Review of Asus Dual GeForce RTX 4060 Heaven32 (2023)

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 arrives amid an industry-wide identity crisis forbest graphics cards. Because while affordable GPUs like the Nvidia RTX 2060 are still by far the most popular cards, if you looksteam hardware survey,Both Nvidia and AMD have only paid lip service to this huge group of PC gamers. You only need to look at the 4060 Ti and its silly $399 price tag to see what I'm talking about.

Thankfully, Nvidia hasn't increased the price of the RTX 4060 compared to its generational predecessors, keeping it at the same $299 price tag as the RTX 3060 and RTX 2060. For those upgrading from the RTX 2060, the RTX 4060 really does offer a significant bump. of performance, but capped at 8GB of VRAM, and you might get around it, especially as games get bigger and require more memory.

Nvidia RTX 4060

DLSS 3.0: Is it worth it?

If you already have a powerful graphics card like the RTX 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, the RTX 4060 is probably not for you. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have access to an RTX 3060 for direct testing because I left everythingI reviewed the RTX 3000 cards on TechRadar there.However, I have an RTX 3060 Ti, and while this card is a significant step up from the regular RTX 3060, it's not that much more powerful that it doesn't provide significant data.

And the RTX 4060 isn't quite as fast as the RTX 3060 Ti in most games. The only times it really gets better is when I enable the DLSS 3.0 frame rate, a feature the RTX 3060 Ti simply doesn't support. Frame Generation is a new technology built into Nvidia RTX 40 series graphics cards and can increase the number of frames per second in supported games by tracking motion and generating extra frames without waiting for the CPU. In fact, Frame Generation removes the standard render queue that all PC games used in the past.

You see, before this technology, your CPU was sending your graphics card lots of frames of information to keep the graphics card busy, which meant that the frame you were seeing at any given time was actually 2-3 frames behind your actions. in the game. Not a big deal, especially at a lot of frames per second, since your GPU is pumping out 60+ frames per second anyway.

However, this becomes a problem in games that require a lot of CPU performance. Graphics cards are so much faster than CPUs these days, so open world games end up stuttering and slowing down while the GPU waits for the CPU to do its job. Frame Generation does away with this outdated approach to video game rendering.

Review of Asus Dual GeForce RTX 4060 Heaven32 (1)

Instead, while the GPU waits for the CPU, it generates new frames independently of the CPU using AI to predict where each pixel will be in the next frame. In theory, this should mean that your graphics card will be running at full power all the time, which means more frames per second. Nvidia is compensating for the extra lag it would bring to the table by making Reflex technology mandatory to enable frame generation. Reflex essentially cuts the middleman out of every button press and mouse click to reduce latency. Latency and responsiveness end up being about the same as a traditional render queue, just at a higher frame rate.

This new technology is actually an advantage of the RTX 4060 over the RTX 3060 if you're upgrading from an older card. You can get similar performance from an RTX 3060, but you won't get DLSS 3.0. Right now it's not worth it if you can find a cheaper RTX 3060, which you can at the time of writing, but if you have to choose between the two at the same price, it's worth buying the RTX 4060 to access another feature.

Asus Dual RTX 4060 - Design and specifications

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 is based on the same Ada Lovelace graphics architecture as the rest of the RTX 40 series. This means you get the same third-generation ray tracing cores and fourth-generation tensor cores as the RTX 4090, just a lot less of them. Specifically, the RTX 4060 has 24 streaming multiprocessors, so it has 96 Tensor cores and 24 RT cores. You also get 3,072 CUDA cores, up from 3,584 on the RTX 3060.

The RTX 4060 is also equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM, which is less than the RTX 3060 released in 2021. Nvidia makes up for this a bit with more cache, up to 24MB, which means less data will initially need to be stored on the VRAM. . Only time will tell, but in my initial testing, this graphics card still had VRAM limitations.

The light specs allow the RTX 4060 to run on very little power, peaking at just 117 W in my tests. Even with this entry-level AIC model, it cools relatively easily and I haven't seen temperatures exceed 76°C, and that's with little to no fan noise.

Review of Asus Dual GeForce RTX 4060 Heaven32 (2)

But that will be very different with the RTX 4060. Nvidia hasn't created its own Founders Edition for the RTX 4060, which means you can only get it from third parties like Asus, Zotac, and Gigabyte. The version reviewed here is the Asus Dual RTX 4060, which has a suggested retail price of $299. However, there will be more expensive models, some probably exceeding $350. Overall, though, if you're spending that much money on a graphics card, you should save a bit more and go for the $399 RTX 4060 Ti.

