Retro Flashback: 33 Memorable Commercials from the 1980s and 1990s (2023)

Isfirst TV commercialwent to the Bulova Watch Company in 1941. We started seeing commercials before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and the same year Mount Rushmore was completed. In general, it's safe to say that commercial advertising is as American as baseball and American pie.

The best of the best are the commercials from the 80's and 90's. Those decades were very peaceful in the countryside and we all wanted to laugh, smile and sing to the sound of the musiccontagious jingles.

It's time for a retro flashback! These are some of the best commercials from the 80's and 90's.

Check out this video for a quick look at the best commercials of the 80's and 90's!


The 80's were a totally tubular time! New video game consoles came out, Apple took the world by storm, and one guy even jumped off a building! some of the mostfamous slogansalready created also came out in this decade.

Here are the famous 80's commercials we're still talking about today!

popular 80SAdvertising

  1. "How many licks?" - Tootsie Pop
  2. "1984" - apple
  3. "Where's the beef?" - Wendy's
  4. "Peter is coming home" - trailer
  5. "Piano Concerto" - McDonald's
  6. "New Neighbors" - Diet Pepsi
  7. "My boyfriend and my little sister" - Hasbro
  8. „ROB“ – Nintendo
  9. „Silver Bullet Dinner“ – Coors Light
  10. "You can't believe the feeling" - Coca-Cola
  11. “Aha!” - Kool-Aid
  12. "I read my echo" - echo
  13. "It's good for the body" - milk
  14. „7UP Gold“ – 7UP
  15. "10 Story Jump" - New York Seltzer
  16. "The Creator" - Sega Genesis
  17. “Teddy Ruxpin” – worlds of wonder

1. "How many clicks?"- Tootsie-Pop

Mister. Owl for Tootsie Pop, first released in 1970, is one of themost memorable commercialsit was never done. In many ways, this commercial has taken on a life of its own, and now the character collection is at the forefrontT-Shirtsjlunch boxes.

The "How many licks?" The commercial was shown over and over again on television in the 80's, in which a curious child asks the famous question:How many licks does it take to get in the middle of a Tootsie Pop?As with all good questions, there is no right answer. The only truth is the Tootsie Pop brand is still going strong with over 60 million of these lollipops being made every day!

2. „1984“- litter

Before Apple swept the world, it enchanted everyone with its anti-conformist "1984" commercial, which is considered one of the best commercials of all time. This bold ad features a fearless woman fighting against the "Unified Thinking" of a dystopian society.

The commercial, inspired by George Orwell's novel of the same name, only aired once before being cancelled. Still, it had a big impact. In fact, $155 million worth of Macintosh computers were sold just three months after the commercial was released. Apple has become one of the most influential companies of all time.

3. "Where's the beef?"– Wendys

In 1984, Wendy's took the world by storm when an elderly lady named Clara Peller critically asked, "Where's the beef?" It's been decades since this commercial first appeared on TV and to this day we're still talking about it. This is really powerful advertising!

"Always Fresh, Never Frozen" is now the slogan used in Wendy's campaigns, but people haven't forgotten the original. As supply chain issues brought beef production to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers took to Twitter to ask, "Where's the beef?"

4. "Peter is coming home"- Fan

This played out when Folgers released the "Peter Comes Home for Christmas" commercial. The 1980s commercial ran on TV for a remarkable 17 years.

Folgers wanted to connect with his audience. The story of the commercial is that Peter arrives on time from college on Christmas morning and makes coffee for his euphoric family. After seeing this ad, your heart will be as warm as the coffee insideBags.

5. "Piano Concerto"- MC Donalds

In a classic 80's commercialMC Donalds, an adorable girl overcomes her stage fright at a piano recital. She performs a Mickey D-inspired version of Für Elise that would make Beethoven proud. With the promise of delicious McNuggets, you can achieve anything!

After the spot aired, children were suddenly interested in learning to play the piano. McDonald's also enjoyed its golden decade, earning $727 million in 1989 alone. Years later, Generation Xers still remember the song from that iconic '80s commercial.

6. "New Neighbors"- Diet Pepsi

(Video) One Hour of 1980s TV Commercials - 80s Commercial Compilation #1

Michael J. Fox was at his peak in the late '80s.Back to the Futureit had grossed over $11 million in its opening weekend and "Family Ties" hit record numbers. Diet Pepsi used his star power with this famous commercial from the 1980s.

The ad shows Fox trying to woo a new neighbor with a can of Diet Pepsi. An '80s song starts playing as she does her best to get the blonde a diet Pepsi. This announcement was just a small success in what has been a great year for PepsiCo. The soft drink brand was the largest company in the industry, selling products in around 150 countries.

