitter: @LisetteSwaluw Facebook:

What issues are discussed at the town hall? Security of existence, solidarity and progress. These are the core values ​​of the PvdA in Den Bosch.

We believe that everyone in this city deserves and is entitled to a good life. That is why, for example, I support good, affordable housing for all residents of Den Bosch. And to

more work for everyone. And I'm all for giving residents more control over their neighborhood or area. I also believe that it is important to continue investing in the future. That's why I'm pointing to a space for youth culture, for example.

and creative and innovative farms in the city.'

Do you need a passport? Book your appointment! Fall break is coming!

Would you like to apply for a passport? Or ID or driver's license? Always make an appointment first! You can easily do this via You can also call: (073) 615 51 55.

Activities The following activities will start soon. For all the latest news, visit or check Twitter: #traffic noise.

Zandzuiderstraat-Hervensebaan-Bruistensingel junction Within our municipal limits, the road is under construction in several places. This is related to the fact that asphalt paving works must be finished before the winter season. In very low temperatures and very high humidity, it is not possible to lay tiles. Work is also being accelerated to close as few access roads as possible to Jheronimus Bosch 2016.

The necessary work on the Zandzuiderstraat-Hervensebaan-Bruistensingel junction began last weekend. This crossing will be closed to all vehicular traffic from Friday the 9th to Friday the 23rd of October.

The works of the Zandzuiderstraat-Hervensebaan-Bruistensingel junction will have new

asphalt layer During the works, the crossing will be closed to all motorized traffic. This will also cause traffic disruptions, even though the work on Brugplein will have been completed by then. To minimize inconvenience, it was decided to close and work will be done both in the afternoon and at night.

Skretnica Parking at the East Station is limited. Detour signs and information signs will be installed. Traffic controllers have also been developed. For more information on road works, you can also visit:

More information For more information on the closure of the Zandmetjestraat-Hervensebaan-Bruistensingel intersection, please call the project manager, Mr. J. Molem, phone (073) 615 51 55 or send an email to[email protected]

local council

photo: Henk van Esch

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 11

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (12)

Permits and procedures

City Council Decision List for October 13, 2015 Question Time Council responds to questions from Rosmalens Belang regarding support for the AZC Coudewater site. The council announces that it will shortly start talks with the Maliskamp council. The Board confirms that there will be no simultaneous emergency admissions to Autotron and the asylum seeker center at Coudewater Estate.

Dismissal and appointment of councilor The City Council dismisses Councilor Jeroen Weyers from the PvdA and appoints his successor Pieter Paul Slikker.

Policy Plan for the North Brabant Security Area 2016-2019

Participation Regulation Participation Law 2016 All political groups voted in favour, except the SP.

Municipal personal income tax obligation as of January 1, 2016. The Municipal Council unanimously decided not to express any will or reservation regarding the constitution of a certain number of companies (administrative units), with the sole objective of optimizing the fiscal situation of the municipality.

Action plan for the work of people far from the labor market In view of the substantial preparation of the Action Plan, the city council decides to agree to cover the 277,500 euros needed per year in 2016, 2017 and 2018 charged to the Social Welfare Fund. All political groups, with the exception of GroenLinks and PvdA, vote yes.

Approval of the Land Management Plan "Kruisstraat 58 Rosmalen" The City Council unanimously approves the Land Management Plan "Kruisstraat 58 Rosmalen". Spatial basis for the renovation of the Treurenburg sewage treatment plant The City Council unanimously decided that there are no objections to the project "Renovation of the Treurenburg sewage treatment plant".

Advice to the Media Authority on the appointment of a local public media institution for 's-Hertogenbosch This advice states that the Council prefers RTV Dieze for support and integration into society and prefers an economic development model rather than a fast start-up ambition top level. D66, SP, GroenLinks, De Bossche Groenen and BVP voted against the proposal.

The request from PvdA, GroenLinks, D66, SP and De Bossche Groenen on the framework for the new local station was rejected. Only the petitioners vote in favor of the motion.

BIM Review The Municipal Council agrees with the future direction of BIM, according to which: a) the geographical area of ​​action can be expanded. b) the means of business participation must acquire a new form and content. Low-threshold customization and guidance is offered for beginners and beginners. They can own real estate. and. Development of themed incubators for (again) newbies and breeders is in progress City Council directs Board of Directors to request NV BIM Board of Directors and Supervisory Board to develop a multi-year policy and action plan and a draft a statement on the potential financial implications for BIM. Projection.

A request from GroenLinks, SP, PvdA and BVP that BIM should only engage in socially responsible companies was rejected. The political groups GroenLinks, SP, PvdA, BVP and De Bossche Groenen voted in favor of the proposal.

Rosmalens Belang, VVD, Bosch Belang, GroenLinks and SP adopted an amendment in which BIM must prove that the planned regional application offers added value for the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. Only D66 votes against the amendment.

Spatial establishment of the Breeakkers development The council unanimously decided not to oppose the Breeakkers development project.

Spatial explanation of the garage P&R Maijweg The City Council unanimously decides not to oppose the project "garage P&R Maijweg". The proposal by De Bossche Groenen, GroenLinks and PvdA to do their best to make the new P&R garage to be built on the Maijweg more environmentally friendly was unanimously approved.

Development of the northern part of the central area of ​​Willemspoort The Council decides unanimously that there are no objections to the proposed development of multi-storey housing with associated parking, a small hotel with a tavern and meeting room and a park - such as the layout of the space public as described in "Spatial basis of the development of the northern part of the central district of Willemspoort". The city council unanimously approves the urban plan for the Jeroen Bosch Park as an image quality plan or aesthetic framework for the northern area of ​​central Willemspoort.

The application from PvdA and GroenLinks calling on the council to set higher targets in the area of ​​sustainable living and start talks with Heijmans and other partners on the implementation of "Zero on the Meter" housing was withdrawn under the council's obligation to undertake This. as an incentive for future discussions with various partners.

Appointments The municipality appoints 2 board members: Mr. Gersjes (also chairman of the social development committee) and Mr. Van der Geld (also chairman of the spatial development and management committee).

The City Council appoints Mr. van Rooij-van der Sijde as a non-councillor member on behalf of the PvdA for the Land Management and Development Committee.

local council

What will you achieve in 's-Hertogenbosch? “We successfully lobbied for the reintroduction of the original loan. So that people can easily enter your house. And there is more space on the rental market. But this is not enough. What I want to achieve is: more affordable housing for low and medium income. Work plan with jobs for people at the bottom and top. And I want to bring more young and educated people

and commercial creatives are committed to this city.”

Who are you outside of your job at the town hall? “I combine my work on the board with the work of Senior Communications Advisor at Veghel. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like to read and cook. I live downtown and I am a real city person. On my holidays I look for peace and quiet, but I also like to go to a big city.'

You take a position after you have done everything.

interests are weighed. The tips and advice of those involved are of great value. How do you involve the residents of 's-Hertogenbosch in the decisions you make? “As a councilor you have to be there. I like meeting people and talking with them. The PvdA's monthly BIEB debate, every last Friday of the month in the Den Bosch city library, is also a good time to meet people and exchange ideas. I'm also active on Facebook so people can see what I'm up to."

Who is Lisette van der Swaluw? (happens)

Spatial Kruisstraat 58 Rosmalen Notification in accordance with article 3.8 paragraph 3 of the Spatial Planning Act The municipal authority gives

announced that the space plan "Kruisstraat 58 Rosmalen" (NL.IMRO.0796.0002265-1401) will be available for inspection for six weeks from October 19, 2015. The City Council has a space plan

'Kruisstraat 58 Rosmalen' osnovana 13. listopada 2015.

The owner of Kruisstraat 58 wants a share

remodeling of the plot for a small gardening company and a country store for the sale of agricultural and/or local products.

He also wants to divide the existing estate into commercial and urban housing. The initiative is not part of the current spatial plan "Buitengebied Noord and Kloosterstraat". However, with this remodeling, the existing

Maintaining and improving the structure of the Kruisstraat is in line with Area Vision's ambition for the Kruisstraat

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 12

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (13)

Permits and procedures

Noise abatement law, upper limit value, Emmaplein decision The municipal authority announces that it has approved a noise upper limit value for the former office building at Emmaplein 25. The former office building is being converted into apartments. 56 apartments will be built. The reason for assigning a higher threshold value is that the preferred threshold values ​​will be exceeded in future noise-sensitive destinations due to road traffic noise as a result of the Brugstraat/Emmaplein.

Objection/interim order The person concerned can file an objection against this decision until November 30, 2015. Objections can be sent to: The Committee, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or injunctive relief can be addressed to: President of the Administrative Jurisdiction Section of the Council of State, PO Box 20019, 2500 EA The Hague.

Information The decision and accompanying documents are available for inspection at the Municipal Office from October 19 to November 30, 2015. For an oral explanation, please call Ms. N. van der Sanden or Mr. B Janssen of the Department of the Environment, tel. (073) 615 95 30.

Reported Events/Activities Permit to Date Location Activity 1-11 Tramkade Enjoy Sharing. install booths, stage, attractions for children and use the sound system

15-11 Oud-Empel Arrival of Sinterklaas? to close part of Empelsedijk street

20-11 night shopping downtown; place light objects, trailers and use the sound system (purchase)

22-11 From Driesprong Entry Sint-Nicolaas; set up stage and children's attractions

The request for this permit was submitted under article 2:10 of the Local General Ordinance. You can send your opinions in writing about the first event before October 25, 2015 and about other events before November 1, 2015 to the mayor.

Department of Public Order and Security, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch For more information, please call Ms. M. Kaspers at the Department of Public Order and Security, telephone (073) 615 52 61 or Mr. M Yildiz, telephone (073) 615 56 94.

Advance traffic regulation Reserved parking spaces for charging electric cars The municipality intends to reserve parking spaces in 's-Hertogenbosch for charging electric vehicles. The locations are: - two parking spaces on Vijverlaan near Ricoh and Enexis.

Available to view Traffic order proposal has been submitted

available to all from Monday, October 19 to Monday, November 2, 2015 at the City Hall facilities. Within this term, the interested parties may present reasoned and signed opposition.

to the Head of the Department of Public Space and Transport, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch For information on the traffic concession procedure, call Mr. J. Sier van

The east is satisfied and the farm of cultural and historical value Kruisstraat 58 has been preserved. The plan meets the requirements of good zoning. This ordering plan was approved to make the initiative viable from the legal and urban point of view.

The planning area is located on the outskirts of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch, on the northeast side of the center of Rosmalen, squeezed between the settlements of Kruisstraat and Heeseind, and is part of the residential area on Kruisstraat. The zoning area refers to the Rosmalen cadastral parcel, section Z, numbered 4654 and part of the adjacent parcel numbered 4653, which is still classified as "Agricultural Holding".

Available for Inspection The approved zoning plan and accompanying documents are available for inspection at the City Office. You will also find documents on our website www.s and at Without Internet? In the Stadskantoor you can use computers with internet.

Planning Appeal Do you want to appeal the planning plan approved by the council? You can only file a complaint if you are interested. In addition, you must submit a timely opinion on the draft zoning plan to the city council. The latter does not apply in two cases:

- if you can show that you were unable to contact the council in time. or - if you want to object to changes made by the council to the draft only after the Hague 2500 EA space plan has been approved. This is only possible when the approved zoning plan is available for review, are you appealing or have you already? In this case, you can apply to the Chairman of the Department of Administrative Jurisdiction of the Council of State for a temporary order.