The Asus Dual RTX 4060 is a relatively plain aftermarket card, although it does look very nice. It is a completely black case, with a metal rear panel and two fans. The biggest advantage here isn't about cooling, though: it's the power connector. Instead of the annoying 24-pin connector that requires most people to use an adapter, this Asus RTX 4060 uses an 8-pin power connector. It's honestly a breath of fresh air.

Nvidia RTX 4060 – Performance

The Nvidia RTX 4060 is advertised as a 1080p graphics card, and at that resolution, it's incredibly impressive, except it's not. In most games, this graphics card can easily average 60+ fps at 1080p with all eyes on it. But there are some games where it's a struggle.

In Far Cry 6, for example, while the average frame rate is 102fps, near the end of the scale where it drops and there's more, the 8GB of RAM causes the GPU to throttle, resulting in a crash. at 40 or 50 fps. This isn't a problem you'll encounter in most 1080p games, but it's something to think about, especially if you want to play the new PC games coming out in the next few years.

RTX 4060 benchmarks

However, there are games where the RTX 4060's performance amazes me. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the hardest games out there and at 1080p on default "RT Ultra" and DLSS on Quality mode, the RTX 4060 has a solid 62fps . Turn on Frame Generation and that number jumps to 96fps, making it a real joy to play. To put this in perspective, AMD's rival Radeon RX 7600 only manages 33 fps at the same settings, but with FSR enabled instead of DLSS.

However, the performance difference between the RTX 4060 and RX 7600 decreases when there is no ray tracing. In Total War: Warhammer 3, the RTX 4060 gets 84 fps at max settings of 1080p, while the Radeon RX 7600 keeps pace with 83 fps. Which of these graphics cards is right for you will ultimately depend on the games you want to play and whether or not you're interested in ray tracing and DLSS 3.0.


How good is RTX 4060? ›

The RTX 4060 is fundamentally a good video card. Its stellar performance per watt, DLSS and frame generation support, and RTX 3060-beating performance are definite positives. It would be considered VERY good if it was a bit cheaper and called the RTX 4050.

Is Asus Dual RTX 3060 good? ›

After fine tuning the fan curve, this gpu performs fantastic. For a small card like this one, this still packs a punch even when this is a entry level RTX 30 card. Overall, I will say with the price jumps during this stupid time with GPU's, this card is not worth over $700. That's almost or as much as a 3080 at MSRP.

Are Asus RTX 3060 good? ›

The ASUS Phoenix GeForce RTX 3060 V2 12GB GDDR6 packs some serious punch - despite its compact dimensions, it delivers a decent 1080p gaming experience on the latest titles, even with some form of ray tracing enabled.

How much power does ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3050 OC use? ›

GeForce RTX 3050 is a highly energy-efficient video card with a maximum consumption 130 W. This card will be sufficient if you install at least 550 W power supply in your PC.

Is RTX 4060 better than 3060? ›

According to Daniel Owens who specifically tested the RTX 4060 with DLSS and ray tracing enabled at 1080p, the RTX 4060 appeared 19% faster than the RTX 3060 12 GB with DLSS “Balanced” mode. As expected, the RTX 4060 performance with Frame Generation was well ahead of the RTX 3060 12 GB as it managed more than 100 FPS.

Is RTX 4060 faster than 3080? ›

While the RTX 4060 Ti is slated to come with 8GB GDDR6 memory, the RTX 3080 offers a greater 10GB of the faster GDDR6X memory, thus promising a higher bandwidth and potentially even better frame rates.

Are Asus dual GPUs good? ›

If you need a more affordable card that eschews the extras for just the essentials, our ASUS Dual cards are great options. Their simple dual-fan design offers effective cooling in a smaller package, with our 0dB ambient mode for quiet operation at low loads.

Is dual RTX 3060 good for gaming? ›

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 has the fastest memories, fast clock speeds, faster memory clock speeds, more Cuda cores, the newest architecture, and higher bandwidth. Which makes the gaming experience more powerful.