7. "My girlfriend and younger sister"– Hasbro

My Buddy and Kid Sister weren't as popular as Cabbage Patch and American Girl. However, 80's kids are still excited and confused by the commercial and the catchy jingle that accompanied them.

My Buddy's reputation was somewhat ruined as a resultchild's playFranchise. However, if thistoysFirst released by Hasbro in 1985, they were absolutely cute and innocent. That innocence is at the heart of the commercials, which feature healthy blonde children playing with their dolls.

8. „ROB“-Nintendo

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in 1985. For the first time we could see classics such asDuck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong,jSuper Mario Bros.

Nintendo announced the NES with a commercial featuring R.O.B. the robot, an iconic canon figure. Initially only around 50,000 consoles were sold, but towards the end of the year the hype started to be felt. A large part of this success is due to thisSuper Mario Bros. which has sold over 40 million copies to date.

9. "Silver Bullet Dinner"-Coors Light

We all have a favorite meeting place. It was Central Perk for friends inFriends, the Gilmore Girls were big fans of Luke's Diner and so onSeinfeldThey had their caffeine hit at Monk's Cafe.

Coors Light had its own cozy space with the fictional Silver Bullet Diner. The commercial was one of his first advertising campaigns for Coors Light, launched just 6 years after the brand's launch. Today, Coors makes about $117.48 million per case of its domestic beer.

10. "You can't get over the feeling."- Coca Cola

In the 1980s, soft drink sales began to decline.Coca Colareinvented the wheel and created a new version of its classic flavor and launched an advertising campaign to accompany it.

This ad from the 1980s was exploitedruthlessMania where people dance to "You can't beat the feeling". Coca-Cola's customers liked the commercial, but they didn't particularly like the new flavor. They began to miss the first version of the soda, and as a result, sales soared as Coca-Cola reverted to its original flavor.

11. "Oh my!"– Kool-Aid

Who doesn't know the red kind of Kool-Aid? In 1954 he appeared on the scene for the first time. Since then he has appeared in numerous commercials, always using the catchphrase that made him famous.

The Kool-Aid Man starred in many '80s commercials, including this one for Surfin' Berry. The ads are a hodgepodge of bright colors and sounds, almost as if someone had put too much sugar in their drink. You couldn't watch TV this decade without seeing one of these Kool-Aid commercials.

12. "I Read My Echo"- Eco

Much to the chagrin of English teachers around the world, "Leggo My Eggo" became a popular catchphrase in 1972. Since then, people have avoided Leggo Eggos.

In this '80s Eggo commercial, a boy uses the power of physics to build a machine that will stop his brother from stealing his frozen waffles. People would still wish for such a machine today because they still love Eggo. Kellogg's even saw profits jump 2% in 2017 after Eggos was featured on the hit Netflix show.weird stuff.

13. "It's good for the body"-Leite

A clumsy, lanky boy tried to woo a supermodel. In this famous 80's commercial, he slowly transforms into a stronger man with every sip of his glass of milk.

The "milk is good for the body" commercials didn't make anyone run for milk, but they did inspire a focus group to take part in a study about a decade later. This focus group inspired the "Got Milk?" Slogan that became even more popular in the 90s.

14. „7UP-Gold“- 7 BIS

For a limited time, an apple and cinnamon flavor was available from 7UP. The drink, dubbed 7UP Gold, was a flop when it launched, accounting for just 0.01% of the company's market.

7UP Gold even found something worth celebrating in their commercials. To the tune of the Troggs' "Wild Thing," a man makes an upscale restaurant even cooler by selling pizza and cans with 7UP Gold. Bottles and cans of this soda have only been on store shelves for a year, but this '80s commercial remains a nostalgic favorite among the few who've drunk it.

15. "10-story jump"– New Yorker Seltzer

It's hard to make a boring product like Seltzer seem exciting, but Randy Miller, President of the New York Seltzer Company, found a way to make it happen. He jumped 10 floors from the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood in 1987 to promote his drink.

The high-energy ad also featured rock music, a tiger on a leash and an attractive blonde in a denim jacket. Unfortunately, the cool factor hasn't paid off since New York Seltzer was discontinued in the early 1990's. The good news is that you can still find this limited-edition brand of Seltzer at Targets, 7-Elevens, and select markets worldwide. . .

(Video) ⚡Timeless✔️Beauty❤️ Forever Young - Alphaville - (Jennifer Connelly 1990s) (1980s Music)

16. "The Creator"– Sega-Genesis

Sega followed in Nintendo's footsteps and conquered the hearts of all gamers with Genesis in 1989. The first commercial featured the Maker, a wise guru who cured boredom with pixelated power.