Zoning Kruisstraat 58 Rosmalen (continued)

Use of catering facilities. Submission of license for Paracommercial Catering and Liquor ActName Name of location Catering establishment Stichting “Huiskamer Bij Katrien” Triniteitstraat 19, 5211 KW H.o.d.n. with katerina

The application for the issuance of the license was submitted on the basis of article 3 of the Beverage and Catering Services Law (PTV). The request concerns the operation of the after-sales catering establishment. On December 31, 2013, the amended catering ordinance 's-Hertogenbosch 2012 entered into force. This ordinance sets restrictive conditions for specialized and para-commercial catering establishments in order to prevent unfair competition.


You can send your views in writing to the mayor before November 1, 2015 for the attention of the Department of Public Order and Security, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch. For more information, call the restoration team of the Department of Public Order and Security at (073) 615 58 61.

License submitted for catering facilities to serve alcohol Name Location Name Facility Horeca Van Heinde’s-Hertogenbosch B.V. Hofvijver 2, 5223 MC H.o.d.n. Van Heinde's-Hertogenbosch B.V.

Hospitality establishments serving alcohol must be licensed under the Hospitality and Licensing Act in accordance with Article 3 of the Hospitality and Licensing Act. In addition, all catering establishments must have a work permit in accordance with article 2.1 of the Horeca 's-Hertogenbosch Regulation of 2012. With the use permit, disturbances in

life and environment contrast better.

You can send your opinion in writing before November 1, 2015 to the mayor of 's-Hertogenbosch, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch. For more information call the Department of Public Order and Security at (073) 615 58 61.

Application for license to operate catering establishments to serve alcohol Name Location Name of catering establishment Y. El Kilouli Hildebrandstraat 10, 5216 VR b.o.n. old coffee mug

Food establishments serving alcoholic beverages

must, in accordance with article 3 of the Law on Alcohol and Hospitality Services, have the approval of the Law on Alcohol and Hospitality Services. In addition, all catering establishments must, in accordance with article 2.1 of the Horeca Ordinance 's-Hertogenbosch since 2012.

They have a work permit. With the license to use, interfere with

life and living environment is better against You can send a written response to the mayor before November 1, 2015

's-Hertogenbosch, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch. For more information call the Department of Public Order and Security at (073) 615 58 61.

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 13

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (14)

Permits and procedures

Traffic regulations that abolish parking spaces for the disabled The municipality has decided to abolish parking spaces for the disabled in the houses: - Amundsenstraat 13;

Parking for people with disabilities The municipality has decided to designate a parking space for people with disabilities as close as possible to the following house, due to accessibility: - Dommelstraat 15; - Hudsonlaan 68; - Klokkenlaan 50; - Orduynenstraat 9 - Tweede Haren 85.

Available for Inspection Traffic arrangements are available for inspection at the City Office from Monday, October 19 through Monday, November 30, 2015. Participants

may send their reasoned and signed objections within this period to the municipal executive authority, P.O. 12345, 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch. 55 65 or send an email to[email protected]

Modifications to the Municipal Tax Collection Guidelines On October 14, 2015, the municipal government ordered the

Review of municipal tax collection guidelines. Changes affect both

content and syntax changes.

Guidelines for the collection of municipal fees

It can be found at:

- -

Department of Public Space and Traffic by phone (073) 615 51 84 or by post at[email protected]For important questions about the charging infrastructure, please call Mr. Marc Pluijgers from the Department of the Environment on (073) 615 58 34 or send an email to[email protected]

Traffic with Order of Intent (continued)

Traveled to an unknown destination The individuals listed below no longer live at the address they registered at according to the municipality's BOS database. This is the conclusion of an investigation by the Department of Political Affairs. the school has decided

that the lists of these people are no longer kept. Therefore, they are no longer officially registered at this address.

Surname and date of birth Address Date of decision Originally withdrawn due to departure to Sammoh P. 03-30-1997 Baksvelstraat 58 09-28-2015 Unknown

Dixon L. 14-08-1970 Copérnico laan 190 29-09-2015 Nepoznato

Daly N. 17-12-1981 Sint-Janskerkhof 3 B 05-10-2015 Nepoznato

Josipović Z. 21-07-1980 De Rozenelf 5 06-10-2015 Onbekend

Triantafyllopoulos I. 21-04-1973 Oude Dieze 23 06-10-2015 Nepoznato

Stefanova AS 19-09-1986 Viejo Dieze 23 13-10-2015 Nepoznato

Ghaliouche N. 05-04-1980 Orthenseweg 2 D 13-10-2015 Nepoznato

Aden M. 01-01-1986 Sint-Willibrordusstraat 10 13-10-2015 Nepoznato

Raijmakers J.A. 08-11-1989 Kempenlandstraat 1 13-10-2015 Nepoznato

Alexiou A. 27-04-1978 Oude Dieze 23 13-10-2015 Nepoznato

Baking W.K. 07-02-1979 Rompertcentrum 31 10-13-2015 Unknown

Against this decision, the interested party may submit a written claim to the Board of Directors. This is possible under the General Administrative Law Act. You have six weeks to send the letter. The term begins one day after the date of this publication. Include the following in the letter: - your name and address. - Date - description of the decision you are opposing;

- the reason you do not agree with the decision You must sign the letter. Send the letter to: Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Attn. the Municipal Executive, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch.

If you want to know more, call the investigators at the Department of Civil Affairs on (073) 615 31 00.

Notification of the Environmental Management Law In terms of article 8.41 of the Environmental Management Law, the municipal executive informs that, in accordance with the Regulation of Environmental Management Activities, the following notification has been received for the change of Tango Den Bosch Maaspoort to Maaspoortweg 401 for the following activities (No. 29347): - storage of gas cylinders (max. 300 kg), - production of wash boxes, - movement of the vacuum unit.

No Objections or Appeals No objections or appeals to the above notice. The message is not available for viewing. For

For more information on the aforementioned report, call the Department of Environmental Protection from Monday to Friday at (073) 615 98 15.

Draft Decision Adapted Regulation The municipal authority announces that, in accordance with Article 8.42 of the Environmental Management Law and the Regulation on Environmental Management Activities, it intends to impose adapted regulations for: - Vriesekoop Rosmalen B.V. to regulate noise production at Biestkampweg 2 in Rosmalen (no. 29878).

Opinion During the review period, you have the opportunity to express your opinion on the draft decision, in writing or orally, to the Commission. Everybody's got a flow

during this period they express their views on the draft decision.

The final decision follows.

The Inspection Documents are available for inspection from October 19 to November 30, 2015 at the City Hall Information Desk. You can get a verbal explanation of the documents.

Information For more information about the aforementioned proposed decision, call the Environmental Protection Division from Monday to Friday at (073) 615 98 33.

What is happening in your neighborhood?

You can find information about permits and procedures now at: You can, for example, see for which activity the municipality issues a permit or which regulations have been passed. Search by topic or by map.

E-mail service To improve the service, the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch also offers personalized information by e-mail. You'll then automatically receive messages based on the zip code area, interest profile, and/or topic you've selected. You can subscribe to the government email service via:

For more information visit:

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 14

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (15)

Permits and procedures

The rules for the environmental permit are contained in the General Provisions of the Environmental Protection Act (WABO). The environmental permit combines 26 permits from the fields of construction, land use planning and environmental protection. There is only one application processed by the municipality in a process.

Almost all the requested permits are sent to the institute of monuments and to the operators of monuments.

social welfare committee. Committee meetings are public. If you would like to be present when the application is processed, please contact the Environmental Office. The meeting dates and meeting agenda of this committee can be found at For any questions, contact the Environmental Protection Office, telephone (073) 615 57 77, e-mail:[email protected].

Requested (date of receipt to be determined)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Behind Black Beerka 11 Softwood Cut WB00030446 08-10

Beethovenlaan 10, Rosmalen talando pino japonés WB00030450 12-10

Churchillaan 133 convert house into 5 apartments, construction WB00030437 08-10

Cuperinusstraat 2 C renovation and restoration of monumental buildings municipal/provincial monuments WB00030440 08-10

Connect De Beverspijk 39 to build 2 buildings WB00030454 09-10

Diezekade Traction Light Adjustment Measurement 2 Other Activity WB00030409 01-10

Building facade advertisement Fonteinstraat 6 WB00030441 08-10

Heeseind​​​​​​2, Nuland Building with Garage WB00030405 06-10

Heijcamp 44, Nuland annex building in conflict with spatial plan WB00030411 06-10

Hertog Janstraat 18 extension building at the rear of the house, municipal/provincial monuments WB00030402 05-10

Jacob van Maerlantstraat 86 zoning plan change in conflict with zoning plan WB00030403 02-10

Jan Heijmanslaan 90, edificio Rosmalen, edificio de ventanas WB00030422 06-10

Kaathoven 29, Vinkel oak demolition WB00030406 06-10

Cardinal De Jongsingel building skylight 21 seats WB00030413 06-10

Karreputstraat 16, edificio en forma de ventana de Nuland WB00030459 12-10

Kooikersweg 101 for the conversion of the former tax office to build 85 apartments WB00030416 06-10

Lindenlaan 30, Rosmalen nuca den nuca WB00030445 09-10

Maria van Bourgondiësingel 15 reconstruction of the house, conflict with the spatial plan WB00030420 06-10

Casa de construction Oppershof Bokhoven WB00030449 09-10

Orthenstraat 310-312 construction of fireproof houses municipal/provincial monuments WB00030444 09-10

Oude Baan 55, Rosmalen demolition 2 maples demolition WB00030408 ​​​​06-10

Randweg mast no. 520 to place 3 advertisements on light poles WB00030407 06-10

Stegron Den Bosch

Sint-Janstraat 12, Nuland garage construction and house extension WB00030451 12-10

Sparrenhoeven 6, Rosmalen garage extension WB00030462 13-10

Stationsplein 50 change entrance and replace pressure fans WB00030418 06-10

Suiteweg 35, claraboya zoom Rosmalen WB00030460 12-10

Vinkelse Molen Nuland temporary use of space in the plant area and maintenance of construction fences contrary to the zoning plan WB00030401 05-10

and manufacturing chain

Willemspoort builds sound barrier in car park annex, party layout plan WB00030423 06-10

Zandzuiderstraat 16 facade of renovated office building, ad WB00030436 08-10

Draft decisions (expanded preparatory procedure article 3.4 of the General Law of Administrative Law)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no.

Achtersteweg 11 c, Nuland builds 2 houses with outbuildings, conflict with zoning plan, exit WB00029677

Update user license Burgemeester Loeffplein 98 fire WB00029126

Ertveldweg 31 cancellation of environmental permit environmental activity other activity WB00030202

Rietveldenkade 5 simplifies the business environment WB00027857

Stationsweg 2 interior conversions, realization of apartments including toilets and toilet areas, battle zone plan, BDSG demolition, fire safety use WB00029010

Draft decisions with applications and all documents are available for six weeks.

available digitally for viewing from October 19 to November 30, 2015. You can view these programs through:

environmental permit for inspection control

You may present your views in writing or orally within this period. If you have verbal attitudes

to send, contact us by phone as soon as possible

Environmental Protection Bureau, telephone (073) 615 57 77 or by postal mail to:[email protected]

Correction The draft decisions of the October 11 publication are available for review from October 12 to November 23, 2015, not October 5 to November 16, 2015 as indicated.