Is RTX 3060 worth it for gaming? ›

At the lower end of the series sits the humble RTX 3060. While we won't be seeing steady 4K resolution and high-performance frame rates from this GPU, it still has a place in someone's PC. It's more than capable of 1080p gaming, which is enough for some players.

How much does RTX 4060 TI cost? ›

The Nvidia RTX 4060 is almost here. It will be released on June 29, priced at just $299, making it the most affordable GPU in the RTX 40-series line-up. The GeForce RTX 4060 stands out as an affordable addition to Nvidia's expanding range of current-generation GPUs.

Will there be a 4060? ›

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 release date is officially confirmed as June 29, 2023, with the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB arriving the following month, during July 2023. The RTX 4060 Ti 8GB launched on May 24.

What is the recommended power for RTX 3050? ›

Slightly lower power use is a good thing, but this new RTX 3050 card still requires up to 115 W of power, which is well above the 75 W max amount of power that can be provided to any expansion card through a PCI Express slot without requiring an extra power connector.

How much power does RTX 3050 8GB need? ›

The RTX 3050 does have one positive over its more powerful siblings though, as it requires less power with just a 130W power consumption.

How much is RTX 3050 ASUS dual? ›

Product details. Best price for Asus GeForce RTX 3050 Dual 8GB GDDR6 is ₱16,995 inclusive of VAT.

Is 4060 better than 3060ti? ›

Starting with the 1080p rasterization performance, the RTX 4060 Ti is on par with the RTX 3070 while being 12% better than the RTX 3060 Ti. Comparing the GPU to the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and the newly released RX 7600, we see that the RTX 4060 Ti comes out 9% and 25% faster vs the respective AMD boards.

Will the RTX 4060 be better than RTX 3070? ›

Is RTX 4060 Ti better than the 3070? Based on the rumored specifications and the expected improvements in architecture and features like DLSS 3.0 and Ray Tracing 3.0, the RTX 4060 Ti is expected to outperform the RTX 3070 in many respects on modern games/gaming benchmarks.

Which RTX series is better? ›

For comparison purposes, the entry-level graphics card in the RTX 20 Series, the RTX 2060, offers better performance than that of the GTX 1660. UserBenchmark tests suggest the average bench for the GTX 1660 sits at 68.3%, while the RTX 2060 sits at 89.8%.

What is the RTX 4060 equivalent to? ›

The AMD RX 7600 series, specifically the RX 7600 (non-XT), could potentially be the equivalent to Nvidia's RTX 4060 Ti once released, due to its speculated mid-range positioning and competitive price-to-performance ratio.

What is the Nvidia equivalent to RTX 4060? ›

EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultra Gaming

This GPU from the previous 30-series generation offers great performance and matches the 8GB of the cheaper RTX 4060 Ti. The 3070 is perhaps one of the closest alternatives in terms of performance, even though the 40 series has moved from the Ampere to Ada Lovelace architecture.

How fast will the RTX 4060 be? ›

The RTX 4060 Ti will have a base clock of 2.31GHz, boosting up to 2.54GHz.

How long do ASUS GPUs last? ›

GPUs can generally last for 5 – 8 years give or take assuming regular use and adequate care.

Are dual GPUs worth it? ›

Better Resolution, Higher Frame Rates

By installing two or more GPUs, your computer can divide the workload among the video cards. This system allows your PC to process more data, thus allowing you to have a greater resolution while maintaining high frame rates.

Why are ASUS GPUs cheaper? ›

But Asus cites a specific reason for the prices going down — a “tariff lift on Chinese imports from the Office of the United States Trade Representative.” In early 2021, the Trump administration started imposing a 25 percent tax on graphics cards imported from China after an exemption carved out for them in tariffs ...

Is dual graphics card good for gaming? ›

Multiple graphics cards can offer an enhanced 3D gaming experience. Two GPUs are ideal for multi-monitor gaming. Dual cards can share the workload and provide better frame rates, higher resolutions, and extra filters. Additional cards can make it possible to take advantage of newer technologies such as 4K Displays.

Is RTX 3060 worth it 2023? ›

Nonetheless, even in 2023, it's still a great option for those who want to enjoy high-quality gaming at an affordable price. In conclusion, the Nvidia RTX 3060 is a powerful graphics card that offers exceptional performance at a price point that is more affordable than its higher-end siblings.

Can RTX 3060 handle all games? ›

The RTX 3060 can run many games flawlessly, and some of the best titles that gamers should try out with the card are listed in this article.