Sega was in direct competition with Nintendo at the time and was seriously losing the battle. In fact, the console was completely discontinued in 1999. Ads from the 1980s still hold a warm place in the hearts of video game collectors around the world. You will find retro games likeGolden Axe, Mystic Defender, Tetris,jSonic the Hedgehogit is still played today.

17. "Teddy Ruxpin"- wonder worlds

Frankenstein has nothing to do with the Teddy Ruxpin commercials. Released by Worlds of Wonder in 1986, this teddy bear was a digitized version of a typical stuffed animal. Batteries are included so you can blink and ask about your day.

Teddy Ruxpin also came with picture book cassettes so he could read you a bedtime story. People still love this fun.Toys from the 80's. In 2016 he even got a modern makeover with LCD eyes that can display 40 animated facial expressions and an internal hard drive with 10 stories about his adventures.

80's commercials

  • "The Baker"- Dunkin Donuts
  • "I covered myself"– Ketchup-Heinz
  • "The Menace of the Chewers"- Cargo
  • "Dancing Woman"- Naturally
  • "Gremlin's Muesli"- Warner brothers


The 90's was all that and a bag of chips! toyssweet, grocery clothes and jeans were all over the TV. The advertising jingle was also very popular.

Here are the popular 90's commercials that everyone loved!

popular 90SAdvertising

  1. “Sáltatelo” – tiger toy
  2. "Nobody better put a finger on my Butterfinger" - Butterfinger
  3. "Sugar Boppers" - Big Time Toys
  4. "Flintstones" - Fruity pebbles
  5. „Morgenpizza“ – Bagel Bites
  6. “Operation” – Hasbro
  7. "Blue Brothers" - Super Soaker
  8. "Wunderkugel" - Nestlé
  9. "I want Taco Bell" - Taco Bell
  10. "Pop Bottle" - Topps
  11. "Pepsi Cristal" – Pepsi
  12. „Revista de Nickelodeon“ – Nickelodeon
  13. "Doodle Bear" - Play along
  14. "Lowest Price" - Survival car insurance
  15. "Prison 501" - Levi's Jeans
  16. "The freshener" - Mentos

1. "Skip"- Tiger toy

The theme music is very specific and all the kids seem to be time stamped. Skip-It commercials in the 90's highlight a product in its prime!

Released by Tiger Toys in the 1980s, Skip-Its really found its groove over the next decade. Commercials were one of the main reasons why they were so successful, airing on popular networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Skip-It now has a place on itTime Magazine's 100 Greatest Toys of All Time.

2. "Nobody better put a finger on my butterfinger."– Butterfinger

Kids devoured these '90s commercials starring Bart Simpson! In the ad, he would take a bite of the treatChocolateand continue with the catchphrase, "No one beats putting a finger on my butterfinger."

The Simpsons had millions of viewers in the '90s, so everyone loved those hilarious commercials. The success of the advertisement resulted in Butterfingers grossing over $120 million a year during the decade.

3. "Boppers de Azúcar"- big toy

More fun than a pillow fight, these giant boxing gloves are responsible for plenty of black eyes and bruises. You couldn't walk into a '90s home without getting mugged by Socker Boppers.

Catchy commercials hit him in the nose (with a bopper). The ads included a song that explained the toy's purpose. While the music played, the children with mullet clapped enthusiastically. Socker boppers were simple, no-frills toys, and you can still find them in select stores across the country.

4. "O's Flintstone"– Fruity pebbles

The Flintstones have been the mascots of Fruity Pebbles since 1971. Muesli won our hearts in the '90s with a series of commercials featuring cartoons every Saturday morning.

Post Foods kept America's love of Flintstones alive in the 1990s with ads for Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, which remain America's best-selling cereal today. In fact, Fruity Pebbles sales soared to over $170 million in 2018.

5. "Pizza in the morning"– Bagel bites

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening and pizza for dinner! Bagel Bites, a snack invented by fellow tennis players Bob Moshner and Stanley Garczynski, made all the kids full after school with its hilarious '90s commercials.

The Bagel Bites jingle was ubiquitous in the '90s and people still rave about the brand today. In fact, 1.24% of American households eat 5 or more packs a month!

6. "Operation"– Hasbro

Aspiring doctors across the country were able to practice on Cavity Sam, the red-nosed patient from the board game Operation. In the 90's there was no escaping this game and its commercials.

One of the most popular ads showed a man entering the operating room on a stretcher. On the other side, he encounters a group of children in aprons and is diagnosed with either Charlie's horse or a broken heart. It's safe to say these kids probably didn't go to medical school!

7. "Brothers of the Blues"– Super Immersion

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, a nuclear engineer, spent his free time at NASA developing a passion project: the Super Soaker. This toy got a lot of commercials from the 90's that are still popular today.