Extension of the decision period description of the place/no. Date

Heeseind ​​​​η 13, corte de 3 robles de Nuland WB00029963 24-11

Alter Schaarhuisstraat 14 Build Maria Chapel, monumentos municipales/provinciales WB00029738 26-11

Verwersstraat 41 construction site for 4 pavilions, conflict with spatial plan, national monuments WB00029475 13-11

Walpoort 4 realizes that a small hotel clashes with a zoning scheme WB00028643 03-12

For these applications, the decision was postponed for six weeks, the date of the final decision was mentioned.

Approved and effective immediately Decisions that are not available for inspection at the information desk (the date of the decision is indicated)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Fresia 12, Vinkel are expanding the bungalow WB00030278 08-10

Hambakenwetering 2 advertising building adaptation, advertising WB00030222 09-10

Heijcamp 44, Nuland annex building in conflict with spatial plan WB00030411 12-10

Hooge Steenweg 11 change of air conditioning unit rooftop interior building WB00029962 08-10

Place a bypass near the Henry Dunantstraat Build 2 temporary test facility and a tank with metering equipment WB00030380 12-10

Schapenmarkt 24, 's-Hertogenbosch lugar edificio publicitario, anuncio WB00030066 12-10

Sint Jorisstraat 32 place name gym and shop front, ad WB00029623 09-10

Sportlaan Rosmalen sound barrier installation (De Hoef) production WB00030163 12-10

Tweede Morgen Construction of skylight for 44 places WB00030346 12-10

South Willemsvaart 155 piezas para construir 2 tragaluces WB00030269 07-10

environmental permit

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 15

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (16)

AHORA Bossche Omroep � 18 de octubre de 2015 � page 16�

Permits and procedures

's-Hertogenbosch, 18. listopada 2015

Environmental permit (continued) Zuid Willemsvaart 159 spaces skylight building WB00030270 07-10

Appeal/temporary order against these decisions. Activities are allowed immediately.

to start. Within six weeks from the date of its approval, the interested parties may

previous decisions must be appealed before the Board of Directors,

PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or precautionary measures

to the investigating judge in the area of ​​administrative law of the Oost-Brabant District Court, T.Th.

90125, 5200 MA's Hertogenbosch.

Approved and not effective immediately Decisions not available for consultation at the information desk (the date of the decision is indicated)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Dolina Karanfila 129, 5237 LC cortando nueces WB00030091 08-10

Gerard van Dinterstraat 1, 5246 EJ, Castaño demolition WB00030226 08-10


Hazelaarlaan cerca del no. 8 troncos de arce WB00030318 12-10

Heerendonklaan near No. 1 uprooted and replanted 3 black poplars WB00030313 06-10

Hintham 17, 5246 AC Rosmalen demolicion de castaños WB00030333 07-10

Jan Heijmanslaan 1 B, 5246 BH Rosmalen felling of 2 bogs and replanting of trees WB00030321 06-10

Jan Olieslagersstraat u blizini br. 38 sječa jasena Rooien WB00030320 06-10

Korenbrugstraat 11, 5211 EG curtain installation, battle zone layout, national monuments WB00029315 08-10

Thrush 9, 5248 BA Rosmalen tala de coniferas WB00028183 09-10

Maliskampsestraat near no. 57 B poplar felling and tree planting WB00030317 07-10

Construction of Nuland Heath, construction of cycle paths WB00030303 06-10

Rijnstraat 118, 5215 EL Tala de coniferas WB00029957 06-10

Visstraat 27-27a divide the apartment above into 2 separate apartments, build and demolish BDSG WB00030018 06-10

Appeal/temporary order regarding these decisions. Work

it should not start immediately. Within six weeks of the date specified in the case of assignment

the interested parties file a claim with the Administration against the previous decisions,

PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or precautionary measures

to the investigating judge in the area of ​​administrative law of the Oost-Brabant District Court, T.Th.

90125, 5200 MA's-Hertogenbosch. After this time, the work can continue.


Rejected project activity site description/registration number. the date

Asterstraat 15, 5241 BR, construcción de caravanas de Rosmalen, plan de zona de batalla WB00029872 07-10

Objection to these decisions. In six weeks, the bees refused

day, interested parties can appeal against previous decisions

at the college, PO Box 12345, 5200 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch.

Decisions made are available for review under the article. 3.44 Law of General Administrative Law (drafted by development of article 3.4 of said Law)

description of the location/activity of the project, ed no. the date

Eemweg 114 fire use, nursing home, fire use WB00029545 06-10

Construction of Stadionlaan-Tivoliweg east-west connection Stadionlaan-Tivoliweg for motorized traffic construction, construction, battle zone design WB00028409 12-10

These issued solutions are available in digital format (with the application and all related documents)

available for inspection for six weeks from October 19 through November 30, 2015. These plans are ready

can be viewed via: permit/

environmental permit for inspection control

After a telephone agreement with the environmental protection office, you can receive a verbal explanation

parts, Tel. (073) 615 57 77.

Appeal/precautionary measure against these resolutions issued.

Within six weeks of the indicated date of submission for inspection, interested parties may do so

submitted opinions against the draft decision on appeal (or through a

interested that he can prove that he could not do it). This also applies if

disagrees with any change in the final decision compared to her

Shape. Appeals should be sent to: Oost-Brabant Regional Court, Administrative Law Department, PO Box 90125,

5200 MA's-Hertogenbosch. Requests for suspension or injunctions must be addressed

Judge for pre-trial applications in the aforementioned area of ​​administrative law at the East Brabant District Court.

All these decisions have not yet entered into force. They only take effect after their expiration.

six week appeal period. Or even later as temporary in the appeal period

an object is requested. Can only be used after the entry into force

environmental permit.

The Corrective Decision of the October 11 publication is available for review from October 12 to November 23, 2015.

(Video) I WANT SUMO | Doritos Commercial #superbowl #commercials

and not as indicated from October 5 to November 16, 2015.

City Hall honors Welsh soldiers on the Royal Wales-HERTOGENBOSCH Bridge - All Names

casos and 's-Hertogenbosch

British Army - 146 in number -

will be added in the next few weeks

ispod doveden The Royal Bridge of Wales.

On Tuesday October 27 during

Liberation Day and Veterans Day in S.

Hertogenbosch is also a revelation

special plate display

Royal Welsh Bridge Locobur

Captain Jos Van Son. This happens

presence of a small delegation

veza The Royal Welsh and Woodland

old veterans. real

The Welshbrug was built on Friday, July 31.

It has officially opened. the bridge

connects Nelson Mandela sa

Ulica Zandvoort.

In the Royal Underpass

You can find the Welsh Bridge (Veemarktweg) at

Tuesday October 27, short ceremony

second place Under and over the bridge

comes with two identical plates.

Also names in 's-Herto-

Genbosch killed a British soldier

tairen -mainly from Wales-

cover up during the ceremony

is separate. Names

together they form the "Roll of Ho-

nour' i postati pod La Real

Wales Bridge installed. such a price -

view of the Honor Roll

unique to Dutch standards;

in the UK it is common

corpse. Those interested are welcome

for the ceremony on October 27

present This starts at 1:00 p.m. m.

an hour and lasts about half an hour.

146 names are now also visible in the public space, under the Royal Welshbruga

During the four-day swim, participants swim the distance over four days.

250 meters, 500 meters or 1000 meters. As a reward for your performance.

everyone gets a medal on the last day. DJ deals with the right thing

music while swimming

The Joost van Kempen charity remembers the good old days when Bossche

Zwem4Daagse welcomed hundreds of participants, including

I knew the Den Bosch residents who opened the event and even participated. "Edi-

events with a full amphitheater in old Brabantbad and fun and friendly

related activities where a lot of money was raised for a good cause

approved. That is what we are going to do also this edition, raise money

for the Youth Sports Fund, which, among other things, lowers the financial limits

children from less fortunate families to play sports. Who can

there are also swimming classes. In the Netherlands, which is rich in water, children are very important

take swimming classes. Our approach is - and we did

is for discussion - get a permanent place in Bossche Zwem4Daagse

provide a calendar and make it a recurring event

do. Preferably also at a specific time, for example around the autumn holidays.'

Registration at Bossche Zwem4Daagse costs €7.50 if you register before 20:00.

October, register via The record is also

it is possible in the pool at launch on the evening of Tuesday 20 October and at a cost

from 8.50 euros. Looking for a sponsor for your distance swim, you can

support the sports fund so that children who cannot afford it

learn to swim safely

Continued from cover�

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (17)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 17

the moment of the crossroads

JOIN THE SUDOKU PUZZLE AND WIN! Your solution to the three riddles.

možete poslati na: De Bossche OmroepEducation Boulevard 576

5223 DN 's-Hertogenbosch or email:[email protected].

Don't forget your name/address.

On Wednesday, October 21 at 5:00 p.m. m., we will draw a winner from the correct entries.

2 vouchers for the Het Noordbrabants Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.

Verwersstraat 41 in 's-Hertogenbosch You can find the solution from last week

on the streaming page.


Horizontal: 1. Work break at noon. 2. pray. 3. neighbor, babysitter? 4. water (fr.); 5. type of wood, potato dish. 7. wrinkles on the forehead, public exchange of opinions. 8. United States Secret Service. 9. Biblical name, a kind of skating. 10. sound of animals. 11. calligrapher. Vertically: 1. Lazy? 2. also; 3. native monarch, city in Japan. 4. German definite article. 5. listen, call. 7. a river in France, quite; 8. foreign currency. 9. at this time, an Asian country. tenth season? 11. employee.

Horizontal: 1. Internal power? (8); 4. Elevations on the windward side (8). 6. The man is confused by it (4). 8. Are you not serious about airplanes? (7); 9. He Hits when he whistles (4). 10. Trivial words? (8); 11. Characteristics of the parasites at the end (8) Vertically: 1. Range of lightning (6). 2. There is no relaxation in class (6). 3. Clothes for the driver? (7); 5. To connect, he must do something with his fingers (7). 6. Money in the mouth (6). 7. Furious with the heat (6).

2 KG 1,5 KG












1.89v from 2.29

1.65v from 1.79

2.49v desde 2.59

2.59v since 2.69

1.29v since 1.35

1.09v since 1.19

0.79v it 0.85 HIGH QUALITY - LOW PRICE


We reserve the right to typographical and typographical errors. *From the fridge.

Natural or chocolate.

Fresh whipped cream*

504 grams

Bacon Pepper Burger* Hacheemeat*

Cabbage Red Cabbage

Handmade Goudreinet Apple Oranges

0.75 liters

sparkling hugo

180g beans

1 lYogurt drink*

Slices 48+, 400 g mature young gouda*

2x 150 g Verso šnicla*


Mini sandwiches Cheese, sausage or sausage rolls.


2 x 150 g lean bacon*

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (18)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 18

Autumn sales! Valid in October and November.




fair cool friendly

Choose from the entire menu Main course €14.50

2-course a la carte menu €19,503 A la carte menu €23.50 Our dishes are served with salad

and flamenco fries and baked potatoes

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays you have a 3-course menu for the price of

2-course menu €19.50, of course à la carte

Al Mundo Den Bosch = price + quality

Open every day from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 07 - 100 .on

about 0 people with ulcers do not answer calls

tapas grill and world of sushi

With a selection of more than 130 dishes, from sushi to lamb chops, fries, shark, from babi pangang to kangaroo. Now expanded to include tapas dishes from around the world.