How long does RTX 3060 last? ›

In fact, should you score a card with more fans and a larger heatsink, it's possible that you could eek even more performance out of the GPU. In the end, the RTX 3060 is still a very solid buy a year in and will be a GPU that could easily last for years to come, similar to the GTX 1060 and 1660 before it.

Which is better RTX 3060 or RTX 3060? ›

Despite having 8GB VRAM and a lower boost clock, the RTX 3060 Ti offers better performance. One reason is that the RTX 3060 has a smaller and slower memory bus than the RTX 3060 Ti. This means data exchange takes longer on the 3060, translating to lower overall memory bandwidth for the GPU.

How long will RTX 3060 be good for gaming? ›

I can say with confidence that it will definitely last for 6 years or more if your target is at high, 1080p, and 60fps. The RTX 3060 Ti can play most AAA games on ultra, 1080p, and still get > 140fps. If you will be staying with 1080p, and only aiming for 60fps, I'd say it's a damn good card.

Is a 4060 good for gaming? ›

Last Updated on June 28, 2023

Gamers around the world are wondering if the Nvidia RTX 4060 is good for gaming. In short, the RTX 4060 offers decent FPS performance for 1080p gaming, particularly if you're keen on leveraging the benefits of DLSS, frame generation, and ray tracing 3.0.

How much power supply do I need for RTX 4060? ›

What power supply do you need for 4060 Ti? The RTX 4060 Ti requires a minimum of 550W power supply, but it's generally recommended to have a bit more to ensure optimal performance and stability of your entire system, especially when other components and potential future upgrades are taken into account.

When can I buy 4060? ›

The GeForce RTX 4060 will now be available to order starting June 29, at 6AM Pacific. The RTX 4060 will eventually sit below two Ti-variants in Nvidia's lineup, namely the $399 RTX 4060 Ti with 8GB of VRAM and a second $499 RTX 4060 Ti with 16GB of RAM.

Is 500w enough for 3060? ›

NVIDIA recommends as "Required System Power" the capacity of 600W, although the Peak Power Usage of the RTX 3060 Ti is more around 200W.

What is the recommended power supply for RTX? ›

2. Which power supply do you need for common desktop PC graphics cards?
Card:Minimum:Recommended (minimum):
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti600W750W
NVIDIA RTX 3060550W700W
NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super, NVIDIA RTX 2080, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super650W800W
NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super550W700W
31 more rows
Jan 11, 2023

How much power can RTX 3060 handle? ›

Nvidia rates the GeForce RTX 3060 TGP (Total Graphics Power) at 170W, making it the lowest power Ampere GPU by 50W. It has a single 8-pin power connector, and combined with the x16 PCIe slot that's enough for up to 225W of power — more than sufficient headroom for overclocking.

How do I know what wattage power supply I need? ›

The best power supply for your PC build is the one that provides the right amount of wattage to all components simultaneously. Manually calculating this requires that you multiply the total amps of all components by the total volts of all components. The result is the total watts that your PC build requires.

How much power does an i5 processor need? ›

Intel® Core™ i5-9600K, i5-8600K, i5-7600K, and i5-6600K Processors require a thermal solution for a 130W Processor Thermal Design Power (TDP). These Intel® Processors have a thermal envelope of 130W and a power consumption of 95W, 95 W, 91W, and 95W respectively.

Is RTX 3050 good for gaming? ›

Is the RTX 3050 enough for gaming? Yes, the RTX 3050, as an entry-level GPU is good enough for gaming with a low budget. With this graphics card, you'll be able to play several games at 1080p with Ultra settings and high FPS.

How much RAM do I need for RTX 3050? ›

NVIDIA CUDA Cores2560 / 2304
Boost Clock (GHz)1.78 / 1.76
Memory Size8 GB
Memory TypeGDDR6

Is RTX 3050 4gb or 8GB? ›

Nvidia also gave the RTX 3050 a standard memory configuration that will have no problem playing games at 1080p today or in the future. It comes with 8GB of GDDR running at 14Gbps, all over a 128-bit bus.

Is 8GB RAM good for RTX 3050? ›

No amount of RAM is too small for any given graphics card, the question is; “is 8GB of RAM enough for 'X' game?” The answer will vary. I would personally recommend a minimum of 16GB if you have the choice, but if you're buying a prebuilt you can always upgrade later.

