The end before your eyes explained: what happened in the great life of Benjamin Brynn? (2023)

Before Your Eyes is a heartfelt game made entirely from the point of view of our character Benjamin Brynn. This first-person narrative game was created by GoodbyeWorld Games when it was published byskybound gamesEvaporand epic games store. Although one can try to find similarities with previous TelltalesgamesLike The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, Before Your Eyes has its own unique feature. The game uses our eyes as controllers as each blink affects our gaming experience. This is done by the webcam, as it can detect our blinks over less than two hours of gameplay. Now that the game has been live for just over a month, let's take a look at the ending of Before Your Eyes.

The game can be played using the traditional mouse-clicking or blinking method. Blink involves using the mouse to control the player's movements while blinking triggers actions. The way it is used is designed to make players aware of the importance of the life we ​​lead and how it can fly by in the blink of an eye. In the game, time can pass in minutes, hours, days, months or even years if we blink when a metronome appears at the bottom of our screens. As we control Benjamin, the story, characters and music greatly enhance the gameplay. All of these have been wonderfully combined to tell this story game.

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Before Your Eyes Plot

The game starts with us in a vast ocean from where a fisherman puts us in a boat. He is not really a fisherman, but a humanoid dog with only one ear, something like a werewolf. We soon discover that our true selves have died and we are now a bodiless soul. The fisherman's job was to take souls out of the ocean and bring them to the keeper. He took our soul when he had a premonition that made him think our soul was something special. The Guardian will only accept souls into the Great City if he deems the soul worthy enough. To do this, you need to tell the goalkeeper your story. In this case, the fisherman claims to be a big talker and intends to earn a coin by letting his soul into the Big City.

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Just as the fisherman claims to be a big talker, the boat is surrounded by seagulls who continue to squawk. After the fisherman strangely yells at them, the fisherman reveals that he's not that great, but he can turn words into good stories. And to present a good story to the keeper, he wants us to tell him our story from the beginning. But before we remember, let's make some caveats. Since we don't have a body, the only way forward is blinking. But there's a catch, a blink of an eye can make us go forward in time five minutes, a few hours or even five years. Therefore, we have to remain cautious when moving to memory.

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The memories

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The beginning of memories with mom.

We are sent back to the beginning when, as babies, we sat on the beach with our mother. Here we learn that our name is Benjamin and that we have a mother who is a pianist and a father who is a professor of maritime archeology. Benjamin inherited a toy piano from his mother, and from there we see excerpts of our life learning piano with our mother. Although they expect great things from you, they don't impose anything on you until one day you act out a play made by your mother. We also watched some scenes where we painted some pictures. Over time, we can see how the sketches or paintings have improved over time. Meanwhile, Benjamin's father brings home a beautiful one-eyed cat named Ernie.

Over time, we learn a lot more about our parents' relationships and the differences in their parenting styles. And as we get older, the more difficult it becomes to discover our musical talent. Your relationship with your mother is starting to get complicated because she wants you to make her dream come true. We even started interacting with our neighbor and friend Chloe. At this moment we are 11 years old when we are rejected from a music school and soon diagnosed with an illness. This forces our character to stay at home for a year to rediscover his long-lost painting skill.

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Time flies again as we skip some important moments that we don't want to relive. During this time, we mostly lost our mother, as difficult times await us. But luckily, as we become one of the most renowned painters in the world, our artistic skills increase.

The truth revealed before your eyes are done

This story ends when we are interrupted by the familiar voice of the fisherman. He was delighted to have fished out our souls as we ended our lives in what was considered a successful manner. He believes that our life story is good enough to allow us to enter the Big City. This will give you the coin with which you will eat something good. But at that very moment the seagulls start screaming again. Here the fisherman tells us that the birds were not normal seagulls, but lying birds. These birds were the souls of people who were not admitted to the Great City. These have now been trapped in a seagull's body as they can sense when someone is lying. All of this led the lying birds to discover how Benjamin had lied to the fisherman about parts of his memory.

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Benjamin gets sick

The fisherman takes us back in time, but this time the focus is on the parts that we missed. Here we witness the death of our grandfather and the kittens born to Ernie. Our illness worsens as we struggle to heal, listening to our mother exclaim that we might not feel better. During this time in bed, our mother brings out our father's typewriter and asks us to write a story about our lives, The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn. On it we write the story that we showed the fisherman earlier. Little by little we learn that we will never really become a famous painter while witnessing a very impressive moment. Days pass as we slowly become unable to take our meds or eat lunch. Slowly, our soul is submerged in a crimson element, which leads us to death.

Explain the ending before your eyes.

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Cena final de "Before Your Eyes" com "The Gatekeeper".

Finally, in Before Your Eyes Ending, we climb the tower to the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is known to take many forms, but in our case he appears in the form of a cat. The truth is, although you have to make decisions, in the end they don't change anything. In the past, we see our mother telling how she read our version of the book. He was saddened by how history was changed, as these events would never occur. So she wrote her own version of the book based on the Benny she's known for 11 years.

Here we see that when we blink, we are going back and forth between the past and the present. On one side we see our mother, on the other the fisherman. Both told the story of The High Life of Benjamin Brynn. He was a boy who lost his life at the age of 11. But it's been a wonderful life filled with loving parents, a best friend, Chloe, and her cat Ernie, who make her perfect. In Before Your Eyes Ending, the voices we hear echoing make the experience worthwhile. Certainly, life seemed incomplete for as long as he would live, but it was the life he had lived.

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practice piano with mom

We return to reality when we see that the Guardian has admitted us to the Big City. We squint at the sun again as the screen fades to black. Here we hear our parents wonder why we smile lying in our bed. This scene from Before Your Eyes Ending turns out to be the saddest part. Here we players realize how short life is and how it can fly by in the blink of an eye. We are given the life we ​​have and we just have to accept the flow of time and try to live our life as best we can. There's really nothing we can do but be satisfied with what we live and work for a better future,

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