Private parking in front of the door.

From Friday to Sunday and holidays except Christmas

4-course menu €15.50 per person

To know our kitchen. Valid for the whole week. min 2 and a maximum of 4 people per group against delivery

this anouncement. No i.c.w. other offers or gift vouchers (groups of up to 10 people, from Monday to Friday with prior reservation).

This offer is valid until Saturday November 14, 2015, not valid on holidays.

50% off

Orthenstraat 272 | 5211 SX'

Download the free PRINCE OF INDIA app. Reservation required 073-6122126 or 06-11189547

[email protected] ndiadb

Orthenstraat 55 's-Hertogenbosch073 – 8886556

Come enjoy the pure and honest flavors and be surprised by the pumpkin.







Havensingel 7 - 's-HertogenboschTel. 073-6106888 -

Opening hours: Mon 1:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Tuesday to Wednesday. 12:00 - 22:00 Thu.-Sun. 12:00 - 22:30 Lunch every day until 16:00

Lunch: €19.50 per person. Child 4-10 years: €10.50

Dinner: Monday to Wednesday €23.50 per person until Sunday: €25.50 per person. Child 4-10 years: €15.50


Orthenstraat 53 - Den BoschTel. 073-6130167

Open every day from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. 16-23 hours

RANCHO BRAVOArgentijns Grill Restaurant

Against sending this ad, only from Monday to Thursday

20% DISCOUNT (not combinable with other offers and vacations,

promotion valid until thur 12 nov)

In our completely renovated restaurant you can enjoy our delicious à la carte dishes.

Specialty: steak, tender and skillfully grilled, Argentine meat.

Would you also like to advertise on it?

separate page

"Delicious Pleasure"

Ask about the features:


Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (19)

AHORA Bossche Omroep � 18 de octubre de 2015 � page 19�

Enjoy Indian specialties at Prince of India's-HERTOGENBOSCH: Prince of India has been at the center of Den Bosch for almost 25 years. Delicious food combined with a special and mystical atmosphere ensure an unforgettable evening. "We are proud to have been here for so long and we want to thank our regular customers for their support."

At Prince of India you can enjoy traditional dishes from all regions of India. "In this way, people can taste for themselves how rich and varied Indian cuisine is," says Mr. Mahenthiran. "We prepare our tan-doori in a traditional clay oven. The meat is placed in a special marinade 3 hours before grilling, which ensures an excellent flavor. Curries are our speciality. Our chefs prepare them with the best herbs and spices It is a big mistake to think that curries are always spicy.Here, people can choose from different types from mild to spicy.Kids can also enjoy our curries.

feast. We also serve so called biryani. This is a saffron basmati rice dish with raisins, cashews, meat and fresh herbs. Vegetable curry is served with it. In India, this is a very popular dish, often eaten on festive occasions." People are often surprised by the cheerful and colorful decoration of the Prince of India. "We chose this because colors play an important role in culture Hindu". If you have something to celebrate, Prince of India can accommodate groups of up to 45 people. There is also a catering service that makes sure that your guests have everything they need at the celebrations and parties and everything is completely tailored to their needs. wishes and budget. You can also enjoy Prince of India specialties at home. You can use the pick up and delivery service for it. From now on, you can also place orders through the dedicated PRINCE OF INDIA app for smartphones and tablets "Everything is prepared as soon as it is ordered.

However, our dishes are best when people come to eat them here in our atmospheric restaurant!”

Prince of India se encuentra en Orthenstraat

272 in Hertogenbosch. Orders and reservations can be made by calling 06-11189547 (until 4:30 p.m.) and 073-6122126 (after 4:30 p.m.). For more information:

The hospitable staff of the Prince of India Hotel wish you a warm welcome Photo: Freek Jansen

Youth Basketball Clinic of the SPM-HERTOGENBOSCH Basketball Academy - The SPM Basketball Academy offers on Wednesdays

on October 28 - during the autumn break - at Maaspoort Sports & Events in 's-

Hertogenbosch, now a traditional clinic for boys and girls

from 7 to 20 years. Coaches and players from three teams

from the Bossche basketball academy, boys and

girls in a series of specific basketball exercises. Half

at 12:00 and 14:00, many players from the SPM first team go

part of the exercises. There is space for up to 150

attending. The rooms open on October 28 at 9 am. The clinic itself

it is from 10 am to 5 pm. The cost of participation is 17.50 euros incl.

before the clinic. For this amount,

Along with the basketball lessons, the participants also receive a healthy sports lunch and lots of tea.

a drink and a ticket to the SPM home game

Archers. You can apply until Sunday, October 25 through

Renée van Leusden's 'In Your Face' tour kicks off REGIO - Den Bosch artist Renée van Leusden is at the start

his world tour with the project "In Your Face, 75 Mind Spinning Sculptu-

that put your emotions to the test.” The official kick-off of van de World

The In Your Face tour takes place during Dutch Design Week. Exhibition

you can see it every day from October 19 to 25 from 11 am to 6 pm. Location: Strijp

- S, Machinekamer (u blizini Klokgebouwa), Ketelhuisplein 7-9-10 u Eindhovenu.

After Eindhoven, In Your Face travels to Silicon Valley, Miami, Paris and Akrotiri

City. Visit to view the exhibit.

The first edition of TasteXL-HERTOGENBOSCH - De Restau-

razglabati Alliance 's-Hertogenbosch ili-

It will take place on Sunday, November 1.

from 11 am to 5 pm para

culinary walk

Try the XL. This new event is

part of hospitality

campaign of the municipality 's-Her-

togenbosch and pretends

surprise the searchers with the kitchen

gastronomic delights and more

Bossche locations or points of interest.

The alliance is working together on this

with students from HAS Food &

Let's shape During this new delicious

a tour that participants enjoy

meals in four different restaurants

taurants. In addition, students serve

udubljenja HAS-a (Food and Design)

trendy snacks for a special idea

and the recipe is different

places in the city where you can walk

here comes the ling. Participant re-

taurants su: Miscellaneous, Artisanal, Bre-

tuna, FFSwanjée, KEK, Le Méridien,

LUX, Da Peppone, Pilkington's, Pol-

levy, Sushi Lounge, In den Zeven-

then Hemel to Rees. Price p. p.

€49.50 (with 4 courses, 4 drinks

yes, 3 bites). Information:

's-Hertogenbosch moves to the south and center!': 55 Plus with the smartest-HERTOGENBOSCH - Tennis-

uruga BTC de Pettelaer, rugby

udruga The Dukes and

BLC football team in 's-Herto-

genbosch south wants more sports

and offer exercises for

residents age 55 and over

south and center. In the Appendix

if they want to improve the social

increase resistance to

network strengthening.

To get acquainted with it

sport and fitness offer is

start with two different compositions-

ten. On behalf of these unions

organized its “S-PORT

's-Hertogenbosch is of the opinion

Saturday October 24 these physical condition tests.

More than 4000 inhabitants

55 years and over, living in the South

and the center, have per-

like an invitation with a map

took can i subscribe

for one of the fit tests i

familiarize yourself with the offer

sports and physical activities

55 Plus the aforementioned activities


Position for the GALM fitness test

in SCALA there is the Sporthal Zuidu, Pla-

tostraat 2 u 's-Hertogenboschu i

which is for the most capable drug for exercise

in DBZ fisio, Chopinstraat 18 in 's-

Hertogenbosch. Horarios: Enter

10 am m. and 4 p.m.

Participation in the physical condition test and twelve

training week offer costs fifteen

euro. Look for more information and

to register at www.s- or call the neighborhood

Sports coach 50Plus José van den

Pants 06-52584108.

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (20)

Cultuurbosch Café

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20: around 7:30 p.m.

u sati entras en Cultuurbosch

was invited to the Museum of Culture

Cafe Bosch. it's tonight

must, inspire and connect

central. various cultural figures

get on stage and get 20

slides to 20 seconds per slide

time to shoot (Pecha Kucha

style). Including all over the world

of the theaters in the Bossche district, how

involve your youth more

harmony, what are the chances

for young people to actively participate

participate in various activities

and works in the city, comm

improvisation and fundamentals

KABRA, a new umbrella organization

for the amateur theatre. Position:

Muzerije, Hinthamerstraat 74, 's-

Hertogenbosch. Pristup de besplatan.

Information:[email protected]the see

Concert Castle Vecernji Maurick

SR OCTOBER 21: status

from now on every third Wednesday

atmospheric orange moon

rie van Kasteel Maurick otvoren

for an exclusive dinner, alternatively

sel with performances by musicians.

This time Gerard Hans

Spronk (violin) and Vera Kooper

(piano) gor. Information: www.kasteel-

Nutritional organs in W2

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22: at 8:45 p.m.

sat orgel fre-

up to W2. This band brought that

the Komrad album was released. and used

a very organic rock album

hard and subtle organic rock

in between, which are partly

going back to the 60s and 70s

bands like Focus, Ekseption and Boo-

ker T & The MGs, ali ipak on-

sounds today. Information and maps: See also: www.orgel-

Bike tour in the Green Forest

SAT 24 OCT: organ-

kaže Nature Group Gestel one

by bike through the Green Forest.

The lecture is followed by cycling.

for the Romans in these areas

taking place recently. That's how it is

ride a bike with five wheels

My places in Halder,

Esch, Gemonde, Boxtel i Sint Mi-

chielsgestel. Departure at 9:00 a.m.

iz De Huifa u Sint-Michielsgeu-

pair. the bike is about 30

km and lasts about 3 hours. Stake

It's free. Information: 073-6145057 post office

[email protected].

DIY evening and harvest festival Boschveldtuin

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24: from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

organize the core group

Boschveldtuin DIY late and

harvest festival in the garden of Paards

Grobljanska cesta 12b. out juntos

I work with all kinds of little ones.

great yard work. Activation

the services are directed to the whole neighborhood

residents, young and old, but also for

stakeholders from abroad

neighborhood. everyone is welcome to join

do or just talk

or look around. Information:

Maiz and Rosmolen

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24: at 6:45 p.m.

the watch is presented by Rosmalens

Male choir for the fifth time

Festival Koren op de Rosmolen.

Joining her is the Rosmalens Male Choir

four other choirs will appear.

Makes Sense: Di Capelli Pop Chorus Out

Wijchen, mixed chorus of Happy Can-

tando de Berlikum, barracks choir

Tuygh race from Zaltbommel and

vocal ensemble Xing iz Rosmalena.

Tickets cost 10 euros at 073 - 521 33

80 mail:[email protected] Location: Platform-3.

A night of nights at BosscheBroek

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24: it is night in the town

Of the night. This activity will be

organized to experience how

the darkness is beautiful and also how

important to humans and animals.

IVN / Protection of birds and nature

Hertogenbosch organizes Saturday

afternoon walk

mrak u Bossche Broeku.

Guided by nature guides.

You can experience the darkness and

looking for a moth

bats (with bat detectors) i

owls The ride is free and it's

awesome especially for kids

great experience. Point:

la longitude the Zuiderparkweg,

toward the intersection with Cicero

path. The start of the walk is at 19:00

hours and ends around 20:30. In-

contact us up to and including October 18 via

[email protected].

Information: 073-6125366.