What is ASUS Dual RTX? ›

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX™ 4060 fuses dynamic thermal performance with broad compatibility. Advanced cooling solutions from flagship graphics cards — including two Axial-tech fans for maximizing airflow to the heatsink — are packed into the 22.7 cm long, 2.5-slot card, delivering more power in less space.

Is RTX 3050 worth it? ›

Overall, the RTX 3050 is a good choice for those who are looking for reasonable performance at a low price. Although, it may not be the best choice for those who are looking to play the latest and most demanding games at the highest settings or even play at more than 100 FPS.

Can RTX 3050 run 4K? ›

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 is a mid-range graphics card that is designed for gaming at resolutions up to 1080p or 1440p. While it is possible to play games at 4K resolution with the RTX 3050, it is likely that you will need to lower the graphics settings in order to achieve acceptable frame rates.

How powerful will the 4060 be? ›

The RTX 4060 Ti 16GB will have an average gaming power of 140W. Compared to the RTX 4070 which has an average gaming power of 186W, and the RTX 4070 Ti, which has an average gaming power of 226W, this puts the RTX 4060 Ti some ways behind the other GPUs in the series.

What is the 4060 equivalent to? ›

What is the AMD equivalent to RTX 4060? The AMD RX 7600 series, specifically the RX 7600 (non-XT), could potentially be the equivalent to Nvidia's RTX 4060 Ti once released, due to its speculated mid-range positioning and competitive price-to-performance ratio.

Will RTX 4060 run 4K? ›

All current-generation Nvidia graphics cards still incorporate DisplayPort 1.4 rather than 2.1, but this card really can't run fast enough to need the higher bandwidth -- you really can't run anything in 4K at demanding frame rates with this card.

Which RTX is enough for gaming? ›

For 4K gaming, the RX 7900 XTX and RTX 4080 are equally good choices. The RX 6700 XT is the best 1440p gaming GPU by far thanks to its low price and good performance. At 1080p, you're best off with either the RX 6600 or Arc A750. And if you have money to burn and need the best of the best, get the RTX 4090.

How much is RTX 4060 in USA? ›

The RTX 4060 is confirmed to launch with an MSRP of $299.

What is the price of RTX 4060 GPU? ›

The RTX 4060 Ti 16GB variant is priced at Rs. 51,000 and will go on sale in July, along with the RTX 4060 GPU with 8GB of memory, which is priced at Rs. 31,000.

How fast is 4060? ›

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU (Codename GN21-X4) is an high-end laptop GPU. It is based on the AD107 chip and uses the Ada Lovelace architecture. The RTX 4060 Laptop offers 3072 shaders and uses 8 GB GDDR6 dedicated graphics memory with a clock speed of 16 Gbps (effective) and a 128 Bit memory bus.

Should I buy RTX 3060 or RTX 3070? ›

If you're OK gaming at 1080p and are trying to watch your spending, the RTX 3060 is a fantastic GPU. It delivers high frame rates, good-looking games, and is a bit easier on the wallet. But if you have a few more dollars to spend and want even faster frames (or to game in 1440p), the RTX 3070 is money well spent.

Will the 4060 TI be better than the 3070 TI? ›

Is 4060 Ti better than 3070 Ti? In terms of raw performance, the 3070 Ti, being a higher-tier card, offers more at gaming benchmarks. However, the 4060 Ti is built on Nvidia's newer architecture and includes DLSS 3.0 and Raytracing 3.0, which can significantly enhance gaming performance.

How much power does RTX 4060 need? ›

Low power, high performance

The RTX 4060 is designed with a TGP of just 115W.

Should I upgrade from 3060 Ti to 4060 Ti? ›

The 4060 Ti has a higher boost clock speed

The RTX 4060 Ti has a maximum boost clock speed of 2.54GHz, while the RTX 3060 Ti has a boost clock speed of 1.67GHz. This highlights that the RTX 4060 Ti will be capable of a greater performance than its predecessor, despite having fewer CUDA Cores.

How much power does RTX 3060 use vs 4060? ›

NVIDIA's RTX 4060 is also a desktop card with the lowest power requirements in the whole lineup. With only 110W of average gaming power consumption (115W TDP), it should consume around 2.2 kWh per week, which is less than RTX 3060 170W at 3.5 kWh.


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