(Video) 1990s Throwback - 10 Fads You Might Not Remember (Part 1)

27 million Super Soakers were sold in 1990 and that may be because the commercials were so popular. The ads were also very clever. For example, this funny commercial from the '90s pays homage to the Blues Brothers. In the ad, two boys bury a snooty girl named Buffy and her khaki-clad friends at their pool party.

8. "Wonderful Ball"– Nestle

Remember when cereal boxes had prices on them? Nestlé Wonder Balls were the sweet alternative, with mini candies &stickerin the center of each ball.

Miracle balls were banned in 2004 because they posed a choking hazard. For a while, though, we could enjoy Wonder Ball's catchy music in those popular '90s commercials.

9. "I want Taco Bell"- Taco Bell

An adorable Chihuahua named Gidget was Taco Bell's mascot for three years. In 1997, she starred in an ad in which she apparently found doggy love with another Chihuahua in a busy city. Of course, it turned out that he really was looking for a hard cue.

Taco Bell-Marketingit's still going well, but people miss Gidget. The adorable dog is one of thebest advertising animalsany times. He even rose to fame in Hollywood by starring in the filmNaturally blondContinuation!

10. "Bottled Soda"– Topps

At the dawn of a new millennium, baby bottle pops took the world by storm. This candy was marketed to older children trying to grow up too fast.

Popular commercials showed teens eating candy as if they were at school. These commercials from the 1990s are still popular due to the incredibly catchy music. It was even covered by the Jonas Brothers and made into a music video in the late 2000s!

11. "Kristall-Pepsi"- Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi was launched in 1992 to test markets in Denver, Sacramento, Dallas and Providence. To announce the launch, PepsiCo. ran a one-minute ad featuring Van Halen's "Right Now."

This '90s commercial is a time capsule showing a product that lasted less than a year. Many people are still fans of Crystal Pepsi and are campaigning for his return.

12. „Revista Nickelodeon“– Nickelodeon

Kids of the 90's hold a warm place in their hearts for Nickelodeon. Along with Slap Bracelets and The Backstreet Boys, they were obsessed with cartoons and concerts.Revista Nickelodeonit was also a great success!

Slimetime, Ren, Stimpy, Kenan, Kel...this post captured what makes Nickelodeon so great. The commercials were great too and showed the kids finding creative ways to ask their parents for a subscription with the slogan "Nickelodeon Magazine, please!"!

13. "Urso Doodle"- Collaborate

Some children write on anything but paper. Doodle Bear has given villains everywhere a chance to get creative!

In '90s commercials, girls took inspiration from Doodle Bear as happy music played in the background. Each teddy bear was machine washable and includedtemporal tattoos. Today you can buy a new and improved Doodle Bear from Amazon.

14. "Lowest Price"– Survival car insurance

Most people are familiar with Nationwide, Allstate, and Geico. However, the 1990s were all about the cheesy Survival Car Insurance commercials.

A Scientologist named Richie Acunto founded the insurance company to provide other members with protection for their vehicles. However, survival car insurance was so successful that it ended up getting even broader group. The company later collapsed when its license was called into question, but many people still remember those commercials from the '90s.

15. "Prison 501"– Levis-Jeans

Jeans were very popular in the 90's and many were obsessed with bad boys like Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger. It made sense that Levi would combine the two in his famous commercials.

Levi's ads were popular in the '90s, especially this one-minute ad featuring then-rising Brad Pitt. In the ad, Pitt is released from prison and encounters a woman in a convertible. Of course, the first thing she does is toss him a pair of Levi's while the jailer looks on jealously. Maybe he's just jealous of Pitt's future career and the fact that Levi's makes $5 billion every year.

16. "The Freshness"– Mentos

The Freshmaker had a series of commercials throughout the '90s, all of which featured their trademark upbeat jingle. Bad breath has never been so adorable! In one of his commercials, a surfer gives Spicoli a break by getting into any car at a traffic light while his friends cheer him on.

There is no clear link between getting into a car andmentasNevertheless, Mentos celebrated great success in the 1990s, because the brand's masterminds, the brothers Augusto and Giorgio Perfetti, are among the largest candy billionaires in the world.

Honorable Mentions in 90's Commercials

  • Miss Cleo Tarot Readings
  • "What's up?!"- Budweiser
  • "Perfection"– Milton Bradley
  • Betty Crocker- splashes
  • "Northern Lights"- Coca Cola

final thoughts

Just because the golden age of advertising is over doesn't mean your brand can't try this advertising strategy. If your campaign is as good as the commercials from the 80's and 90's, then you can reference it again and again in all areas of your advertising.

(Video) Toto - Africa (Official HD Video)

Print the sloganPromotional items for companies. Create oneMemefor social media. Maybe even do it in a movie likeSpace JamIt came from an Air Jordan ad.

Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ might be the kings, but who knows? The commercial can go up again!


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