AGENDA Bossche Omroep � October 18, 2015 � page 20�


Concert Jeroen Bosch KoorROSMALEN - On Sunday October 18, Jeroen Bosch Koor will perform two works

the compositores de Brabante de: Palette de Van Gogh Desirée van

Warmerdam and horses, Paul van Gulick's gift to humanity. After

the choir sings Mendelssohn's Lauda Sion. Symphony Orchestra Bra

The musical accompaniment is provided by the Tilburg Sinfonia band. the concert is taking place

place after Landgoed Coudewater, Berlicumseweg 8 hours Rosmalenu. information

tickets via

Fan Lunch The Ceder StarsOUD-EMPEL - On Sunday, October 18 at 3:00 p.m., the booth established-

The Ceder Stars annual fan evening at Café De Lachende Vis. the stars are dying

They were already well known in and around 's-Hertogenbosch in the 1960s.

you, with covers of The Beatles, Cliff, Elvis and The Shadows, among others

Go back to those glory years. Address: Empelsedijk 21 in Oud-Empel.

Admission is free.

Autumn walk Bossche Broek's-HERTOGENBOSCH - Sunday, October 18 at 11:00 a.m., Meij-

the guides of the Staatsbosbeheer will take you for a nice walk in the forest

Bosch Brook. Nowhere is nature as close to the city as here and there

A lot to see. Bossche Broek is home to deer, pheasants, rabbits and rare species

common plants. Discover its special character with the help of a guide.

wet grass Meeting point at the entrance of Bossche Broek in Pettelaars

eweg/Zuidwal. No registration required. Wet weather resistant, waterproof

closed shoes are required. Tip: bring binoculars. Go for a walk

It is suitable for young and old.

Concert D-Strezz and Nightcall's-HERTOGENBOSCH - Sunday, October 18 at 9:00 p.m. D-Strezz and

Evening visit to Muziekcafe Lohengrin. D-Strezz is a versatile cover band with

swinging groove, who also plays pop, rock, funk and reggae.

Nightcall have been a band for over 25 years, originally as

blues band, but later turned more towards country and rock & roll.

The music they play is mostly from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Entrance

in besplatan Dirección: Erasmusstraat 9, 's-Hertogenbosch (Zuiderpassage).

Minerals and Fossils Exhibition-HERTOGENBOSCH - Den Bosch Geological Circle takes place on Sunday

On October 18, starting at 10 a.m. at 5:00 p.m., the 41st mineral sample called

Experience geology at the Helftheuvel community cultural center. With several

The activities are more than just an exhibition of minerals and fossils. Specifications

the lightning is always the shot of the geode. What do the crystals hide?

bulbs that are opened with special chain pliers? You also can

you can see the minerals grow. Children can search for fossils on their own.

like a shark's teeth cutting through the sand. This year there are also specialists

van will be there to answer all your fossil questions.

So bring your fossils that you want to learn more about. have-

Have you found a mineral or minerals and want to know what you found? Is there

a geologist present who can tell you more about their findings. also a jewel

mole exists. He knows almost everything about your gems. Information: Entry €2.50 up to 12 years €0.50.

Noten op de Noen with the Roma ensemble Sintiromarus HELVOIRT - Noten op de Noen will take place on Sunday, October 18 at 12:15 p.m.

mjesto u Oude Kerk na Torenstraat u Helvoirtu s nastupima

Sintiromarus gypsy set. The ensemble plays classical music and

authentic gypsy music from the Balkans and Russia. The musicians of this i-

seem to graduate with honors from various conservatories and perform

regularly at home and abroad. The concert is free.

contribution is appreciated. Information:

Operates on Sundays, flea market in Slinger

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18: from 10:00 a.m.

- 16:00 will be held at De Slinger, in January

Schöfferlaan 3 u 's-Hertogenboschu

the flea market place. Information: 06-

81135591 ή www.vandersteen-

Open air market in Ebel

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18: between

12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

buy milk at D'n As in Empel geor-

organized by the Carnival Foundation

Not slotgat. Address: Asmunt 3 en


Matineja pop & blues rock

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18: at 2:00 p.m.

sati will meet again at the vinegar factory

pop and blues rock matinee

place with performances two again

gional bendovi: Shades of Gray en

Red House. The aperitif is free.

Vocal ensemble Pur Sang brings chansons

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18: at 3:30 p.m.

Pur Sang pod vocal ensemble

the name Chanson in concert

Sala de exposiciones, Prince Bernhardstraat

4-6 Hertogenbosch. tu professional

grammar is emphasized

French music and literature, but

there are also trips to the poets

and composers from other countries.

Entry €15 (up to 18 years €7.50).

Tickets at the door or in advance

send by e-mail:[email protected]

bosch song table

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19: around 7:00 p.m.

sat De Bossche Liederentafel pjeva

(BLT) de nuevo and Knillisport,

Korte Waterstraat 15, 's-Herto-

genbosch. Admission is free.

Paranormalno Avondin D'n Durpsherd

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19: around 8:00 p.m.

The Horus Foundation organizes

Berlicum another seer

evening at the Social and Cultural Center

D'n Durpsherd, Kerkwijk 61 h Ber-

person Tonight is guaranteed

and Truus Knijn. And

provides demo

vision observations using for-

until it is. Appetizer: 5 euros. Information: Information: 073-

5033027 of 06-53264355.

Back to the Future Marathon by JT Den Bosch

it's october 21

thirty years ago

back to the future inside

the cinema was working. j

is back to the future

one of the most successful

hit trilogy

eighties is

marty's story

McFly y Doc Brown,

(Video) Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 11, 2018 FULL Game: The Greatest MNF Game Ever?

that with his travel in time

zende coche by DeLo-

actual past and

future a

bring search T bi-

oscoop Den Bosch

marks it with a three-part marathon on Wednesday, October 21 from 6:30 p.m. tide-

During this unique viewing, visitors can also see if the predictions for 2015 are correct.

appeared in Back to the Future II. Tickets €15.00 are sold at the box office through or the JT app.

B*THERE Festival 2015 Last week-

the end finds it

Festival B*TU


in the parade the

organization before

send it again


program too

music, art and

culture oriented

to the students and

mladi bossche -

Lacrditzasis. In

program see more Black Marble Selection, Cairo Liberation Front and Nadie Beats

Drum, local L'ENFANT, interesting PingPong poetry and Echo's puppies

Films. The festival is still free. New is B*THER this year together-

collaborates with two Bossche collectives to host one of the two stages. Factory-

Evening host Boomshakalak Soundsystem (reggae/dance hall/R&B) takes the stage, op

Saturday night Koppersnellers (music band) with a Mardi Gras concept. you are the two days

from 17:00 to 1:00 welcome. Information:

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (21)

Fun dance in Rosmalen

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24: from 8:30 p.m.

- 1.00 in the morning the 16th edition will take place

Bailando and Rosmalen,

an all-inclusive dance night for the whole

washed down with DJ music. It-

Location: Kentering Festival Center,

Dorpsstraat 54 Rosmalen. Ulaz:

2,50 euros

Chic music at the Nuland Hotel

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24: from 9:00 p.m.

until 01.00 there is another version

by Chic Music at the Hotel Van der

Valk, Nuland. Odlazni/Odlazni-

meeting night for people over 40

with DJ music. input 8

euro. Information:

Jubilee bird show De Goudvink 50 years

24 ZA + 25 ZO OKT:

from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. m. (Sunday to

16.30) is the jubilee bird

50th anniversary show

bird club anniversary

Bullfinch de Vught, se puede ver en

Grb Cromvoirta, St. Lam-

bertusstraat 72 u Cromvoirtu. O

Admission is free.

Thecla Renders exhibition in the Grote Kerk

UNTIL SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25: exhibited by Bos.

graphic designer Thecla Renders

u Grote Kerk μετά Kerkstraat

in Hertogenbosch. the report is

which was exhibited during the Open Church

days from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Helfheuvel SCC open-air market

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25: from 9.00 -

16:30 There will be chaos

market at SCC de Helfeuvel,

Helftheuvelpassage 115, ‘s-Herto-

genbosch. Information: 06-81135591

Exhibition Nature in abstraction

T/M November 22: is ex

position "Nature in abstraction"

pogledajte u Galerie KuBra aan de Schil-

derstraat 17a u 's-Hertogenboschu.

KuBra shows the option

works of art based on

ture, seen through the eyes of six

Artists from Brabant: : Karen

Pelckmans, Geke Wijers, Wim Lem-

Esposo, Simone Grootveld, Ria

Plug in diny timers. Gallery

is open on thursday and friday

from 12:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays

Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. onwards

speech. Weekends are one of them.

present artists. Access

It's free.

Art from Area 13 near Muzeri

T/M November 30: report.

Nu-Meent art circle

land in the museum. From January 1

Nuland is part of this as 'District 13'

Opcine's Hertogenbosch,

hence the name "neighborhood art

13". You can see it from Tuesday to

Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(except Saturday 31

octubre) and Muzeria, Hinthamers-

74 street in 's-Hertogenbosch. Information:

Izložba Broma vande Ven-van Riessen

UP TO 1ST PRE: exhibitions

Broma van de Ven-van Riessen

Den Dungen in his photos

Mariaoord, Vliertwijksestraat 369

in rosmalen. issues that

Humorous colors are often recognizable.

ble, but also makes abstract

work. The techniques used are

oil paints and acrylic paints with shell sand,

on canvas, cardboard, paper and cardboard.

Admission is free. Opening

Appointments are every day from 10am

8 pm. Information: www.jokevanries-

AGENDA Bossche Omroep � October 18, 2015 � page 21�


"Under Bosch's Tree"

Vugh: Den Bosch's mother!

In an indestructible veil

records that in 1185 (some

say 1195) the city was founded

a forest near Orthen to Enrique I, duke

from Brabant. That is why the new city was named

's-Hertogenbosch, the prince's forest. Solar also showed this

clearly Orthen was older than Den Bosch. On average, about

nist Bosschenaar hard nut, but little by little

learned to live with it. What else can you complain about when you see Ag. John,

Baker De Groot and Sweet Dear Mother within the walls, doc

since they have to make do with the cemetery north of the railway,

Orthen-Links και zatvoreni San Salvator;

But now ominous reports are coming from the south. The newspaper-

Research shows that Halder dates from Roman times and Vught from

in the early Middle Ages they were important places of commerce. Vught

around the year 1000 it already had its own currency, two churches and a

tolls in the port of Dieze. This? Yes, that's what the river was called then.

which flows past the Vugh. The Essche stream flows from the village of Diessen

near Hilvarenbeek in Halder, once called Dieze. in Hal-

where the tributary river Dommel flowed into it. Vught was already negotiating

a position in Dieze well before the A2 with noise barriers in the middle


The operation of the trading post changed over time.

in the north. You could say that Halder was a grandmother.

der en Vught is the dam of Den Bosch. What are the consequences?

this new knowledge cannot be evaluated. Many of Bossche's texts lie-

the repertoire should be reviewed. rivalry between

The working-class town of Dukas and the posh suburban town will have completely different experiences.

get a rocket. Did Roderick van de Mortel have prior knowledge of this?

to find when he replaced his municipal head in the provincial head

for Mayor Vugh? He could play a part in one

any new municipal reorganization? We'll see.

You might think that this is just one column that you shouldn't take seriously.

I get. But then you're wrong. This issue will be resolved soon.

the canvases were made by the archaeologist Antoinette Huybers and Bra-

Professor Arnoud-Jan van Bijsterveld. If you cut the seam of the sock

you want to know, then comes the night of November 11 (yes, I know: also

this date is doubtful) in the public library of Dorps-

Ulica Vught.

Cees Slegers

"Onder De Boschboom" is a cultural-historical section that offers its columnists an in-depth research platform on topics related to the culture of Den Bosch in a personal capacity. Reactions? Send your email to:[email protected].

Bossche brblja

At the art festival in the museum district

Get organized during the fall holidays

Septentrional Brabant Museum i

City Museum 's-Hertogen-

bosch again all kinds of artistic activities

ts for kids now there are only

at least two Van Gogh exhibits

far and the Noordbra-

Buddy Museum. Van Gogh's eye

There are activities like work-

buy Animation, furnish a mini bedroom for Van Gogh and create

make a funny video about it, dress like vincent, do the first one

masterpiece and discover how Van Gogh became so famous. you can continue

cook in front of the camera or in a mud restaurant and make your own painting

find pizza, birthday cake or any other fantasy food, flower

people and plants learn to paint with watercolors, frame with wood

Build an (imaginary) animal and enter a sidewalk chalk contest. Look

for the entire series on and To take part in

All activities for children are free. Entrance to the Museum Quarter until 6:00 p.m.

year too.

Municipal pages Search for current information

training up

municipal information

pages of this newspaper or at:

Emergency numbers Emergency services: 112 Police/Fire


Non-Emergency Police: 0900-8844

Ambulance: 073-6414444

Fire station: 073-6889889

Animal clinic: 073-6146070

Jeroen Bosch Apo- Pharmacy

divine Henry Dunant-

Calle 1 (in the lobby of Calle

hospital) for an urgent prescription

outside normal hours

which is 073-5535999

GP Post 0900-8860

Dentist Dentist Emergency Information

fall service: 0900-2020914

GGD Srce Sat Brabant Vogelstraat 2 's-Hertogenbosch

0900-4636443 (local rate);

Alcoholics Anonymous:


The sensor, the ear that listens day and night:


Telephone for children: 0800-0432 (free)

Daily 14:00-20:00.

Victim Assistance Office: 0900-0101

Self-help center 's-Hertogenbosch and area: dozens of self-help groups for

contact with peers, e.g. spiritual and

physical health, addiction

attention and other social problems

mom, 073-6237263.

Van Neynsel Customer Service – For Senior Care Questions

's-Hertogenbosch i okolica,

073-8228000 (9h y 16h);

GGz North-East Brabant Customer Service Center: support and advice for

(former) mental health, addiction clients

accept it Open: Monday-Wednesday-Friday

13.30-16.30, 073-6401752;

Isma House:

Center for ex-addicts and

your loved ones.

Open: Mon to Wed 10:00am - 2:00pm.

06-21555521 / 073-6907390;

Van Mens tot Mens Discussion and attention to the sick

that couldn't be better

Pine tree. 7 days a week 24 hours a

day available: 06-46431345 or:

[email protected]

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (22)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 22



& Coop is open EVERY Sunday from 12:00 p.m.

Offers valid from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 October 2015. Week 43 Receive your purchases at your address:

or call for information: 073 - 6910044

Paanakker's-HertogenboschBuitenpepersdreef 353Kapelan Koopmansplein 218

We reserve the right to change prices and assortment, typographical errors, and out-of-stock items. All offers are for home use and not for commercial use.

Jean Sablenay French red, white or rosé wine bottle 750 ml

White, wheat or whole wheat breadcrumbs

Italian bottle Verdicchio for white wine 750 ml

Authentic North Holland cheeses creamy young, young mature, mature, mustard, garden herbs or nettles 2 x 300/500 grams packed fresh, e.g. 2 x 500 grams of creamy young fresh packaged from 11.00 to 5.501.00


on = on

included and fresh from our own oven!

Remia or Salad sauces 3 pieces of your choice, for example tube of chips for sauce 500 ml from 3.75 to 2.50

Hebro Spicy Chicken Satay 172 grams Plus 1.25 per pack

Buttered Cooproom Apple Pies each, about 5/6 people

Senseo strong coffee or Senseo in capsules 2 bags of 32/36 capsules of your choice


50% OFF.



1.00 NO


2.493.49 2.99


2+1 FREE

1+1 FREE

LEFF Briefing Oct 19, 2015 on BBS Haren Donk and Reit As a parent, you want the best for your child. Try to raise your child in a healthy way. You already know what healthy living is, but sometimes it's easier said than done. LEFF is a free program in which children and their families are educated. Together with other parents, they share tips and help each other to be healthier. Your child will play active games and feel more comfortable with LEFF (Lifestyle, Energy, Fun & Friends). LEFF is intended for children between the ages of 7 and 13 who have a body weight above the healthy body weight and their parents with the aim of socializing them to lead a healthier life.

Do you want to know more about LEFF? Then come to the information meeting on October 19 from 18:30 to 19:30 at BBS Haren, Donk en Reit, Ploosschehof 86 's-Hertogenbosch. During this meeting, you will meet the LEFF team and get a good idea of ​​what the program entails. The program starts on November 2, 2015. More information can be found at You can register for the information night by sending an email to[email protected]


Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (23)

AHORA Bossche Omroep � 18 de octubre de 2015 � página 23�

"Nothing is too difficult for us" -HERTOGENBOSCH - Cees Vissers has been working in the construction industry since he was a child. Twenty-five years ago, she founded her own company. Over the years, Bouwbedrijf Vissers has built a great reputation in the area. "We work with a permanent team of 10 people, all professionals."

If you want to renovate an existing house

construction, expansion or renovation,

or do you want to build a new house? Bee

Bouwbedrijf Vissers is what you are looking for

good direction "In the past,

we built a house that is

was declared the most beautiful house

of South Holland," says Cees

Fishermen with pride. Thanks to

years of experience can

they also begin more difficult jobs. "My

for example, take a me

house built zinc clad.

Nothing is difficult for us. My

let's not get carried away and leave

every challenge." This ensures

people are there for that solid craftsmanship

will surrender "And we did

connected with BouwGarant, η

marca de calidad en la fabricación, significa

that we are a reliable company

give quality". each professional

the project starts with a non-binding query

conversation on which it is based

sincere personal wishes ad-

dirty (and accompanying quote)

will be given. "We make you...

Clear agreements in advance so that

our customers know exactly where they are

be prepared. Personal contact

discretion throughout the building

ces is also very important.

people deal with one

regular contact person I can

contact them if you have any questions

in the morning or if there are problems. My

we take all the work out of your hands

we want our customers in this sense

completely unlimited". specific

da Bouwbedrijf Vissers također na

in the field of interior decoration and furnishing

the thing can mean something. "Have-

employ separate persons

be strong in the application

Details." For smaller jobs

several hours or days

one for self-preservation and

manufacturing service. everything is included

In any case, the customer comes first. Service

and the aftercare is therefore excellent

organized. “Where we build and

renew, keep customers satisfied


� Bouwbedrijf Vissers nalazi se na adresi Afrikalaan 11b u 's-Herto-genboschu, 073-5942962[email protected]. For more information: On the web you will find, among other things, photos of projects that the company has carried out in recent years, so that you can get a good impression of their work. Construction company Vissers werkto.a. together with Vissers Zwemba-den and Vissers Maintenance and Building Service.

Cees Vissers está en contacto constant con Bouwbedrijf Vissers Photo: Freek Jansen

Al Mundo abuses its diners-HERTOGENBOSCH - From now on you can enjoy the attractive offer of the Mediterranean restaurant Al Mundo. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you pay only 19.50 euros for a three-course à la carte menu.

Al Mundo has existed for more than 10 years

located in the center of Den Bosch. He

the restaurant is kept up to date and

continues to update. Enthusiastic

the group is full of ideas and concerns

take care of everything every night

Even the smallest detail. IN

2012. namely, the magazine Spe-

cial Bite selected as one of

501 most comfortable restaurant

from Holland. and this is not for

nothing because the hospitality is there

precious. in a closed space

they will welcome you in a friendly way

friendly staff received as

my friend. the light of many candles

blink and you hear soft music

in the background. embraced by

warm and homely atmosphere

soon you will feel at home

and make yourself comfortable

lens. There are delicious dishes on the menu.

Mediterranean dishes with a

Burgundy with a gourmet touch

fresh, no doubt, will amaze.

Each of them is unique because

are prepared according to your own recipe

by owner Recently, I-

now the map expands so that you are the visitor

there are even more options. Thanks to

stable and affordable prices you know

exactly where you are beforehand

is. You have it for only €14.50

main course, for €19.50

two-course menu for €

23.50 Three-course menu. Here-

you can choose between all the dishes

in the map. these are served

wing with salad, flamenco

French fries and/or french fries

fresh, hot linen and vegetables. AND

good wine from the extensive

the wine list makes your meal exciting-

compassion. Groups are up to 30 people.

welcome to the party

special cases. He

The Al Mundo team will take care of that

that after a pleasant evening with

a feeling of joy and satisfaction

come home so that

I look forward to your next

next visit!

Al Mundo is located at Ort-henstraat 284 in 's-Hertogen-bosch. Reservations are mandatory and can be made by calling 073-6100564. It is also possible to perform the service online again. For more information:

At Al Mundo you can eat in a pleasant Burgundian atmosphere Photo: Freek Jansen

100% printed

recycled paper

UPRAVASabine Lamers 06-51497956



Marianne Rijnenberg06-20339284Wilma van der Heijden06-12992629Monique van Alphen06-20139637Ingrid Hochwald


Jetta de RuiterMarc SmitsAstrid BerkhoutLesha Bosman


Freek Jansen06-10166089


even bards


Announcements: Thursday 10:00 am Speakers: Wednesday 3:00 pm Brochures: Wednesday 12:00 pm Curator: Wednesday 12:00 pm Agenda: Wednesday 3:00 pm.

PUBLIKACIJA BOSSCHE OMROEP je publikacija Uitgeversmaatschappijde BOSSCHE OMROEP/DE WAALWIJKER B.V. Narudžbe se zaključuju i izvršavaju u skladu s našim općim uvjetima, podnesenim u Gospodarskoj komori. Bokhoven, Gewande, Vught, Rosmalen, Den Dungen, Berlicum, Middelrode, St.-Michielsgestel, Helvoirt, Cromvoirt, Vlijmen, Nieuwkuijk, Haarsteeg, Hedel, Kerkdriel, Velddriel, Nuland i Vinkel Naklada 9.00 ex.9.00:

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Available by phone during business hours. exempt. from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DID WE NOT RECEIVE THE NEWSPAPER? We apologize for that. Promote it through

Aries March 21 – April 20 If you suffer from deficiency

there are daylight solutions

For. Go out more, reconcile

fun things and meet people

more around you. Good Guy-

the shelf will make you sunnier. also


Taurus April 21 - May 20. You should be proud of yourself

it's all about the choices you have

they know how to create. just don't go there

to walk next to your shoes. That

others already do enough there

are you angry too?

Gemini May 21 - June 20 Spend a little more

time for self-examination and

deer and your stag and yours

feminine side. Want

provides more information on how

your experience no less important

drogas spol.

Cancer June 21 - July 22 Unexpected loss

makes you move less

what his environment thought.

Explain to your loved ones why this is happening.

at least it works

Come make people believe you're not...

They are different.

Leo July 23 - August 22 In war and love prevail

for most people again

gel Just for you, of course.

doesn't mean you have to continue

Rhythm. You can really do it in that sense too.

Better not run with the crowd.

Virgo August 23 - September 22 Touch is a useful assistant

means protecting your environment from your own

the right to persuade practice in

you move in front of the mirror until you find yourself there

I believe completely and without ha-

pering can convey what you are out there

must happen

Libra September 23 - October 22. although you can

now darker, it will be yours

the odds soon change. soon i will

forget that it was always different

and take big steps forward.

Nothing in this life lasts forever.

Not even a failure.

Scorpio, October 23 - November 22. you are a little lost

where do you find the basis of happiness

can be found Dive into goodness

memories, preferably with loved ones

He runs, he's known you for a long time. In which

when exactly was your luck

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21. try some variety

bring your life Desire-

so that you do not lack strength

try new challenges.

Especially in a direction you don't know

dared to attack earlier. You could

sometimes you can be surprised.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20. probably can

enough stuck thoughts and

to review habits. Who knows

life finally comes

once again so much easier for me

you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Aquarius on January 21. - February 20th. close as soon as possible

all tires compressed. will be yours

benefits peace of mind and

to keep you alert. contacts that

have more questions to ask

often an unpleasant side effect that

especially exhausts you.

Pisces February 21 - March 20 From now on pack without soil-

take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

modesty is not always a thing

good focus. especially not if you

they are surrounded by people who

bad sun on the water

see the glow


PANATURAL = VERY NORMAL "Do you also have a paranormal side?"

Anja Reijns has a paranormal gift. With this gift, she helps many people and animals. The supernatural also raises many questions. Anja answers these questions in a monthly column.

“Some people feel like they feel and see more than others. Does this also apply, am I more sensitive, do I have a paranormal side? You will get the answer to these questions on Wednesday, November 25 from 10 am to 3 pm. Then together we will embark on a journey to the spiritual world and we will feel, see and experience that there is something more between heaven and earth. The price is 45 euros per person, with coffee/tea and lunch. On Monday, November 2, we begin with the spirituality course. Held four Monday nights in a row. There are still some vacancies. You pay 75 euros for this course.”

Anja Reijns Counseling and Guidance Office - 0416 – 76 90 56

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (24)

Bossche Omroep 18 de octubre de 2015 page 24 EXPANSORES

For only €0.64 per word, your 'Announcer' (1 column) will appear in the Sunday newspaper, reaching +/- 99,100 families. The minimum number of words calculated is: 10 at €0.64 = €6.40 without 21% VAT. If you send your message no later than Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. m., your program will be broadcast on Bossche Omroep on Sunday. By post: Onderwijsboulevard 576, 5223 DN 's-Hertogenbosch Fax: 073-6122330 or by email: admin�[email protected]. You can also submit via: under "Announcers position?"

Section:_________________________________________________ Date(s) of publication:_________________________________

Name of Beneficiary):________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________ s:erdA

City Zip Code:____________________

Tengo +/- __________ palabras x 0.64 € = _____________ para Bossche Omroep

Imam +/- __________ riječi x 1.22 € = €_____________ Sat Bossche Omroep + Waalwijker

+ 21% by the way = €_____________

Total = $ _____________


Account number: ___________________________________________ SEPA bank name: ______________________

Place and date:________________________________ Signature:________________________________

By signing this form, you authorize Bossche Omroep to send a single direct debit to your bank

debit a certain amount from your account once.

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Uso de Koenen-Oel Pogrebne


073 59 437 66

For a personalized funeral

SAME FAREWELL CENTER: | Den Dungen POSTAL ADDRESS: Klinčić 6 | 5275 KR Dungen Lair

Litserstraat 40

MISMA CASA DE DESPEDIDA: Gasthuisstraat 31a | Schijndel

OWN CEMETERY: Den Dungen Funeral Home | Litserstraat 40 | Dungeon

POSTAL ADDRESS: Klincic 6 | 5275 KR Dungen Lair


NECESSARY! For all yours



Frans Klaver, 073-8200351


Defects without problem, ITV expired, damage etc. For more information:

Autobedrijf de Bont B.V. Also for all your maintenance, repairs and ITV

You want to get rid of your car, and the car is bj. between 2000 and 2008?

We buy your car outright with RDW compensation and equivalent settlement.

Autobedrijf LammersIndustrieterrein Kruisstraat, Rosmalen | Τηλ.: 06 53990016 |[email protected]


This summer together on the road

Stichting Date sustainable male-female relationships since 1969

Safe and reliable and always around Personal guidance and suggestions Unlimited submissions and high success rates

Thea Schampers: tel.

Don't wait any longer for this coincidence, your first contact in a week.

Let love color again this fall! Your first contact in a week.


NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO PLANT IN YOUR GARDEN. A new collection of garden plants has just arrived.

Large variety in stock for garden lovers. Hedge plants in all shapes and sizes, from small to very tall.

big. Always free advice, good and fast service, possible delivery. Comprehensive reform, maintenance,

tree removal, damage restoration, etc.

Dierenwinkel de Claudia everything for your dog and/or cat. Open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 18:00

Bosscheweg 55, Drunen06 - 104 02 610 / 06 - 465 80 862


Hambakenweg 10 (diagonally in front of the TOTAL petrol station) T: 00(31)636339889

All appliances are new and delivered free of charge in the Den Bosch area. 80euros

Washers and dryers from 100 euros

Mixed white refrigerators A+ 275 euros (valid in week 43)

Open: Mon from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tue. free. 10 am m. to 5 p.m., Saturday. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.





driving lessons

Driving school Hans VosAlso automatic and trailer




driving lessons




Vacuum cleaning center Spare parts and repair

all household items. SPARE PARTS INTERNET PRICES

Home appliance repair without call charges, fixed prices

(also at night)

Also radio/TV repairs Aartshertogenlaan 332a, 073-6412352


Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (25)

Bossche Omroep 18 de octubre de 2015 page 25 EXPANSORES

they spoke yes

congratulations on behalf of the other Chardon9

Top offer 72 Duracell batteries for only €24.95 + an extra 10% discount on your credit!

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Solution Sunday, October 11, 2015





just wait

Nice and modern three-bedroom apartment in a small complex on the outskirts of Het Westerpark and Paleiskwartier, within easy walking distance of the main train station and the city center. Ground floor with a beautiful large terrace (40 m2), unobstructed view of the water facilities and a lot of privacy. It is located in the southwest, so the sun all day!

Schaapsveldje 124's-Hertogenbosch Sale price: €295,000.00 excl. Construction type: Corner apartment Living room: 100 m² Terrace: 40 m2

Number of rooms: Living room, 2 bedrooms Bathroom: Bath, separate shower Includes: 2 garage spaces

For more information: visit and contact Mariëlle Ploegmakers directly for a review: 06-21563028 /[email protected].




DEVARANA Sauna Beauty Resort u's-Hertogenboschu

I'm looking for:





Apply online at to vacancies.




Plumber WANTED: 073-2600044






Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (26)

Bossche Omroep 18 de octubre de 2015 page 26 EXPANSORES

Also available at

Pettelaarseweg 259d

Balkweg 13 (Bossche Woonboulevard)

Hinthamerstraat 131

su Hertogenbosch

Molenadplein 35

Molenhoekov odlomák 18


Vrbov prolaz 2

Peter Dondersplein 14-2

Sint Servatiusstraat 52a

Aleja kestenova 21

church drill

Sint Michelgestel



but 40

Ben van Sleeuwen


Dinther de Heeswijk

is ready for you at:

A well stocked thrift store

SOS buvljak Ridderspoorstraat 2,

Den Bosch from Tuesday to Saturday

From 10 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., we collect your household items for free,

clothes, books, etc. Call 073 613 3774 for an agreement.

Proceeds go to projects inside and outside the Netherlands.

(ANBI admits).







ULAZNICESvakog četvrtka SUPER-KIENENna Dance Center Rosmalen (Coudewater) Berlicumseweg 8a

GLAZBAMusic total Waalwijk kupuje glazbene instrumentale. Grotestraat 312 τηλ. 0416-560464

Piano teacher teaches adults and children 073-6131911

SAX LESSONS from an experienced teacher, free trial lesson. Also rent (€20 per month), sale and repair. Hans Boschman Saxophones, Hudsonlaan 11, Den Bosch

MUSIC SCHOOL Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, singing classes. Free trial lesson, tel. 06-46188720

Paul van Haren RESTORATION OF VOICES AND PIANO. Call for an appointment: 06–10226049 or 0418-510498

I am selling classic LPs, approximately 60 pieces. 06-44104975

Further improvement of blowing and breathing techniques for wind players. For more information:


G.J Burg for all your scrap and metals 06-50450962 073-6218855

v. Dalsen For the scrap and metal market. Download at home. Also a member of NIWOTel. 073-614537106-26432549


Monday, October 19, 2015 in Den Durpshert in Berlicum Host of the paranormal evening: Truus Knijn Observations through photographs of the deceased 20:00 Information: 073-5033027





We cannot accept ANY RESPONSIBILITY for damages of any kind caused by FAILURE OR IMPROPER INSTALLATION of the speaker. We do NOT have to compensate for errors in referenced posts or errors caused by unclear customer writing!

TAXESNOW Financial management, taxes and annual accounts. All-inclusive packages for freelancers. For information call M. van Outheusden at 06-43019749

CONSTRUCTION-ERdesign2build-structural advice, plans and building permits. Energy labels and a house that saves energy,[email protected]073-7513484

HEALTH Problems with dentures? Free consultation at Dental Company. Monday Graafseweg 90 from 4 to 5 p.m., Wednesday Friday Morgen 18 from 4 to 5 p.m. Telephone[email protected]

GOLF SpaendonckSport, your specialist in tennis and golf. Now to South Pass. Erasmusstraat 15.


Jeweler Pieter Jacobs Instant Cash

Krullartstraat 9 Center Den Bosch


HORREN Window & Door Treatments Custom Screens & Screens! Free measurement and installation! Ed de Vaan 06-15203228[email protected] WWW.STOPDEMUG.NL

LESSONS AND TRAINING Italian on vacation www.toscanarte.nlTel: 073-6133510

Classes start again! ClaraTeken&[email protected]: 073-6133510

PAINTING in the studio at home. From Tuesday to Friday in the morning from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Tuesday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Wednesday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Information; Brigitta Schelaar, 073-6419618 email;[email protected]

Awareness training begins 10-27. 0640174029

DO YOU LEARN ASTROLOGY? Introductory course in Rosmalen. Seven nights starting October 21.

Graphic Atelier Den Bosch courses and workshops include: - Basic Screen Printing Course - Toyobo for Beginners - Printing Materials - Networking Masterclass in Photoshop - Basic Photoshop Course - Mini Course[email protected]

FOR RENT Elshout, warehouse/commercial space for rent 15 - 1600 m2, office 32m2 tel.[email protected]

For rent: storage room with WC, kitchenette, lighting and electric roller door. On fenced land with security camera. That. 20 m² and height 2.5 m €80 per month Approx. 25 m² and 2.5 m high €120 per month Kempenlandstraat Vught. Information 06-53421440

For rent: Garage €100 per month In fenced area with security camera Kempenlandstraat Vught. Information 06-53421440


We offer storage space for your motorhome, caravan, folding trailer an additional 10 minutes from Den Bosch. Call for information: Frans Merks 0612137553.


FOR SALE Garage in Vught for sale from E.14 000 several options. Boxes and storage rooms are also rented 4.50 E.50/m2/month. information[email protected]

Scooter – Explorer € 525,=06-22130452

2E HANDSVincentiuswinkel, Havenstraat 11A, closed from October 1 to 31 due to the coronavirus measures. renewal The merchandise can be delivered from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. m.


VIDEO Every life has a story. Let it be recorded and it will live forever. Kees Klijn 06-33970104.

MEND MEND FELGARIM! Leveling, finishing, polishing, welding, powder painting, curb damage repair. Bosscheweg 17A Drunen, 0416-784476

SUN PROTECTION Action Sun protection and blinds. telephone 06-10161285 Signature v Gompel & v. LoonJust better.



Dvije Van Goghove izložbe u Het Noordbrabants Museum's-HERTOGENBOSCH - Sjever

The Brabant Museum closes the van

Gog year 2015 with two extra

a unique and very different van

Gog exhibits. "All around

of Rectory' takes you to it

Van's early Bravantine work

What a cast of "Vincent finds out."

it's a different arc and

the story of how they go

The underrated art of Gog

Stenaar became one of

the most famous and popular art-

us in the world.

The exhibits are open for viewing until

until December 20. let's look ahead

More information on the website:

Charity evening for KIKAEMPEL - De Lachende Vis in Empel

organize for-

the night before KIKE. at 20:30

opening hours

of a mysterious guest. after

Will be the following artists

Performing a performance carelessly. No

Gluposti, Albert Leenders, Mario

Veltman, Kapalone, Addie Timmer-

Mans, Yosee, William Burg y Jeff

Frey Heesen. Tickets cost 12.50

EUR per person and can be purchased at De

smiling fish. total revenue

of ticket sales

well done by KIKA. is

they have this benefit every year

organize. companies i

of people who want an event

sponsors can contact

jedan s mariom van lith van de la-

Chende Vis, Empelsedijk 21 te

Oud-Empel, phone 073-6421032.

Dan dijaloga-HERTOGENBOSCH - Dan

The dialogue returns. In

Thursday 5 and Tuesday 10

november is the sixth time

far. So the Bosch people talk

for a very relevant news

issue; open and welcoming

society. we entered together

a chat to see how we are

can contribute too

what initiatives are necessary and desirable

be ugly dialogue day

wants people with different backgrounds

get to know each other

manufactured and assembled

I speak. anyone can share

I get. Each dialog table has

eight to ten participants.

The last two or three calls

a clock. experienced moderator

to lead a conversation. at each table

a meal is served. He

discussion night begins at 5:30 p.m.

a clock. Discussion forums - where Bos-

a small circle experience

gene, dreams and exchange of ideas

- found in about 30 different

places to find in 's-Hertogen-

Bosch, Rosmalen και Nuland. tamo

discussions are about

the art of living together Many or-

City organizations have developed

registered as the main site. all

ideas and dreams of dialogue

win a place in the final

agreement at the end of november

Happens. For more information

and/or registration send an e-mail

I send you[email protected] or call 06-

29366693. See also above

Personalized training offers help for a fresh start REGIO - You are remote

participation in society?

Then join the group training

Maatcoa project

ching once is enough

Registration begins Institution

Industrial economy in support

self-help point in 's-Hertogenbosch

another new project. 10

intended for group meetings

explore together

handles for upper structure

bring to your life look for

focuses on conservation or recovery

work (voluntary), a

suitable hobby, education, etc.

work is also underway

expand your social network,

confidence and self-assurance

ness. Being an acknowledgment and recognition

core concepts. Information:, bel 073-

5112451/06-21941906 extension

[email protected].

Vincent van No, Aja Kusick/SagitariusGallery (2015), featured in "Vincent Discovered"

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (27)

CONSTRUCTION AND LIFE Bossche Omroep � October 18, 2015 � page 27�

Tangible memories sought after FRESH MARKET FACILITIES-HERTOGENBOSCH - Van Heinde will open the doors of Hofvijver in the Paleiskwartier in 's-Hertogenbosch before the holidays. The impressive 2,000 m2 fresh market will be located in the building that temporarily housed the Stedelijk's-Hertogenbosch Museum until 2012. For the exhibition, Van Heinde looks for paintings, photographs, sculptures or other works related in some way to the history of the building. .

At Van Heinde, with the motto "That tastes like more", good food (that is,

drink) are essential for every day. “People can accept that

original and seasonal products from our store,

fishmonger, butcher, cheesemaker, baker and cook", says Jan-Pieter de Ko-

none. “They find everything under one roof. cooking at home, meals for

to take away or enjoy a good meal with us in a restaurant where

we cook with fresh products". The building where Van

Heide is established, dating from 1950. “I totally agree

The city archive is busy unraveling more of the story. In 1950, in

You saw Dr. Lamers and Dr. Indemans (later Interpharm) started with

real estate construction. This was completed in July 1951. The estate was

it was built as a warehouse, because they bought all the buildings in the center of the city

the stock could no longer be disposed of. The company had a total of about 20,000 m2

acquired the land behind the station (Pharmaciestraat/Paralleweg)'.

Appeal “The former drug factory will receive temporary housing

offered at the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch. this is the last

destiny". The idea of ​​organizing the exhibition

stood up when Den Bosch artist Jan Maas, a resident of the Palace

quarterly, he offered a work of art of his own hand. "Property is being loaned

great for display. The idea is to let these stars-

around the official opening of Van Heinde. We call people who

paintings, photographs, statues, souvenirs or other works

related to real estate, to contact us

about him[email protected]

Van Heinde will be located at Hofvijver 2 in 's-Hertogenbosch. For more information, visit and the Facebook page.

Solution of the ten-point "traffic and parking" plan for the Paleiskwartier

Due to increased traffic pressure, the district becomes inaccessible-HERTOGENBOSCH - The palace district continues to develop. The Paleisbrug, which has been put into use, connects the old part of the city and the Paleiskwartier in a special way. The new Fresh Market operated by Van Heinde in the former Stedelijk Museum and Multi Cinema will be a bonus. When the Palace Quarter is complete, 3,500 people will live there, 7,500 people will work, and we expect at least 3,000 additional visitors per day. And every day between 15,000 and 20,000 students come. Therefore, we can speak of a new successful urban district. Jan Streefkerk and Ingrid Wakkee, President and Vice President of Pa-leiskwartier Wijkbelangen agree. However, they have been worried for two years and have been sharing it with the municipality. Due to the development of the district, the increase in employment, but above all the increase in traffic, too much pressure was placed on the Magistratenlaan as a street. The result is that during peak hours it is no longer possible to enter or leave the area from the side streets and traffic congestion on the Magistratenlaan.

Author Lesha Bosman

"The Paleiskwartier is constantly in fashion

growth," says Jan Streef-

Church. "It's nice and that's how it should be

also. But as part of one

traffic center of the city and as a municipality

you have to keep answering

well jer

A Welsh bridge was built and co-

Ning Road is car free,

Magistratlaan will become a

long drive to and from the city.

Furthermore, there is an increase in

cars come through development

area. Current traffic situation

the tie is no longer borrowed

equal movement and will

must be tight mom-

gistratenlaan is a must in our eyes

spread out so that in it

Decent and safe Paleiskwartier

can be disabled and

aggregate. can be done like this

through the flow of traffic.

In addition, more par-

milestones are created.

The garage is now closed.

Hugo de Grootlaan bombed every day

full, companies have very few

parking spaces for your employees

residents and train passengers can

they never lose their car. . TO

in a good complete solution

let's go as a neighborhood association

there was a ten point traffic plan

and parking was developed and

submitted to the municipality. is

special plan because we too

our responsibility as a region

they want to achieve, not only


Working together for solutions “we are a very active association

it was left with 1,100 members”, explains Ingrid

Wake up. Our members consist of

residents and businesses

our club is very special

real. In our ten point plan,

we have looked at where we are as pa-

leiskwartier can do our part

contribution and where is the municipality from

meaning can be these plans

we have a ten step plan

I'm coming. This is our proposal

companies use their car

reduce the number of employees by 10%

with public viewing

transport and supply

cars. It is also investigated if

double parking spaces-

can assume a role. it's an idea

what residents who do not use

use your place, and

position during working hours

can use one

employee. good connection

creation inside the Paleiskwartier,

CS, Transferium i Je-

The Roen Bosch hospital is a must see.

dead. e bus would be nice

the solution is.. You must also

environment designed through the stage

more electricity charging points


Looking at the big picture “There are other benefits

values ​​required for better i

safer traffic situation",

Jan Striefkerk continues. "Mi

a comprehensive solution must be found

looking for the long term. AND

that requires creative solutions,

we walked there like Paleiskwartier

not for the road. more flexible use

parking spaces, many shared cars

and use public transport

use of modern techniques

for reservations etc

This may also involve regulation

one-way traffic and

the use of others

access capabilities

decent parking garage. expand

the Judges Avenue issue will be,

after all, it can't be

escape. The same goes for accessories.

parking spaces. it will happen in december

municipality with comprehensive

proposal to come soon and

long-term. we see that it is

he also fights with us

Problem resolution,

more than one wants, per se

wait. We invite you, that's why...

Did we go to the counselor?

press but in settings

steps in the right direction. My

so trust us

together soon forever

solutions are coming."

Research “How could we take effective measures

baby, it's important to take

travel behavior and car use

residents and workers

explore the Palace District.

We currently have brochures.

among all residents

leiskwartier extended to

He thought about requesting our investigation.

This vote is open until October 27.

complete and contribute

find a good solution.

President Jan Streefkerk wants creative solutions for the accessibility of the Paleiskwartier. Photo: Freek Jansen

Visit our website Follow us on i

The artist Jan Maas at work, where it all began Photo: Freek Jansen



Court of East Brabant, location 's-Hertogenbosch

As part of the Dutch state expropriation proceedings, the East Brabant District Court heard

Netherlands v. W.H. Verhoeven and Mr. P.L.J.M. van Dun (case no

217821 / ΥΑ ZA 10-2063) expert opinion presented in the deposition-

number 48/2015. This advice may be provided by the parties and other interested parties upon request.

to be examined.

Clerk of the Court of East Brabant.


Registration of candidates Hannus d'n Heiboer TrophyROSMALEN - The Hannus d'n Heiboer Trophy is awarded annually

a person or organization voluntarily committed to Rosmalen in general

generally or specifically the carnival of Zandhazendurps. nominations for

individuals or organizations can apply until November 1 via hannus-

[email protected]. See also

Bo week 42 2015 - [PDF document] (28)

Bossche Omroep ◆ 18. listopada 2015. ◆ stranica 28

You will receive this beautiful box of chocolates as a gift this week when you spend €10 or more.

Also benefit directly from our bonus offers.

Lavavajillas Dreft Clean and Fresh Bočica Apple Citrus Garden 383 ml

Pepsi, Sisi to 7Up 1.5 liter bottle All variants per bottle

Mona 450 and 500 ml All variations per cup

Verkade Biscuits All Variations Per Pack



1,35 - 1,49


1,01 - 1,76


1,39 - 1,59




special offer


n ge



me you

rather small

k 43


by m


1 year

9 t/



gram 25





Meet your new Albert Heijn Arena.


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